Sunday, December 28

Happy Birthday Gman!!

Today is my boy's birthday... or as he likes to say 'birf day'. He turned a whopping THREE! I am hoping the terrible 2's will recede and disappear soon... not soon enough for me. We never even noticed the terrible 2's with Lgirl, but boy did they come out in him!

He is my snuggler though... loves snugglin' with mommy. He takes after his daddy in that he needs a few minutes to wake slowly. He's not like his big sister and me... we wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed! hehehe

We asked who he wanted to invite to his party and he said, ' Mommy, daddy, sissy and gand ma'. Hubby told him he need to 'widen his social circle' and he said, 'what dad?' hehe. So we're meeting at a place in town tomorrow. It's easier since we had a family Christmas yesterday and we've been busy here. Whew!

He got a BIG train table for his birthday and then we went to Grandma's for dinner, cake and MORE presents. He got a HUGE horse pillow from her. Lgirl wanted her own so I went into town and got her a HUGE cow pillow. I will post pictures tomorrow or so. The camera's out in the car and I don't want to go out there.

Call me lazy, but I just finished mopping the kitchen floor. We had 3 other canine 'guests' since Christmas and there was entirely too much pooping and peeing going on in there! I know sorry about the images. They went hom tonight so I got my floors mopped... I feel so much better after that! We've only got one guest right now, a 14 yr old maltese named Daisy. She's staying for most of January as her parents are snow birds.

Okay, I'm off to check the floors, check the doggie laundry and let in our boarder. Then off to bed as I am off to Walmart in the a.m. to return my returns... wish me luck! I've also got to pick up some goodies for the goody bags for the party.

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. I hope 2009 is a MUCH better year for me medically. I started it off with a major surgery, got to experience radiation treatments during the summer and had one more out patient surgery in October. Don't you think that should cover me for a couple of years?! hehee

I get my last MRI of the year (quite literally!) on Wednesday. If that's clear then I only have to have 2 next year (woo hoo!). Hugs to everyone and thanks for being a loyal reader. I promise to have MORE crafty things here in the near future. We are going to be doing a quick renovation of my stamping area this week!

Tuesday, December 16

Top Note Gift Card Holder

Here's a picture of another gift card holder I made for my craft shows. It's made with the Stampin' Up! Exclusive Top Note Die from Sizzix. Isn't it the coolest?! I really love it. I used the Snow Swirled stamp set.

Sorry the front picture is kind of blurry and the 2nd picture is a bit bright! I tried taking multiple pictures to no avail! I ran out of Night of Navy grosgrain so I had to use a generic ribbon I got in a ribbon swap.

Monday, December 8


We've had computer bugs but I think we've exterminated them all! woo hoo. Sorry about that.

Here's a gift card holder my 8 for $10 gals made AND I'm selling at craft shows. If you are interested in any, they are $2.00 each. Email me with your quantity if you'd like any!
This can be used for a winter birthday, just let me know so I can put Happy Birthday on the inside!

Wednesday, November 26

AWESOME Holiday Bundles Sale!

Christmas has come EARLY!!

Stampin' Up! has an AWESOME Holiday Bundles Sale! Ever wanted the All in the Family set but it was out of your budget? Well, take a look at these specials:

Too get a better look at these deals click HERE. You can see what each bundle has in it. You will need to go to my Stampin' Up! Demo Website to order. Just click on ORDER NOW button under my name in the top, right hand corner!

These are some GREAT deals and are only good until December 1st or while supplies last. Do not delay. Everyone who places an order with me online will be getting a FREE yard of striped ribbon. Just let me know which IN Color you prefer.

NOTE: These items are only available for a limited time! Should you get a 'NOT available' when ordering online, that means the item isSOLD OUT! If you want something order now, do not delay! Act quickly before they're gone. I'm off to order an bundle now!!

Tuesday, November 25

Extras! Extras!

I have some extra stuff left over from my craft shows I thought I'd post and see if anyone is interested in buying them. I need to figure out how to do a store with a paypal button! Wouldn't that be 'tres chic' of me ?! I think so!

Here are some pads of paper I had made. I really like the snowman one. They are $4.00 each.

Here's a fall one that is next to the Snowman one (with a different background I might add).

If you are interested let me know. I'd be happy to wrap them up for you! There's a mini button on the front of all the snowman pads.

Monday, November 24

What a Cutie!

Here's a picture of my boy, Gman. Is the not the cutest?! heheh Now, I use the basement to 'hide' things I don't want the kiddos to see. Whether it be early Christmas/Birthday presents or the baby stuff that they've grown out of.

Well, Grandma likes to go down there to do our laundry (that's where it's located AND I don't mind her doing it at all!!) but then Gman finds all the goodies. He loves bringing the baby stuff back up here and then it ends up mixing in with the other stuff and we have a big mess lol.

So he found this hat and doesn't it look like a cowboy hat? Doesn't he look like a 'rough rider' well except for the dinosaur pjs?

TA-DA! It's really witches hat which he enjoyed wearing around the house! heheh Maybe he'll have to be a witch next year hehe. We'll see!
BTW, aren't his lashes just to DIE for?! I am so envious. Both my kiddos have them and they aren't from me! I have the short, stubby chinese ones. Hubby has them and I am just amazed that they are so long! It will be interesting to see if both kids 'grow' into them or if they will be just as long when they are older!

Tuesday, November 18

No need for a Doggie Bed!

I am going to be posting some pictures of the 4 footed creatures I take care of. Here's a dog named Butch, he's a minature pinscher. He's really sweet and can be a bit annoying at times. Only because he's still a puppy and so full of energy! He doesn't really walk, rather he prances! But he's ever the sweety and I do like to have him sit on my lap. He's only too happy to oblige!

Isn't he cute? So very sweet too.
SCroll down


And let me tell you... who needs a dog bed when you have this?

Isn't that too funny? Bourbon will lay down and Butch will just make himself comfortable right in the middle of Bourbon's legs. Heheh. It's like having your own fur lounge or something! Sometimes Bourbon just looks at me like... 'Can you believe this guy mom?'

Monday, November 17

Much Needed Break!

Goodness, I am thankful for my craft shows, but even more thankful for a break! Can I just say that I started falling asleep at 9:30pm on Saturday. Which is unheard of for me lol. I couldn't get Gman to go to sleep that early though. Then he woke up and was crying for like 10 min at my bedside because I wouldn't go into the living room to lay on the recliner.

For some odd reason he wanted to be on the recliner vs. my bed. Which is a first. So he cried for about 5 min at my bedside and then climbed on up when I would not react! Luckily hubby was out patroling and didn't have to be woken up by the commotion. Lgirl can sleep thru anything so it didn't phase her at all! hehehe

I might have a craft show on the 6th of December, but I am not certain. I will know more tomorrow afternoon.

Here's a picture of my table at the Craft Show the first weekend in November... it was at Doe Creek Middle School.
At Mt. Vernon, I added a black layer on the tops of the tables. To make things stand out more. It was a lot of fun... a bit too cold and rainy. I figure if it's going to be dreary it might as well be snowing so it looks nice coming down! heheh

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say HI! Thanks for buying something too! It's nice to see so many familiar faces. And nicer to have gals remember from last year! wooh oo! Special shout out to Shelley, Amy, Angie, Barb, Cinder and a bunch of other gals who's names have slipped my mind! hehee

Wednesday, November 12

I'm Back

Whew! What a weekend. I ended up leaving Thursday night, which I now realize it sucks driving at night! Friday I helped Tracy get stuff ready for the craft show then we took some stuff over there, came back home to get ready and were back at the show at 4pm for the opening of it.

We stayed until 9pm and then headed home. I finished making some Snowman Poop (pictures to come). And then it was off to the Cris Cringle Craft Show again on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. It was a lot of fun and a HUGE show.

It's always fun to see other demonstrators buying her stuff. Even though they were a bit snobby to me at first... they just couldn't resist! I don't have pictures until she can email me one to post. I just took pictures of her and her booth. She might even email me a picture of Geno who was with us all day.

I'll be posting some 'optical' illusion pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, November 6

Going Out of Town

I'll be heading on out of town to Illinois to help out my upline, Tracy. She's got a craft show tomorrow afternoon and all day Saturday. Not to mention a newborn. So I will be her worker bee!

Wish me luck on selling all of her stuff and most of mine too hehehe. I'll try and get some pictures to share with you guys!

Tuesday, November 4

Thankful Shadow Boxes For Sale

Here's a picture of the shadow boxes I made for my craft shows. They are $40 and you can purchase them with the saying in either Chocolate Chip or Basic Black. Just let me know which you would prefer.

If you are local I'd be happy to coordinate a time to deliver that to you. Either meet you 1/2 way or deliver it to your home depending on where you live.

IF you have any questions, please feel free to email me. These would make GREAT gifts!

Sunday, November 2

Doe Creek Holiday Show

It was a fun day at the Craft Show at Doe Creek Middle School. Everyone said it was really slow, but I did pretty good for my first time there. Woo hoo! It was a bit hard working with only 5 feet (3 of which was my tables!) but I made it.

The personalized music people next to me were REALLY nice and shared their extension cord so my Lighted Snowmen could really be lighted! woo hoo! I met a couple of people that live right off of my road too... how cool is that?!

And it was SO NICE to FINALLY meet Deb Nagel **waves Hi to DEB**. I often wonder if the people on my email list that I never hear from really want to be on my list still. Well, Deb confirmed that she did and it was REALLY nice to meet her. What a sweetie.

So, Deb... MAKE some time and come on over to PMS night. It's a lot of fun! woo hoo! hehehe

Okay, I'm off to make breakfast for the kiddos and will have craft show pics for you here shortly!

Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

I guess I should have posted my Season of Thanks yesterday! Because today is Halloween! woooooo **with an oval mouth like a ghost!**

Here's a picture of the kiddos last weekend when they went trunk or treating. Gman woudn't wear the tiger head so he wore my leopard print hat. Does he look like 'da man' or what?! He looks like he needs some bling bling around his neck and then he'd be all set! hehe He will be a cowboy tonight. Can't wait to see! woo hoo.

Hehehe Lgirl is a cheerleader, but will be a winter princess tonight. She's got her fake smile on.


Hi Everyone. I just wanted to say THANKS for visiting my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you guys!

Here's another item I will be selling at the craft shows. It's a shadow box w/our Decor Elements rubon called Season of Thanks. It is oohhh soo lovely. And a lot of fun to make.

Okay, I'm off to craft some more! Reindeer food needs to be made and snowman faces need to be painted.

Tuesday, October 28

Christmas Cards...

for October! My Christmas Card Club met last night as a make up night since I was recovering from my Outpatient Surgery last Monday. These are the cards for this month:

There's one more month and we'll be meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month. The green card is a bit slanted. I wanted to get a picture where you could see the Peaceful Wishes.

Monday, October 27

What Have I Been Working On???

Well, it all started back on the FIRST weekend of October. My upline, Tracy G. **waves HI!!** came over from Illnois to work on some Advent Calendar's they demo'd at convention. We made 12 calendars, 6 for each of us.

What do you think??

These puppies are heavy duty! They will last many years. Sorry for the yellowness of the picture. The calendar is cream. All ingredients are Stampin' Up! The boxes are removeable (velcro'd on) and you can take the tops off and put something inside like a piece of chocolate or some change or a small gift. There are numbers all the way down to ONE and you can just change it every day.
Is it cool or what? I will be selling mine for $65 so please email me if you'd like to reserve one. The backs are covered with cream felt and there's a VERY sturdy picture hanging wire back there in case you want to hang it on a wall.

Whatcha Been Up To?

Anything exciting? November is the month for Craft Shows and it's coming up quick and fierce! I am totally not ready lol. But what's new?! hehe

I will be at the Doe Creek Middle School Extravaganza this Saturday, November 1st, in New Palestine. Oh and my stuff will also be at the Old Tobacco Barn 13th Annual Craft Show in Solsberry, Indiana. So if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, stop on by!! It's times like these that I wish I could clone myself... just for 4 days a year lol.

Then the 2nd weekend I am planning on heading over to Illnois to help out my upline, Tracy G., with a craft show. Did I mention her baby came EARLY??!! He was kind enough to come 9 days early on his Sister's Birthday! Wowsers!

Welcome to the World GENO!!

And then on the 15th of November, I plan on being at the Mt. Vernon Middle School Craft Show. It should be a lot of fun and I hope to sell a lot of stuff. So if you see anything you might want, please email me so I can reserve it for you!

Monday, October 20

It's Amazing...

how a week can fly by so quickly. I am sorry I haven't posted sooner. I've been trying to get a lot of things done like next cards for Christmas Card Club, Lgirl's Fall Party this week, parent teacher conferences this week AND I've got to have outpatient surgery today. Nothing big, just a female thang... I won't bore you with the details!

So I should be incognito for another couple of days. I will get the pictures loaded so I can post some pictures. Lgirl had her fall field trip to Russell Farms up in Noblesville. I was a bit late getting to the school and thought her bus was the one in front of me so I followed it. When I finally caught up with it I saw that it was empty... so I followed the directions I had from her teacher.

I arrived 15 minutes early! lol. I was able to work on some crafts while I waited. Let me just say how TIRING field trips are. Not to mention it was very chilly and I forgot my coat. Three kids coats in the car, but nary a one for me! What a mom! hehe

Okay, I'm off to make my shopping list so we can make a few stops before heading to Community North. Keep me in your thoughts!

Monday, October 13

Crack Away Days

Yes, I know it's a hokey title, but the town my father-in-law comes from has a Crack Away Days Parade and 'festival' of sorts every year. He's from the small town of New Point, which is just south of Greensburg off of I-74.

Anyhow, on occasion hubby and other various relatives drive vehicles in the parade. My FIL & hubby drove Farmall tractors. Gman rode with hubby. Oh and Great Grandpa drove a 1935 Willys which was my FIL's grandfather's first card. Rather cool, and more spacious than some cars today!
Great Grandpa driving while Lgirl is waving at me. She's throwing candy out the passenger window.

A close up of my favorite guys!

Hubby & Gman, hubby's throwing some candy to the kiddos.

I didn't have any craft pics so I thought I'd share these with you. Enjoy!

Friday, October 10

Swap Card

I participated in a swap on SUDSOL that Juli Smith was hosting. It was a color combo swap. The first 3 choices I had were taken... so I was getting down to the nitty gritty here lol.

Sudsol is a GREAT website to belong to. It stands for Simply Unique Demonstrators Sharing OnLine. The can answer any question I have about being a demo and stamping. Try out the 2 week FREE membership and tell them I sent ya!

My final choice was to use 3 of the 4 colors, which were: ruby red, cameo coral, kraft and baha breeze. I really really like this set out of the Holiday Mini. It's the only stamp set I purchased out of it so I am mighty proud of myself!

I will be using this set for one of the Christmas Cards in the my Christmas Card Club. So keep yer eyes peeled! hehe

Tuesday, October 7

Pictures from Regionals & Convention

Here's the cover/holder I made for the CD of pictures from the Milwaukee Regionals and Convention. I burned about 5 CDs and gave them to both my downline **Hi Talisa & Melissa!!** and my upline ** Hi Tracy!!**.

I hope they liked them!

All ingredients are Stampin' Up!

Thursday, October 2

We Have Success!!

Okay, so do you ever get those ANNOYING little gnats flying around your fruit and just bugging the crud out of you? I really don't like them and, unlike flies, they are MUCH harder to kill lol.

So, here's the recipe to get rid of them. I took a small glass dish (like the ones Martha Stewart uses for her cooking show, all cooks on TV for that matter!!) add a squirt of dish soap. Then take some apple cider vinegar to it and stir it a bit.

Now just sit it out on your counter, you could even leave it out over night. And VOILA! I picked it up to look at the bottom (and didn't even spill it, which IS a miracle!) and counted TWENTY-FIVE gnats! They were big ones too!

So now most of them are gone. I don't think they can help themselves! They are drawn to the smell like 'gnats to cider'... I think that's going to be my new 'go to' saying! woo hoo.

Sorry to go off topic here, but if this can even help ONE person rid themselves of gnats... Woo HOO! *Ü*

ETA: Thanks Melissa T. for letting me know that the little buggers are technically FRUIT FLIES and not gnats... I knew that (since the love my bananas) but apparently it was fleeting and lost in my brain! I guess gnats would be better bc you don't find them in your house often! hehehe

Wednesday, October 1

October Already???

Wow, can you believe it is October already?? Where did the year go? Where did the summer go? Well, for me, it was used up getting 30 radiation treatments. Just when I thought my memory couldn't get any worse! goodness!

I don't think I posted the FREE Make & Take my customers made at my Open House. So I'm posting it here. I made them WORK for their FREEbie! hehe Hope you like it!

Monday, September 22

Time Flies...

Well, I realized that I never posted a picture of the FREE MAke & Take at my Open House, so I need to get on the ball and get that uploaded.

I've also uploaded a picture of gals who came to my Open House on Saturday Night. I forgot to get a picture of the Friday night gals! There's Faith (from New Castle) with her new puppy. He was a real cutie pie! Dawn (from Morristown area) is in the red and Davinna (from New Palestine) is on the right in blue.

I really enjoyed having you here gals!

Sunday, September 21

Christmas Card Kits, Month 2

Hey there,
Here are the 2 Christmas Cards for our Club for month 2. If you'd like to purchase the kit, it will be $23 and that includes shipping.

I will have everything stamped and the kit will include everything needed to put together 5 cards. You will have 6 cards total and this will include stamped envelopes and sayings on the inside of each card.

Friday, September 12

BIG Announcement!!!

Can you BELIEVE it??!!

Wow, is Stampin' Up! ever moving into the 20th century. You can NOW place an online order any time of the day or night 24/7! I think that is AMAZING!

This is a GREAT way to buy your favorite SU! products from me while never having to leave your home!! All prices are the same and remember... if you purchase $150 or more you get to be your OWN hostess and earn HOSTESS REWARDS. This includes a FREE Hostess stamp set and FREE Hostess Awards which is good for FREE merchandise! What could be better than shopping from the comfort of your own home in your jammies? Well, maybe Mr. Brown bringing you some chocolate to go with that lol.

I am offering a special program to online shoppers... Loyal Shoppers Card. For every $35 you spend online (before taxes and S&H) you will get a punch on YOUR Loyal Shoppers Card (I will update you regularly). After 12 punches, you will get $25 in FREE merchandise. You can spend it on whatever you want!

This is to reward my LOYAL customers and show my appreciation! You might also get a card or product in the mail after placing an order... you NEVER know! woo hoo!

To start shopping, just click HERE to go to my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website and click on the SHOP NOW button under my name in the top right hand corner of the page... see it? Click on it! You will set up an account with Stampin' Up! and then start shopping! It's THAT easy! You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or a Debit Card.

If you already have a demonstrator, then please order from her! I don't want to be taking anyone's customers.

**Stamp club orders do not count towards the Loyal Customer Card.

Sunday, September 7

Woo hoo!

Lookey, lookey! Dana's back from the 'arbor' world! hehehe Sorry, that's a private joke and yes I am a tard.

'I'm not only a member, I'm the president!'

I love this gal to pieces and I miss her even more! Check out her blog. She said she's going back to a food blog but I DON'T CARE... JUST AS LONG AS SHE'S BACK!!!

And are those cupcakes not to DIE FOR??!! Send them my way girlfriend!

MORE Open House Fun

I also made those water bottle thingys. You know, the ones that hang on the neck and hold a single serving of Crystal Light powder? T

hey are cool! Not to mention I had colors behind the water bottles that made them rather colorful! I thought that was neat too!

Here's my display too of my cards from swaps at convention and some that I made. I was trying to showcase the new sets from the catalog. I had new items also laying out in front of that (like new ribbon, brads, simply scrappin' kits, etc.) as well as new catalogs and specials.

Saturday, September 6

Making Me Ill...

Okay, I need to change my blog colors! I was waiting for the RGB codes for the NEW In colors so I better go find'em!

Also, I forgot to change my email for the when someone posts and apparently the forwarding has ended. So I wasn't getting my comments (all THREE of them!) hehehe.


Open House Fun

Hi there!

I'm getting so busy... and I don't want to neglect my blogging buddies as I have been doing lately, so I am going to try and post more regularly by writing 2 or 3 posts at a time and having them scheduled to post about every other day. Does that sound good?? I hope so!!

I had my Stampin' Up! 2008 Fall/Winter Idea Book Open House (now that's a mouth full!) last weekend. I wanted to get some pictures posted for you guys... I had 3 gals come Friday night. **Waves HI to Traci, Teresa and Barb!** I was thankful it wasn't more as I was a bit unprepared plus my DH had to work so I had to keep an eye on the kiddos too.
I had 7 gals come by on Saturday. I was definitely better prepared! **Waves Hi to Dawn, Libby, Stephanie, Faith, Kathy, Melissa & Davinna!!**
Thanks so much for coming girls... it was so nice to finally meet some of you! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules and coming to play with me!! And they can attest that I am CHEAP entertainment! I crack myself up sometimes and I'm glad I can make others laugh!
I am sorry I missed some ladies that wanted to come but couldn't. I hope we can meet up again in the future!
I was going to make those cute little purse candy holders that are the rage, but decided to change it up at the last minute! I used the Inspired By Nature set (FREE from Convention!!) and stamped up some gift bags. LOVE them! I used the Green Tea DSP too and they turned out so nice. Even if I did stamp the main image with the paper turned wrong way. So I had to improvise because I didn't want to redo them. Here's a picture...

Then I was trying to figure out what to put in them. A light bulb went on and I thought, 'Who wouldn't LOVE fresh picked peaches??' I picked some peaches Friday a.m. and every person who came to my Open House received a gift bag w/4 peaches in it.

Is that not just an AWESOME peach? I pick them at David Storch's farm. If you live locally and would like to check out his Upick (and he can pick it for you too) Farm, email me for his address and phone #. I love his farm. I have gotten GREAT produce from him! I've picked it all for myself and for others. We picked raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, apples, green beans, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, strawberries and corn! woo hoo.

THis post is getting a bit long so I will continue the Open House Goodies in the next post...

Wednesday, September 3

Diaper Cake

Here's a picture of the Diaper Cake I made for a baby shower last weekend. It was a lot of fun to make and I will be offering these for sale. They will be custom made and the price range will be between $25 - $40. They can be either 2 tier or 3 tier and have hidden 'goodies' on the inside or not! The sky's the limit. If you are interested in one, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

My girlfriend, Kelly, LOVED it! I hope you do too! I found how-to videos on You Tube and also got directions from Susan... check out her blog!

Wednesday, August 27

2008 Convention Sightings Part Deux

Hey there,

I have been getting ready for my open house this weekend. I didn't realize it was this weekend until Sunday... VERY SCARY!! Last year I was really excited and I think no one came, so I assumed it would be the same this year... well I've got around 8 ladies coming. Yikes!!

I made a Flip Book (REALLY AWESOME) to display as a Workshop you can sign up for. It's sooo darn cool. THough I only had a Simply Scrappin' kit from years ago so there's no double sided paper. So it would be even COOLER with a current Simply scrappin' kit! I can't wait to make another one! woo hoo.

Any how, here are the other sightings at convention:
Here's Corinne, though I always think of her as Roxy as her Blog is Stamping with Roxy! hhehehe She is so DARN SWEET!! And I love reading about her kids too. Her girls both just won both their soccer finals this past weekend. What a GREAT way to finish off the season woo hoo. She's so nice in person and a sweetheart to boot. I really wish I was closer so I could come to some of her classes lol.
This is me and Shelli Gardner, yes, the co-owner of Stampin' Up! My upline, Tracy G, and I waited 2 hours and 15 min to take a picture with her and it was worth every minute! She is very sweet and oohh so kind to sit thru pictures with hundreds of gals. Even the ones that won't leave, I think even had a couple of those ahead of us in the line. I told her hubby, Sterling, that he needed to have the Jeopardy music playing in the background so people knew when their time was up. heheh
This is Roseanne, part of Tracy's downline. She's really cool and I've even met her mum who is also a Demonstrator. We all drove up to the Milwaukee Regionals together in March. And she still wanted to take a picture with me at Convention! How sweet!
Last, but certainly not least... is my upline. I love her to death and I wish she lived closer so we could stamp together. I miss her bunches and we had a GREAT time at Convention. We were roomies and she's (now) 8 mon preggers with a boy! woo hoo. She's very inspiring to me in more ways than one.
I did see and meet Patty Bennett of Patty's Stamping Spot and Carrie Gaskin of Artistic Avenger. I didn't get a picture with Patty because I didn't want to interupt her lunch and I met Carrie at the airport while checking in to get home. I didn't want to bother her at all either. Maybe next time I WILL bother them and get a picture.
The only other demo that I would have LOVED To meet is Angie Juda (Chic n' Scratch)... I am hoping the next time I go to Convention (in 4 years when I will get to walk across the stage for my 5 yr anniversary) I will hopefully have a 'date' to meet her and get a picture with her! One can dream! hehehe

Thursday, August 21

Convention '08 Sightings!!

Hey there,

I was finally able to go thru my pictures from Convention and post my 'Celebrity Sightings'!!

My VERY FIRST SIGHTING was at the SLC airport... can you believe I was so lucky?! I spotted DAWN GRIFFITH, she's got a GREAT blog and loves purple and bling just like me! She was soo sweet too. I told her I loved her blog, her daughter, her dog and the pictures of her hubby. And that he DID look like Jesus! heheh

Pardon how I look... kind of scary when I fly. I like to fly in comfort so no makeup and my glasses. Nothing worse than flying with super dry eyes! Yikes!!

I spotted DANNIE GRAVES during General Session... I honestly didn't recognizer her until she smiled. I'd recognize that smile anywhere! I told her she needed to update her blog picture as she's much THINNER (wish I was lol) in person. Her blog picture was taken while she was preggers. VERY sweet!

My next sighting is probably my favorite **sigh** KRISTINA WERNER **squeeeeling**. I actually saw her the first day after picking up my Convention Bag but on my way to Momento Mall. I sent her an email saying that she might hear dolphin-like screaming and not to worry because it would just be little ole ME! I did scream her name and I think I scared a few gals. I barged right in and took a picture. I totally forgot I was in my yucky 'travel attire'.

I 'spotted' her multiple times as the prize patrol had to run out prizes to the winners. On the 3rd day of Convention, my upline, Tracy, and I spotter her again and took a picture with her. So here it is in all its' glory! LOVE the pick and I LOVE that girl... she's got so much creativity. Not to mention GREAT tips on makeup and such. Shoes too! Kristina, you should definitely check out those Jessica Simpson shoes, they are AWESOME! And I can't even wear high heels but Tracy's were remarkably comfortable! heheh

All these gals are GREAT and a huge source of inspiration for me... check back tomorrow when I post more Celebrity Sightings!

Wednesday, August 20

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

It seems that all of my friends are either preggers or just had a baby... it certainly comes in waves!

Here's a card I made for welcome baby cards. I have a surprise (to me anyways) baby shower to go to this Saturday and boy am I glad I thought this one up last weekend! It uses the new pirouette pink paper, but I used retired DSP and the retired 'I'm Here' set. I really like this baby set. More so than what is in the catalog at the moment.
I will be making 2 boy ones as well. Though I have decided that footprints would look better on a boy card vs. a girl and handprints on girl ones. How crazy is that? I also think the handprints would look better lighter, more like a watermark. Plus I am going to make it a bit more feminine. Betcha can't wait to get a look at my prototypes huh? I hope to have them by this weekend!

One of my stamp club gals will be using this as a template for 30 baby announcements. I'll be making a vertical one and a horizontal one so we can see which will look best for the baby picture!

SOrry I've been a slacker about posting. It's so hard to get into the whole school groove. I am having to set an alarm clock to get Lgirl up and ready for school. This is surprisingly HARD to get adjusted to! Wow. So I've had to cut my stamping short and start going to bed earlier... **gasp** the nerve of HER! hehhe

Sunday, August 17

Lgirl's First Day of Kindergarten

Hey there, sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has just been so darn busy! Had Christmas CArd Club Monday evening and PMS night on Friday night. A new customer came, Teresa and it was GREAT meeting her! Hope she can become a regular stamper with me and my girls.

We have been gone all weekend to Grandma's for Power of the Past. Papaw had 5 tractor's in it so they were there all day and evening on Saturday and Sunday. We went down there Saturday evening and then stayed all day today.

Can you say, 'Whew!' Hot and tired are the right words! Apparently Lgirl go sunburned on her shoulders and her face. Sigh... didn't think about the sunscreen as most of us were under the big tent.

Anywho... Lgirl started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Here are a couple of pics of her. I did really well and didn't cry hardly at all. Just a bit after she was gone, but I was holding Gman so I didn't want him to notice too much! A card IS coming tomorrow!
It's a little nippy in the a.m. so here she is w/her sweater on. She ended up taking it off before the bus came. She takes the bus in the a.m. as she's the last one on and I pick her up in the afternoon because if I didn't, she would have to wait an hour to get home! That's a LONG time for a 5 yr old to wait. Goodness. On the first day, I sent a snack for the bus driver AND her teacher. It was Banana Cake and boy was it good! mmmmm.....
And here she is getting on the bus... sniff sniff. Though Thursday she wouldn't get on and I had to drive her in. I also had to explain that it wasn't fair to her brother as he pitches a fit every time she get out of the van and wants to go with her. Not to mention sometimes he doesn't even get up until after she's on the bus!
She rode on Friday, but I did tell her if she didn't ride the bus she wouldn't get to go to Power of the Past, and more importantly, she would be seeing Grandma or Papaw. That seemed to do the trick! hehehe

Thursday, August 14

Reunion Last Saturday...

Well, we had the 'G' reunion last saturday. It's Grandma's maiden name which is how we found Gman's name. Anywho... most all the family live in the same town, but we only see 1/2 of them twice a year. At the summer reunion and the Christmas one. Isn't that odd? I find it odd, do they not know how lucky they are to be so close?

Maybe they're just tired of it! I made a fresh blackberry pie... can you mmmmm? Yes, I picked those berries myself, I have the skeeter bites to prove it! heheh I LOVE most all berries and it seems that Gman is going to be the same way... woo hoo! That boy can wolf down fresh berries like NOBODY's business! Enjoy!

Here's the first picture.... I didn't think it did the pie justice so I took another one.
And here's the 2nd one. MUCH better don't you think?
I promise I will be posting a card picture soon!

Tuesday, August 12

Never Before Seen Savings

Never Before Seen Stamps!

Check out these 10 stamp sets that are BRAND NEW in the NEW Fall/Winter Idea Book. They are 15% off from now until September 30th. I like a lot of them! Especially Under the Stars and Upsy Daisy.
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