Thursday, July 31

Another Swap Card

Here's another swap card using the Simply Said set. I used a technique called spot lighting. I think my upline will have her computer so I may try to post an update for everyone.

Wednesday, July 30

On My Way!!

Well, I should be in the air when this post is published! woo hoo. I hope I didn't forget anything. I'm more than likely finishing up my swaps. I like to save some for the flights as it gives me something to. I also listen to my IRiver and jam out to music while creating... the best way to go!!

Here's one of the cards I made for swapping. I've looked at other blogs and seen some AWESOME cards... I usually like to make mine quick and easy. That way I can get a lot done w/o spending too much time on it.

These cards all all painted with the NEW In colors! I used all of them except for the Piroette Pink (was on Back order) and the Tangerine paper. I did do some painting w/the tangerine though. Hope you like them! One of them reminds me of Snow White's Dress!

Wouldn't you agree??? Isn't this the stinkin' CUTEST picture you ever did see?? heheh We were at a playdate and Gman nabs the dress from Ava. I asked him if he'd like to wear it and he said yes.

Tuesday, July 29

Look Who'sBack??

For some of you who DON'T know (as I didn't share it on my blog)... Chaco my cat was on my van and ended up flying off right when my hubby called and told me to stop the van (about 1/2 a block) on June 7th.

He didn't hit the pavement but landed in some high (waist high) weeds. I heard him meow twice and looked and looked. I couldn't find him and hubby tried finding him for about 2 hrs until dark to no avail. Hubster talked w/both people who lived on either side of the field and gave them our card.

Anywho, the other night a man knocked at my door and low and behold it was one of the people! He said his son thought there was a cat outside but it wouldn't come to him. His mom was able to catch him and brought him over.

So Chaco looks good other than being a bit on the thin side! Yikes. It's amazing how he could not figure out how to get home lol.

Monday, July 28

Plugging Away...

Hey there, I am plugging away at my convention swaps. It's hard to believe I will be leaving in 3 days! Well, technically 2 days lol. I can't wait. I've already got some stuff to work on while in air. No scissors involved as I wouldn't want my scissors confiscated! Yikes!

I am getting excited. On Saturday, I went and got my once-a-year pedicure so my toes could look pretty for the trip. I am also REALLY excited bc this year I'm only sharing a room with ONE person (last year it was THREE!!) and we have a fridge AND a microwave... what more could a girl ask for?? I am going to try and pack light so I can fill up my suitcase w/water bottles! hehe
I will be scheduling some posts while I'm gone. If I get some more time that is. We'll see. I'm also posting my 2nd scrapbook entry for AA. I LOVE this one, or maybe it's just that I love the picture of Lgirl! I didn't get to take a picture of the 3rd entry, bad, bad mommy! It was a picture of Gman and daddy coming down the Fun Slide at Grandma' fair. I'm hoping it will be on display at convention.
Last year I had one 3D item up there and it was hinged coaster frame and pics of both my kids, so they were at convention with me. IT was soo nice! Can't wait to see if I'm on a card board somewhere! Let's cross our fingers!

Monday, July 21

Train Stop Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Check out this dress! My goodness does this lady have talent... wowsers. Now you KNOW Lgirl would look just lovely in this dress and possibly on the first day of school too. Wouldn't that be FAB?! hehehe Cross your fingers and click your heels 3 times to give us luck! hehe

Train Stop Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20

25% Discount on Select Retiring Items

For the FIRST time, Stampin' Up! has decided to discount some of the retiring items that they have excess stock of. I'm so excited! I will be putting in an order some time this week to take advantage of some of the items. Let me know if you want anything! Here's the list:

Item# Pg Description Price listed is after the 25% discount
109117 167 Pocket Notes assortment $7.46
110479 168 Jersey Shore Designer Series paper $7.46
110699 168 East Coast Prep Designer Series paper $7.46
109159 169 Flowers For You Designer Series paper $7.46
110273 169 Spring Fling Designer Series paper $7.46
110748 170 Notebook Designer Series paper $7.46
109153 170 Porcelain Prints Designer Series paper $7.46
110751 171 Azure Designer Series paper $7.46
109164 171 River Rock Prints Designer Series paper $7.46
109175 171 Almost Amethyst Prints Designer Series paper $7.46
109168 171 Groovy Guava Prints Designer Series paper $7.46
109169 171 Close to Cocoa Prints Designer Series paper $7.46
110284 182 Eastern Elegance Rub-Ons $8.21
110285 182 Urban West Rub-Ons $8.21
110281 182 Cherished Memories Rub-Ons $8.21
109185 190 Jersey Ribbon Originals $9.71
109187 190 District Ribbon Originals $9.71
109189 190 Beachfront Ribbon Originals $9.71
110716 191 Wild Wasabi striped grosgrain ribbon $5.96
109062 191 River Rock double-stitched grosgrain ribbon $6.71

Don't forget the Hodgepodge Hardware!!
105532 188 Aged Copper Hodgeppodge Hardware $20.96
105531 188 Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware $20.96
105515 188 Pewter Hodgepodge Hardware $20.96

Stampin' Up! is also offering empty punch boxes for $3.95 while supplies last!!!

Saturday, July 19

Scrapbook Page 1 for AA

This is one of the pages I did for the AA entry. I really liked how this turned out and was mighty proud of that flower in the corner! I made it with small and large ovals from the oval punches. Used plenty of rubons too.
Hope you guys like it too.

What a Week!

I won't bore you with all the details... but this week included Gman covering his face w/vaseline, writing on a wall w/markers and pouring Dial refill soap onto the hardwood floors and our walls. He got a haircut (which revealed his skeeter bites).

Lgirl tripped twice. The firs time she skinned both knees, an elbow and a palm. The 2nd time she skinned her knee above the first boo boo. She picked out her backpack online (woo hoo!!).

I volunteered at Royal Kids Camp with Edelweiss Horse Therapy, watched a friend's son, picked blackberries and transparent apples AND tried digging a hole to bury a dog, but hit too many roots and had to take the dog to the vet's to be cremated instead... yes something I really don't want to do again any time in the near future. I made banana cake, watched a movie w/ a girlfriend and make blackberry cobbler. I NEED to make applesauce w/those apples! hehe

PMS night was last night and I had fun with the girls! I've been working on my Conven swaps and will be posting a scrapbook page from AA here after I crop it add the necessary watermark. Okay... off to crop and import people!

HOpe you had a better week than me!!

Monday, July 14

Final Card for AA

Here's the last card I made for Artisan Awards and boy was it a BIG one lol. I hope you guys like it. I'm working on my swaps for convention. I had 30 images done and then REALIZED that the image I was using is from the Summer Mini and, therefore, NOT CURRENT!!

Can you say arrgghhhh!!! Yes, so I've had to start over and see what else I can come up with.

Wednesday, July 9

I Was Tagged!!!

Yes, WAY back in the middle of June (the 13th to be exact!!) by Vivian Swain. I am sorry Vivian that I didn't post sooner. But I am SURE you will understand that I've been trying to get my swaps done and such for Convention! hehehe

Okay... let's see. I don't know if there are 7 weird things about me (yeah right!!) so we'll go with RANDOM shall we??

1. I've lived in 9 states and 2 countries since I was born.

2. I met, or rather SAW Geena Davis, Danny Glover, Bobby McFerrin and Eric Roberts when I worked at Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa (aka the Pink Palace) in Sonoma, California.

3. I LOVE the taste of cotton candy, it's DQ's special blizzard flavor right now. And APPARENTLY Victoria's Secret has a lotion that smells like it. One of my stamp club members had it on tonight and I could NOT stop sniffing her... I think she's scared! heheh

4. I'm anal when it comes to card making, no big surprise there. If I wasn't people wouldn't want to make my cards!

5. I LOVE, love, lOVE the smell of lilacs and will sit in front of a bush inhaling slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes if I find one. That goes for honey suckle too, and apparently standing next to Amy too (see #3!).

6. I type dyslexic, odd but true!

7. I'm an optimist at heart. Sometimes a realist, but mostly an optimist. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is ALWAYS someone that has it worse off than you. The glass is not only half full but it's sparkling clean too!

I don't want to pick 7 people (I'm getting lazy and I don't want to have to post a comment on their blog) so if you read this AND you have a blog, consider yourself tagged! woo hoo!

Tuesday, July 8

Working on Swaps...

for convention! woo hoo! I have finalized 3 of the 4 designs I'll be making for convention. Now I'm cutting up the paper to get cracking on it!!

Here's the 4th AA entry for cards. One more to go and then it's on to the scrapbook pages! Hope you like it! Sorry it is a bit dark.

Friday, July 4

Happy 4th!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th!

It's hubby's birthday so we'll be heading down to Grandma's for 1/2 the day and then back down tomorrow for 1/2 a day at the pond. We were supposed to go to the pond tonight, but it started raining last night and has been all morning so it was postponed until tomorrow.

'The Pond' is at grandpa's best friend from school's house. Just a pond where 4 couples around grandma's and grandpa's age hang out. Oh and then there's our family too. So we are the youngest couple heheh. Sometimes other kids of the older ppl come but mostly it's just us.

I've got 4 four-legged visitors staying for the 4th. One until monday and two will go home next saturday. Then I'll be getting 4 MORE 4 legged boarders! ehehe Plus I've got to go and take care of 2 client's pets. Busy busy here at our household!

AA Card #3

Here's the 3rd card I made for AA. I think cards are my strong suit and scrapbook pages are my short falls. I don't scrap nearly as much as I stamp via cards. Not to mention I only own one current alphabet set. Sigh... oh well. I hope you like the card! I see now that the 'Your Day' is a bit crooked.

Have a safe and happy 4th!!