Tuesday, January 30

Okay, I KNOW I'm over due for a card to post... let's see if I can find ya one. here's one from a fall swap I did. The sentiment is one of those thingys that you turn the knob (like old style library stamp) and it has 12 sentiments on it. I'm in a small 4 swap group that is GREAT... just the right size. I think itwas when I tried to do the versamark resist but couldn't find my glossy Cs... yes I know... but I"m NEW! hehehe
Anyways, on another note... I tried the recipe that Cindy posted on her site for mac and cheese, the quick homemade kind and it was FAB! Now I made this for me and the kids, I can't do it for DH as he's a meat and potatoes kinda guy... Or just a meat and meat kinda guy! I added fresh broccoli and it was delish. Until DD decided... EEEWW I don't like the stalks of the 'trees' just the tops. I hope this whining pickiness will end soon. DH and I can't take much more of it! Come on 4th bday! We're a praying it will get better hehe.
Better go. I've got a party thursday and I need to finalize my 2-4-6-8 box AND hostess gifts and goodies! Wish me luck! woo hoo.

Saturday, January 27

Hi! I can't believe it's been a week already! I have some cards to post but will try and get it done tomorrow! I'm off to try a couple of recipes... all chocolate of course! I got one from Stephanie's blog. Wow... that's so cool. First time I linked to ANYTHING heheheh **go bobbie, go bobbie**

well, i better go get some laundry done and clean the kitchen while watching GRYPHON on Sci fi hehehe. I'm hitting the sack early tonight (for me anyways) as I didn't get to bed until 1am and then my G got me up 3 times! Yikes! hehehe

Sweet dreams all!

Monday, January 22

Okay, I think the 'coast is clear' and the sickness has LEFT THE BUILDING! Well, except for me having another migraine last night and getting mad about it and crying like a baby. I never had them before having lainie so I still get PO'd about getting them.

Oh and THE COLTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!! Woo hoo. I'm more of a football fan vs. a colts fan but they deserve it and by golly they earned it!! THat was a GREAT GAME and the biggest comeback in NFL history woo hoo!

Okay, back to reality hehehe. Actually... I better get back to bed. toodles!

Wednesday, January 17

Oiy... can you say 'I'm sooo tired on being/having sickies?' G was kind enough to share the flu with me on monday and lainie got it monday night. As of today she's still on 'toast and water only' and boy is she complaining! Since she couldn't keep jello down last night I told her no way was she getting anything else! hehe

I was supposed to participate in a cyber crop this weekend, but needless to say with a house full of sick kids (yes DH counts as a kid in this case!!) I didn't get much accomplished =(. I did, however, get my fries container finished and in the mail for a belated swap and it won the category! Of course, it was the only entrant hehehhe. Here it is:

I thought it was SO cool that M&M came out with mega ones that were in 'rich' colors. Well, they happened to match the SU RR family to a T!! Wonder if anyone else figure this out??

Am I slick or what? hehehe :)

Friday, January 12


I just became an SU demo and I do enjoy it, I just have a hard time asking ppl to host a workshop. I took over my upline's client list, which means I need to make some calls... also a hard thing for me to do!
Anyways, I received for xmas an ink caddy, which I LOVE but it does make my ink pads look rather pathetic and shows all the pad I really need. Can I state AGAIN how much I LOVE my markers... they are truly life savers lol.
So I have uploaded some cards from my pre SU DEMO days, one was for Shape swap, one for a Texture swap and the other is a simple SU card w/REAL sewing (none of this 'faux' stuff) on it . Now... if I can just figure out how to show the pics lol.

Looks kinda sketchy but here they are! heheh I will post more later.
Oh and G's still sick, but on the mend while L's caught the cold bug (I swear she must have sneezed at least 50 times yesterday!!). So she missed school this week :( but we switched w/a classmate so she will get to be leader (and treat bringer!!) next thursday... wooo hooo!
It's only a matter of time before I get it... I can feel it like a monkey on my back! Or should I say a tickle/scratch in the back of my throat?! hehehe

Tuesday, January 9

Oh what a day! Gman went to the doc yesterday and they did xrays and said it was viral... bacterial would have been the easier way to go lol Gman's about the same but he had 2 GREAT naps... so maybe the hacking cough will go away tonight? I am so tired of it and I feel so sorry for him. Doc gave me a cough syrup, but it doesn't do much at all . So let's keep our fingers crossed. I will be going to bed early tonight, within the hour and that's EARLY for me! I need to get better sleep than the last two as DH will be going out of town tomorrow and not back until thursday afternoon... YIKES!
On the crafty side, I finished up my fast food fries containers! I LOVE these, they are soo cute! I will post a pic as soon as I get one taken. Yes, they are late and for a 4 RAK group I am in. Will post some other things too!

Monday, January 8

Good evening... or should I say good morning? Seems gman's caught a bug of some sort so I get to stay up and take care of him vs. working on stamping.... :( Okay, I have to go as he's getting UBER fussy!


Sunday, January 7

Okay, I'm REALLY going to post regularly and start posting my cards and alter items. Need to get into the habit and then send out my info to friends and fam to take a looksy! I'm excited and have been 'inspired' by a lot of fellow bloggers.

I better hit the sack so to speak. Gman having a rough night and I'm off to sleep on the floor next to his bouncy seat in the living room. woo hoo, this is livin' LARGE let me tell you! hehhee