Wednesday, October 31

Breast Cancer Awareness Wristlets

Apparently... some don't realize I posted NEW stuff below the Breast Cancer Awareness Post so I'll leave this LITTLE blurb for all to see and you can click HERE if you are interested in purchasing a Wristlet. Just let me know! I'd be happy to put the order thru and send them out as soon as they are made! Thanks so much!

Bobbie *Ü*

Monday, October 29

October Almost Over?

Can you believe it? I remember like it was just yesterday I was volunteering at Riley Days! Wowsers. Okay, so here are a couple of pics of the cards I made for Riley Days, really quick cards I might add!

The cat on the left was done w/watercoloring and the cat on the right was done w/colored pencils and gamsol. I liked the watercolored one beter. It was a little less time consuming too. The cat stamp is from the retired cat set from last year (or it could have been the year before!).

This dog image is an old SU image too. Oooh, I forgot to add my watermark.

Everyone have a good weekend? Well, last week was a bit hard, we had to put down Lucy, our great dane, on Friday. She was no longer putting weight on her leg and was falling at least once a day if not more. Sigh... I sure miss having a big dog around. Not to mention it gives you a false sense of security! We will be getting another one eventually, but we'll take our time. THought of trying to take a vacation but I doubt that will happen!

I will have 3 craft shows this month, so I will be running around like a chicken w/my head cut off trying to get things made for those. This first is this weekend. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 22

GREAT Update from Stampin' Up!

I wanted to let you guys know that Stampin' Up! has changed their Angel Policy... FINALLY!!

Stampin' Up! has announced that beginning Nov. 15th, we can sell our stamped items online and at retail stores. I can't wait! My hairdresser said I could sell card sets at her store and I am SO excited! I can't wait to give it a whirl. I might even try some Name Frames. I will have one or two there for a display and then let people call me to custom order them.

Woo hoo... I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it!

Thankful Garland

Here's a picture of the Thankful Garland I am making in a workshop. I used the same paper order as the Holiday Mini, but added my own stuff to some of the letters. Gotta put some bling in there! hehehe
The workshop will be at 7pm on Wednesday, November 7th. It's $25 and includes a package of the chipboard (a $16 value) w/your purchase. I will also have a follow up class in December to make a Noel Garland.

I think Stampin' Up's November special is a GREAT one! Buy THREE packages of Designer Paper and get ONE FREE. You can't beat that! Works GREAT for scrappers too, as well as card makers. If you see some Fall/Winter papers you LOVE, better order them now because word is they won't make it into the next catalog. Here's to hoping they will be replaced by some more GREAT paper! woo hoo!
Okay, I'm off to make calendar coasters for my craft fairs. Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, October 20


was tonight! My daughter's preschool has one fundraiser, it's a Germanfest every year. They also have a silent auction too. There were a TON of stuff auctioned off. It's amazing. I won a trip to Boondock's (a local pumpkin patch in GRAND farm) and a GC to a local meat market which is AMAZING! I can't believe no one actually bid on it.

I decided to auction off a Tile Coaster Workshop. That way whomever won could make their own favorite coasters. Well, my MIL kept bidding on it and won it. And she isn't even going to be making a set!! lol She's going to invite some gals from work, but it has to be all 'hush hush' and on the 'down low' as one of the gals recently became an SU demo. SO I understand completely. I told her she should have them JELLO WRESTLE to see who gets the 4 spots! hehehe Now wouldn't that be a sight?!

Here's the Thanksgiving Garland I made similar to the one in the Holiday Mini. I did the same order of papers, but added a bit to a couple of them. I had to add some bling bling! LOVE my bling baby!
I'll be offering this class in the first week of November. HOpe to get some people over to make this and such. We'll see. I need to get cracking on the email w/the link to this picture! hehe Okay, I"m off to clean the kitchen. Nighty-night all!

Wednesday, October 17

Other Three Coasters

Okay, here are the other 3 coasters. All stamps are Stampin' Up! stamps. I colored with markers and used a blender pen to blend. I also used the Sakura Gel pen (LOVE THAT THANG!!) on the dragonflies, butterflies, whipped foam on the coffee cups and bee on the botanicals.

I baked all of them for 20 min at 200 degrees. Boy do they hold their heat well! hehe I put 3 light coats of acrylic sealer on them. And finally, I put some felt feet on them and one in the middle in case they slide. I also measured and made a box for them to sit in. **pats herself on the back** I will cut a piece of acetate to lay inside the box on top, and I just might make a belly band too.

I made one other set using the Wild Rose one, but for some odd reason, that was the ONLY set that bled. I was MAJORLY bummed as I specifically borrowed this set from my upline.

I may post it as most people who have seen it thinks it looks good blurry, but not MOI! I might make one of each design and have them out for people to order if I sell out. It wouldn't hurt now would it?! HOpe you guys like them! *Ü*

Busy as a Beaver...

that's what I've been! I had my last Christmas Card Club meet on Monday evening and then I've got a new lady (HI! Cindy!) coming over tonight to play catch up with the Christmas Cards. I know, I need to post #3 and #4. I will, I promise! hhhee

For now, you will just have to be HAPPY with what I was working on all weekend. I hope you guys like the coasters. I am making them to sell at some craft shows in November. Here are 3 of the designs, I'll post 3 more tomorrow!

Well, apparently blogger is having uploading issues so I guess you won't get to see them at all! Bummer. I FINALLY have a 'plethura' (I know, it's spelled wrong) of pics to upload. Wouldn't cha know?! hehhee
Bobbie :)

ETA: Blogger is letting me upload! I will upload the other 3 right now in a different post... it's almost tomorrow! hehe

Saturday, October 13

Top O' the Morning

to Ya! Heehehee This is the FIRST Saturday in a long time that we have not had a thing planned, so we are going to try and hit the gym that we recently signed up for. SHould be interesting trying to get Gman acclimated and not screaming his brains out. We'll see how bad it gets.

I will leave you with one of my FAVORITE non SU stamps, though everything else is SU I believe. I've got a THING for poppies. I love, love, LOVE those things! Every time I see them in someone's yard, I want to go (asking first) uproot a couple to see if I can get them to grow in my yard. Sigh...
I was also going to try the shattered glass technique, but didn't want to stay up until who knows when to add 3 more layers to it! So this was only one layer and I guess it could be called the 'watery' technique lol.

Thursday, October 11

Went to the Vet

and he confirmed that Lucy's lump is cancer. Sigh.... and all I keep hearing from people is, 'That's what happens when you have a big dog.' Versus what? Dieing (I can't even remember how to spell that... how pitiful is that?!) from old age? So, my 5lb Yorkie won't get cancer but will lose his eye sight, sense of smell, ability to hold his bladder and lose his hearing? Jeez, I don't know which is the lesser of two evils.

Anywho, Lucy is on pain killers for a while, hubby couldn't put her down just yet. Me, I wanted to get it over and done with as I have to see her and every day and watch her fall and/or stumble and help her into her bed. I think it's much harder on me.

Can you guys say Brrr??? It has turned cold here in 2 days... can you believe we had 91 degrees on Sunday and today's high was 62? Is that crazy or what? lol

I had my last Stamp Club meeting last night. We had a banana split par-tay and the girls were able to go thru my scraps and punch until they got carpal tunnel! I meant to take a picture, even thought I did, but alas I didn't.

I've also been stamping coasters. I will have to take pictures of those. I turned a set in to Lgirl's preschool for a fundraiser. Forgot a pic of that too... where's my head gone? lol

Okay, I'm off to bed, but first to finish my Halloween goodies for my halloween swap.

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, October 8

Gman's First Stamping...

experience, if you could call it that! I was having a GREAT day, Laurel (my friend from Kokomo) was still here and she was showing me how to stamp on coasters. I was looking for my RED stazon because I wanted to test it out and see what color it was when I got distracted by my Dane, Lucy. She's got a major lump on her leg and has been favoring it all weekend.

Why is it that whenever MY kids or pets get sick/have something wrong, it's always on a Friday evening after everything's closed for the weekend? Then I've got to worry about it all weekend and waste what few brain cells I have left agonizing over whether I should take them to the doc/vet or wait until Monday? I HATE that... and this weekend is NO different! Must be all the 3 day weekends. (It happened Memorial Weekend AND Labor Day Weekend). So, I'm calling the vet at 8:01am tomorrow morning as I think it is going to be BAD news and be cancer. It's just really hard and popped up overnight.

Anyways, I digress... I was searching for the Blaze Red (thinking I'm going crazy AGAIN) when Gman comes in from the living room with it in his hands putting on the lid. My heart skips a beat and I run over and take it from him. I head into the living room dreading what I might see... and VOILA, my son has decided to run the pad like a car around my footstool. Can you believe it? There were a couple of finger prints on the arm of the recliner, but I was able to get it out with the cleaner. I decided to save my cleaner since the footstool is old.

Gman's hands were all red (appropriate for Halloween lol) and I promptly took him into the bathroom to get most of it washed off. His tips were still red as you can see in the picture. Now doesn't he look a little too smug in the pics?

So I'm thinking about either buying some ultra clean (though the smell just KILLS me!) or making a cover for the footstool. And, of course, Lgirl comes up to me and says rather cautiously, "Mom *slight pause* if I put my foot on the stool will it TURN RED?" lol.
I hope everyone's weekend wasn't as eventful as mine lol.

Saturday, October 6


is TODAY!!! Woo hoo. I'll be having an open house today from 10am to 1pm, so if anyone lives locally, COME ON BY!! I'd love to have ya. We'll be making a Fall card, though with our weather, it should be a SUMMER card.

Can you believe we broke a record Friday that was set in 1922? And today and tomorrow are both supposed to be up around 89 degrees. Yikes! I kept threatening a bikini, but I would NOt be in public... hehehe

Also local this weekend is the Riley Days Festival. We have it EVERY YEAR on the 1st weekend in October in Greenfield. It goes from Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Loads of vendors with more crafts than you can shake a stick at. Not to mention loads of food too. I LOVE the walking tacos I buy from a local vendor here. Sure there's is 50 cents for than the carnies, but first of all they are local and second of all... carnies give you chili and cheese. Where as my guy gives you chili, SHREDDED cheese, lettuce, sour cream, olives, salsa, jalepenos, and onions if you so desire... I DON'T! You can't beat that for 50 cents!!
I also volunteer for the Hancock County Humane Society. Now BK (before kids), I would volunteer there once a week helping clean up after the cats. We can't house dogs because we don't have the facilites. AK (after kids) I only volunteer at Riley Days and for the rabies clinics we have in the summer. So I did my shift tonight w/my GREAT friend Stephanie. I was trying to move some SERIOUS doggie sweaters, biscuits (made locally by volunteers every year and are preservative FREE), cat toys, dog leashes and bowls and a bunch of other things. There was even a black halter dress for a dog... can you believe it?! I can't!! I was workin' it good!

I also make cards to sell there. Though I think I should just give up and go back to biscuits. People are more willing to shell out $1 for some awesome biscuits for their dogs vs. $5 for 4 notecards. No matter how cute they are. I took some pics of the notecards and will have to post them tomorrow maybe.

Made a couple of pet sitting contacts and even met a gal interested in making some cards (HI CINDY!!) which I'm excited about bc I always like making cards! hehehe

I'll be busy w/the open house tomorrow plus my girlfriend, Laurel, is coming down from Kokomo and she's going to stamp all day w/me and stay the night to boot! woo hoo. So I'm hoping to post something either tonight or tomorrow, but don't hold it against me baby! Have a GREAT weekend and let's all get a sunburn so we can remember the summer! hehehe

Oh and I've decided to post my last scrapbook page of Lainie that I entered into the artisan awards. I hope you like it. Pretty darn nifty! I LOVE these pics and wouldn't you know I accidentally deleted them off my camera?

Friday, October 5

In Honor of Pink....

NOTE: I'm keeping this post here for the month of October!!

our local MOMS Club of Greenfield is selling Breast Cancer Awareness Key Ring Wristlets. These are VERY handy for keeping track of your keys and also keeping a hand free when you need it for something else. One of our moms, Erin, makes these FABULOUS bags (check out her site-- if you don't see a bag you like, you can CHOOSE your own fabric AND/OR give her your ideas and see what she comes up with. They are TOP quality and she has so many different styles and fabrics.

Anywho, here's the skinny on the wristlets:
The Andis Women's Center at Hancock Regional Hospital, in Greenfield, IN, is dedicated to helping women in our community. The Women Helping Women program benefits women who have little or no health insurance, or who otherwise could not afford a mammogram screening. Through other people's generous donations the Hanacock Regional Hospital Foundation, mammogram screenings are paid for when a qualifying woman has one completed.
MOMS Club of Greenfield is hosting a Fundraiser to help local women in our community get the mammogram sceening that they need. For every $75.00 raised, it will provide one woman with a mammogram.

Show your support by purchasing and wearing a Breast Cancer Awareness Key Ring Wristlet. Wristlets are $5.00 each and sold in incraments of 5. There will be a shipping cost of $5 when you purchase 5-25 wristlets. If you have a Greenfield address, please contact Erin Dalton and a MOMS Club of Greenfield member can bring them to you without shipping charges. If you order directly thru Erin, please mention that you heard about it thru my blog!!

I am going to buy some and will have them on hand if anyone would like to purchase them singly for $5. I will pay for 1/2 the shipping if you are interested! I think this is a GREAT, useful product and LOVE the idea! I can take non CC paypal, an Money Order, or I can put CC's thru via Discover since I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. So Buy for a GREAT cause!

I know I don't have a BIG following like some of the other gals, but I wanted to let you guys know about this awesome deal-io!

Thursday, October 4

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

OMG... you guys HAVE to hear this gal... she's so GREAT. YOu will not believe what she can say in 3 minutes. Hope you like it... so darn true!

GIVE IT A MINUTE or 2 and it will load. It just takes a while. WELL worth the wait in my humble opinion!!

Peace out...

ETA: Apparently it's not coming up, so click on THIS link and that will take you to Youtube to check her out!!

Wednesday, October 3

I've Gone PINK!!!

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I didn't realize it WAS Breast Cancer Awareness Month until I read it on Kristina Werner's Blog. I LOVE her blog and read it daily. I used to use feedburner, but got tired of all the emails, since I get a TON more. SO I switched to Google Reader and I really like it!

Back to the PINK... my mum is a Breast Cancer survivor going on like 9 years now and I guess my Aunt (on the chinese side who lives in Taiwan) had to have a masectomy in the past. So, one day (now YEARS ago) I went from being clueless about Breast Cancer to finding out that I have a 'history' of it and, therefore, am at a higher risk to get it.

Well, if any of you have ever met me (just a few but I'm SURE it has been/was QUITE memorable hehehe) you would know that if I got a LUMP in my breast I'd definitely KNOW about it and would like to maybe have another on the other side so they would BOTH be bigger... hahhaha.

I was dodging the old mammogram because I am SERIOUSLY a wimp when it comes to pain... I mean SERIOUSLY. I can't put my hand in that wax bc it's too hot for me... (I was always the *wimpy, wimpy, wimpy* from that HEfty commercial!). I FINALLY got one last year (I was 37 and should have had one at 35 since I have a history) and wouldn't you know the insurance PLAN my hubby's company switched to wouldn't cover it before 40? EVEN WITH A HISTORY??? Ahhh well, no swollen mammory glands here... sigh.. I will have to think of another way.

Yes, I DO have boob envy... but in a GOOD way. If I say ya 'got a nice rack' then that's a compliment and you should say THANKS! My guy friends used to love going out w/me bc I'd check out the chicks with them and I'd NEVER steer them wrong. hehehe

Okay, I guess I better get back to the laundry... I hear it calling my name.

Oh and I also have a girlfriend (who leaves the BEST comments on my blog!!) is also a Breast Cancer survivor! She found a lump in her breast on MOTHER"S DAy while she was 7 months preggers... can you believe the luck in that? They took Alexis a month early and then she got to go thru that nifty (w HEAVY sarcasm) chemo and radiation. Yikes. She's doing good and Alexis is now in Kindergarten. Boy time sure flies!

Here it is...

the versamark resist card I was talking about yesterday. I thought I'd post it now and keep you outta suspense hehehe. All ingredients SU. I used Elegant Eggplant, Certainly Celery and Purely Pomegranate. I think everything's self explanatory. Made the scalloped edge w/ the new corner rounder, very cute little scallop. THough the one I received is BROKEN. One of the corners is no cut out all the way, so it sticks every time you punch with it.
This was a Color Challenge I put out to Libby and Stephanie. Libby sent a picture of her card so I thought I should post mine! This WAS the only set I purchased from the Holiday Mini and I was so proud of myself, but I have NOW broken down and purchased Season of Joy... sigh...

I CASED a card made by Cindy Kicinski at the shoebox swap at last month's Indy Inkerz Meeting. In case you don't know, that's a yahoo group headed by Kathy McDowell. Check out her blog too... though she is on a cruise right now and probably doesn't want to be disturbed hehehehe.

Anyways, I'm not too crazy about the celery in this card. I think it might look better w/a river rock background vs. celery. HOpe you guys are inspired!

Monday, October 1

Face of the Earth...

is somehow missing... or have I FALLEN OFF??? I cannot believe how much time has passed and I haven't posted. How bad is that? lol I could have sworn I did, maybe it was just a dream... what a shame that is. ANYWHOO....

Have I been busy? Why yes, yes I have lol. Don'tcha hate when you have so many things happening on the weekends that it feels like the weekdays? And I'm a SAHM to boot! lol Well, aside from the pet sitting and the Stampin' Up Demoing! hehehe

My upline, Tracy (HEY GIRL), drove up (or down, I think it's across but that just sounds weird) this weekend so we could go to a local MOPS all day scrap. We didn't have to work it, we got to play! She drove up Friday evening and we played until 1am, well that's when I went to bed, I think she went a little earlier. Then we got to the scrap at 8:30am and stayed until 5pm. We proceeded to pick up pizza, beer and smirnoff Ice's and then headed home. Then I showed her how to make the Boo Boxes and the Paper Pumpkins and then it was off to bed. She drove home Sunday a.m. to make it to church w/her hubby and kids. She's a GREAT gal and I love her to death! Should have gotten pics of us... duh!

At the scrap, we made some Versamark Resist cards that I've been wanting to case since I went to that Indy inkerz Shoe Box Swap. I also wanted to use the color combo Eggplant Envy, Certainly Celery and Purely Pomegranate. A stamp club member of mine (HI LIBBY!!) ordered those colors last month and I thought they looked GREAT together. So I told her, Stephanie (another SC member HEEY GIRLFRIEND) that we were going to do a Color Combo Challenge and use those 3 colors. Libby sent me her card last week so I needed to get on the ball.

So I'm going to post the boo boxes and the paper pumpkins today. I don't want to overload everyone. I am going to make a CONCERTED effort to post more regularly and post more cards and stuff... wish me luck! heheh

We'll be making these pumpkins at my Open House this Saturday, for World Card Making Day. ANd since someone pointed out that they WEREN'T cards, we will be making a card too, but I don't have it finished. lol