Thursday, August 30

What a Busy...

WEEK... can I just say that. Also, why is it that when you CLEAN your home you can NEVER find a thing? Is it just me? We cleaned the house REALLY good this past weekend as I had a Pampered Chef partay here and my demo is allergic to dogs. So I didn't want her to have an attack. Lucy's (my dane) bed got washed and sprayed w/all fresh smelly stuff. I mopped the floors, vacuumed the rugs (even though they were in the OTHER 1/2 of the house lol) and EVEN straightened up my scrap corner. I was so deep in there I got stuck in a bunch of stuff lol. Dug it all out from under the table and organized and cleaned. I put stuff into shoe boxes and labeled them with el cheapo dymo machine. I should have taken pics of what it looked like before. Though I don't know if it's clean enough to show you the after lol.

Anywhooo, here are the 2 more entrants into the Triangle Tri-fold swap I was in. The Father's Day one is by Rhonda Favreau. Is it just gorgeous? Can a 'masculine' card be gorgeous? I really like how she did the 'Happy Father's Day' on the inside. I like how she used the shaped beads (forgot what they're called) for the middle of this flower.
The second one is made by Mary Ann Pippen. Another nice use of patterned paper. I never know which side to use and get all bent outta shape trying to decided which one I like and/or want to use. Not to mention using those micro beads as the middle of the flower.
Okay, I'm off to take the kiddo's outside since it isn't SCALDING hot out there. I am hoping the heat wave stays away for a couple of days. We've had a lot of changes here on the homefront and there will be a lot of adjusting going on, mostly for me, but I think I can manage. I hope lol. Nothing serious so don't worry. I will tell you about it this weekend. Gots to go as I think my Stampin' Up! order is HERE woo hoo!!

Thursday, August 23

READER Beware!!!

This is SUCH a good read and will make you laugh. It also CONFIRMS my belief that moms who have more than 2 kids are CRAZY lol... let alone SIX of them! Yikes. Anyways, it's nice she got a good deal on that one!

Click HERE!!

Which reminds me that I need to get some stuff onto ebay! hehehe

Hugs to ya! I found it on Jen's site. Jen Del Muro ROCKS!! Love her site.

Wednesday, August 22

Tomatoes Anyone??

Anyone want to guess how many pounds of tomatoes I picked out of our garden last night??? Can you say TEN POUNDS???? OMGGGG. That's what 2 thunderstorms in 2 days will do to your garden lol.

I picked 2 nice, big yellow tomatoes, about 20-25 roma tomatoes and the rest are cherry and grape tomatoes. I've always liked grape ones as I think they are sweeter, but for some reason when you grow them yourselves, the cherry ones are sweeter. Not to mention the cherry ones have thinner skin which makes for easier eating. THe grape tomato skin is sometimes down right chewy. Which is NOT a feeling I want to have when eating a tomato lol.

I'm hoping to can some of these babies. Though I have never done it before and am scaring Dana to death lol. I will dig out my book and refer to my references and give it a whirl. My girlfriend has some canning stuff I can borrow so it should all be GOOD. How will I ever learn how to do it if I don't give it a try? I will make sure I do it in the evening when the kiddo's are asleep and I will make sure Jon is home in case I have an accident... so no lost sleep for you Dana ***hugs to you for caring so much**. I think you should come down and help me Dana! woo hoo wouldn't that be a blast???

A girl can dream right?1 hehehe

BIO Swap #1...

Here are 2 more entries in the BIO swap I am in...

First one is from Jessica Fick, she's an AWESOME designer let me tell you!! What an enormous amount of work on that inside. Goodness. I really like this set and wish it hadn't been retired.

The second tri-fold is from KaLee Lopez. Gotta love that au chocolat paper. It is simply GAWJUS! I bought it and then it retired. So I will be trying to make a few things with it for a craft show I will be in. Maybe some covered notepads and such. I think I've got 3 more entries, maybe 4 counting myself. If it is 3 then I will wrap it up tomorrow and if it is 4 then I'll space it out on 2 days.

I cannot believe this heat we are having! We are in our 23rd day of over 90 degree temperature. I think the average for this part of Indiana is 18 days! We might break the record set in 1951 or so. Can't wait to see if we do. Makes going outside out of the question!!!

Tuesday, August 21


I'm offering an SU RIBBON SHARE if anyone is interested. It is for the Ribbon Originals shown on page 191 (click here to see). Let me know which ones you are interested in.

I am going to do it as 2 ppl per share so each person would get a yard of each. So you would be paying $15.00 for 1 yard of 10 ribbons. Or $30.00 for 1 yard of 20 ribbons. You just need to let me know which 'flavor' you would like (Beachfront, District, Fairytale, Jersey, Sherbet or Theater) and I will put you down for it and send you an invoice.

What fun to own some of those GORGEOUS ribbons!! I will also send with your order a list of the colors of the ribbons to make it easier to figure out what to use it on. No guess work there! I am trying to close this rather fast, so I will leave it open until Thursday.

Just let me know!!

Updated Kids Picture

Though I took them both to get their hairs cut today so it doesn't really look like them lol. It does show how 'golden' gman's hair has gotten, I just don't know WHERE that comes from. Unless it is from my Daddio. I've seen a B&W pic of him w/that same curly Q on top but don't know what color it is.

Nowadays when you tell gman to say 'cheese' (and you need to be holding a camera or 'faux' camera lol at him) he will crack his face into a grin showing all his teeth and making HIS face look like it is broken lol. It is too funny. I will try and get a picture of them together tomorrow. I have about given up as I have tried and tried to get a good one. But either lgirl is looking sideways or not smiling or it's gman. Sigh... looks like I am going to ask for professional pics for our anniversary.

Wish me luck!! hehee

BIO Swap #1 More pics...

from the first BIO (by invite only) that I am in. All cards/items should have 4 layers and 2 embellishments or 4 layers 1 embellishment and 1 technique. We are now on our 6th and final month which is just a 'new stamp set out of catty' card. Should be goodlol. Anyways, here are 2 of the swappers with their triangle tri-fold cards, Debra Currier and Ceceil Nues. Both tri-fold cards use SU stuff.
I really like the color combo on the Debra's. I might have to CASE that combo. Very springlike and summery... can the combo be both at once?? Yikes!
I will have 2 more tomorrow, for sure. I scanned them all in, cropped and added my thingy in Corel Draw and resaved them into my 'Blog Art' folder. Cool how I have a folder huh?! hehhe I REALLY need to get out more! hehehe

Tuesday, August 14

Christmas Card Club

Hi! I forgot to mention that I started a Christmas Card Club last month. I know, you THINK you are going to get your cards done, but they always get lost in the shuffle of life! So, I have people come over once a month and make 12 copies of one card ($18 and includes stamped envelopes too). This club continues for 3 more months (4 total) and at the beginning of November, you have 48 cards... how COOL is that?!

If you don't live local but want to participate I'd be happy to either stamp everything and send you the 'kit' or make the cards and send them to you in their finished state! hehhe

For July's card, I used the City of David set. For August's card, I used Snowflake Spot. My MIL has requested this card done in burgundy, so I will be figuring that one out in the next day or so. I better get to bed. We are going to an Organic Dairy in Zionsville tomorrow with the MOMS club. Can't wait to eat that BLACKBERRY ice cream..... yummmmm.

Thursday, August 9


is sooo hard to find once you've been gone for a week. Though Gman pooped in the potty (for Grandma no less) so maybe I should go away more often?? No, both kids did not sleep well AT ALL. In fact, Lgirl got spanked by both Grandma (first time for her and I'm sure it broke her heart to have to spank Lgirl lol) and by daddy IN THE SAME DAY!@ Another Yikes there!

I had to come home and get going on some stuff. I had a blast, learned a BUNCH of stuff and just hope I can remember it all lol. Upon registering at convention, each demo picked up their convention bag which included 3 stamp sets, an accents tin, lanyard, pen, pin, various papers AND a wrist band (like the ones you get at a music concert or at a bar that shows you are old enough to drink). The wrist bands could either be worn on our wrists or on your lanyard and were different patterns and/or colors. During general session once or twice a day, the PRIZE PATROL would hand out prizes to specific wrist bands that they would show on the big screen. I was getting bummed as none of the ones my group had were being called. Well... they decided to give away some of the stuff we used at Monday night's pajama rama party. SOoooo I won 6 ink pads (one of which is red craft WOO HOO), a versamark pad, a lower case 'c' stamp AND a sanded background stamp!! I am SO excited to win that stuff! hehehe

Okay, I've got to put Gman to bed (or try to lol) then I was going to PROMISE to come back and post. But I've got a deadline looming like a monkey on my back! lol So here' are the 3 swaps I made for convention. The ladybugs came in two different colors as did the pick a petal card (though only 1 layer not 2). The pinwheel came in 4 colors from the palette o' prints special a couple of months ago. Certainly celery, rose red, so saffron and almost amethyst.

I also made 2 3 D items which I will show you later lol. Enjoy!