Tuesday, January 30

Okay, I KNOW I'm over due for a card to post... let's see if I can find ya one. here's one from a fall swap I did. The sentiment is one of those thingys that you turn the knob (like old style library stamp) and it has 12 sentiments on it. I'm in a small 4 swap group that is GREAT... just the right size. I think itwas when I tried to do the versamark resist but couldn't find my glossy Cs... yes I know... but I"m NEW! hehehe
Anyways, on another note... I tried the recipe that Cindy posted on her site for mac and cheese, the quick homemade kind and it was FAB! Now I made this for me and the kids, I can't do it for DH as he's a meat and potatoes kinda guy... Or just a meat and meat kinda guy! I added fresh broccoli and it was delish. Until DD decided... EEEWW I don't like the stalks of the 'trees' just the tops. I hope this whining pickiness will end soon. DH and I can't take much more of it! Come on 4th bday! We're a praying it will get better hehe.
Better go. I've got a party thursday and I need to finalize my 2-4-6-8 box AND hostess gifts and goodies! Wish me luck! woo hoo.

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Dana said...

I HAVE one of these beautifous cards! Now don't I feel special?!

I adore home made mac-n-cheese, even my vegan version rocks. And I always serve it with broccoli too.

To make it for your DH, just toss in a bunch of cooked, drained ground turkey or beef, and maybe some chopped tomatoes--Wahlah--a casserole!