Monday, July 28

Plugging Away...

Hey there, I am plugging away at my convention swaps. It's hard to believe I will be leaving in 3 days! Well, technically 2 days lol. I can't wait. I've already got some stuff to work on while in air. No scissors involved as I wouldn't want my scissors confiscated! Yikes!

I am getting excited. On Saturday, I went and got my once-a-year pedicure so my toes could look pretty for the trip. I am also REALLY excited bc this year I'm only sharing a room with ONE person (last year it was THREE!!) and we have a fridge AND a microwave... what more could a girl ask for?? I am going to try and pack light so I can fill up my suitcase w/water bottles! hehe
I will be scheduling some posts while I'm gone. If I get some more time that is. We'll see. I'm also posting my 2nd scrapbook entry for AA. I LOVE this one, or maybe it's just that I love the picture of Lgirl! I didn't get to take a picture of the 3rd entry, bad, bad mommy! It was a picture of Gman and daddy coming down the Fun Slide at Grandma' fair. I'm hoping it will be on display at convention.
Last year I had one 3D item up there and it was hinged coaster frame and pics of both my kids, so they were at convention with me. IT was soo nice! Can't wait to see if I'm on a card board somewhere! Let's cross our fingers!

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