Thursday, November 29

Check out this....

nice RACK!!

Those of you who know me well, know I get boob envy on occasion! But look at the picture on the rack... Isn't it hilarious?! You can enter for a chance to win a FREE shirt just like this!! Click HERE and post a comment. I love the shirt and would probably get the laundry one or the cooking one.

Lgirl is coming down with SOMETHING so I had to go do the grocery shopping tonight and buy $20 worth of cold meds, juice and soda (for the hubby not Lgirl!) so I'm covered for tomorrow. We are staying in and just chilling so we can try and nip this puppy in the bud!

Okay, I've got to put away 10 bags of groceries and take care of some laundry before I turn in for the night. Just wanted to share a NICE RACK with y'all!

NOTE: Tomorrow is the last day to place an order for some of the 15/16" Satin ribbon that Stampin' Up has on sale right now. It comes in pomegranate or chocolate chip (LOVE THEM!!). You can either buy 15 yrds (one roll) or 7.5 yrds (1/2 a roll). They're 1/2 price right now so 1 roll is around $5. You can't beat that at all! So let me know if you are interested in some and we can work it out.

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, November 25

Workshop Cards...

Here is the first of three cards I did at a workshop recently. I decided to go out on a limb (for me anyways) and showcase ONE stamp set... can you believe just ONE??? Well, it was Season of Joy. And I'm MIGHTY proud of myself I might add! I came up with three different cards.

SO here's the first one w/the snowflakes. I hope you like it. I need to find the others so I can take a pic (or scan them in) and post them.

ETA: Tammy wanted to know what colors I used, sorry I forgot! I used SU's blue bayou and soft sky. I used the season of joy stamp set, blue bayou double stitched ribbon and 3 circle punches (1 1/4, 1 3/8, 1 1/2). I also used some of the retired silver cording from last years catalog.

Hugs to ya... BLOG CANDY will be going out on Tuesday! I find it interesting that my THREE blog candy winners all hale from different parts of the US. One lives in Spokane, WA, another in Jersey and the last in Missouri. Isn't that cool? Sorry I don't get out much hehehe.


Our Lucy...

I wanted to post this picture of Lucy, our great dane. I miss her bunches but I know she's in a better place and she's running around w/our Rottie, Harley. I miss him too. We've found a rottie that is in a rescue and needs a good home.

My client (pet sitting) who wants us to adopt her Irish Wolfhound (my all time FAV) didn't call today and I'm not going to bother her. When she's ready, she'll give me a jingle. It's hard giving up your baby even if you know he/she will be happier. Sometimes it's easier to fix it at home (like building a fence) vs. giving him to someone.

Friday, November 23

TEN Days????

Has it been that long? Wow... well, I was sick most of it and just got better in the last 2-3 days. Then there was a Holiday in there SOMEWHERE ** Happy Belated Thanksgiving All!!!**

And then BLACK FRIDAY... **dum, dum, DUMMMM** Yes, I DID get up at 3:30am. Well, since Gman woke me up twice in the 3 hrs I was trying to get some sleep I figured why try and sleep now?? So... I was waiting at wally world for a new DVD player since ours conked out while we were at the vet trying to take care of Lucy AND the kids were in the other car. Luckily it started raining so they couldnt' see.

Can you believe I started shopping at 5am and finished at 7am? I don't mess around! I met my girlfriend at Walmart and from there we went to Target. Then we finished there and went to peruse Meijer and found our deals there too! Can you believe I got everything I was looking for (and the some!!). WOOO HOOOO!!

Okay, I'm a bit slap happy (can ya tell?) so I'm off to bed bc I have to take the van in tomorrow a.m. to get the seat belt fixed. Always a pain w/the kid's belt won't retract!! I will post some pics real soon here!


Tuesday, November 13

Blog Candy WINNERS

Yes, I know....I DIDN'T get a picture of the BLOG candy generated. I will show what was won, I promise. Wow, can you believe I had THIRTY-NINE people comment??? I think that's sooo cool! I mean it's not like in the hundreds or something, but it is something to strive for! woo hoo! heheh

I am honored so many ppl commented so I picked THREE numbers, can you believe it? I just have to count down to find out who one. The prize packages will include (but is not limited in any way to): blank 4 inch medium weight coasters, an alterable of some sort, so SU patterned paper, some metal of some kind and maybe some bling! Oh and a $1 acrylic stamp or two. Woo hoo!

Let's see who the lucky gals are:

Cathy said...
Great blog! Count me in on your mystery candy. It doesn't matter what it is....I just know it will be fun once it shows up. Thanks for a
7:29 AM

Linda SS said...
Pretty colors - The cocoa shade is really a stand-out. I loved the Halloween photos of your cute kids!
2:27 AM

Melissas said...
I like this color scheme! Good work. Thanks for the chance to win candy :)
1:03 PM

Congrats ladies! Email me your address and I will get the goodies into the mail. Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate it a bunch! I will have to give away more candy soon... it was so darn fun! hehehe

Have a great day. Gman and I will be hitting JoAnn's and Costco this a.m. while Lgirl is at preschool. Nothing like speedy shopping to keep the spending to a minimum! hehe

Sunday, November 11

Showers, Showers, Everywhere!

I had another craft show this weekend. It was for a good cause, Juvenile Diabetes. I had a good time, saw some girls I know (**waves to Jessica, HEy!) and sold some stuff.

Lgirl's at grandma's for TWO nights so hubby had to go solo w/gman! They had fun and got to take a nice, long nap. Hubby patroled Friday night and he's doing 3rd shift tonight. He's a reserve so he does it for FREE!
I went to a baby shower for his cousin in law a couple of weekends ago... and here are TWO cards I made for it. THe first is from my MIL and the 2nd one is from me. Enjoy!

I'm off to bed so I can try and get my winter clothes out tomorrow and I need to work on more craft stuff for this weekend. It's a big one so I've got 20 snowmen to make and untold sets of Christmas cards. Toodles!

In Loving Memory....

of our GREAT DANE, Lucy Goosey! I miss her dearly. You never realize how much a big dog gives you a sense of security until they're gone. No more barking... now Mr. Brown comes and goes and I never know...

I have a pet sitting customer who wanted me to adopt her Irish Wolfhound (my all time FAVORITE dog!!) so we are checking into that. IF not, we will probably start looking, albeit slowly, for a rottie puppy. Hoping to get one in the spring... now is NOT a good time to potty train a puppy! YIkes!

Tuesday, November 6

Like My New Colors??? Plus BLOG CANDY!!!!

One of the gals at SUDSOL (GREAT site for Demos!!! And well worth the money.) came out w/the RGB colors for all the SU ones!! I have to say though, some that I input did not look the same when presented as big as the background of my blog lol. THe rust looked guava-y so I had to settle for Close to Cocoa.

Any WHO... seems we have an excess of CANDY around here and I decided to share. So... if you would like some of the Calorie free stuff... *gasp* dare I say it? *gasp* I am offering up my VERY FIRST Blog Candy???? Maybe I have a fever?! hehehe So... just leave a post and I will be offering up some goodies... I'm BIG on giving so not to worry... it will be DELISH!!

I suppose I will HAVE to post a picture now won't I??? Fine, fine... I'll get a picture posted by Sunday... I will keep it open until Monday morning... or afternoon since Mondays are busy around here!!

Come on in and join the fun!! I will randomly pick a number using that random site that I randomly wrote on a random piece of paper and randomly put it upon my desk. Though the last RANDOM might be better has HAPHAZARDLY! hehehe

The InspiRING

I signed up to be part of an InspiRING back in September on Amy's blog (Gone INKognito)... what is an InspRING you ask? Well, check out this link to get the Overview AND Rules!

So here's a picture to the card I received from Lori W....

I was to get inspired by this card and take something from it and make my own card. It could be the colors, the layout, ANYTHING... well, here's what I came up with:

I took the general layout from the first card. I was also going to use the ribbon, but felt I didn't have room on this card. I really liked how this card came out. All ingredients are SU: Season of Joy, Label set from Hostess choices (forgot the name lol), Always Artichoke and Bravo Burgundy. I did use a now retired DSP from last year. I think it's called Rebecca. I also used the new corner rounder to scallop both top and bottom and then used a 1/16th hole punch and eyeballed each hole on each scallop. The brads (both circle and star) and the bling on the tree are non SU. Oh and I'm pretty sure I used the Sakura Gel Pen, but that goes w/o saying now doesn't it?? hehehe

Okay, I'm off to put the kiddos to bed (they're running off their ice cream sugar high lol) then I will be working on my 3 Christmas cards for my Par-tay tomorrow night. I've decided to showcase the versatility of the Season of Joy set and make all three cards from it! Can you believe it?! I've made 2 so I thought what's one more?? Silly me! hehehe

Then I've got to make a couple of door prizes and a hostess gift. Oh and work on some more Craft show goodies if I have time. I will show you guys what I made for last Saturday's craft show.


Halloween Pictures

of the kiddos. Here are the pictures of the kids on Halloween night. Lgirl was a fairie, but we found these cool tights I bought last year and put them on her.
Here's Gman as a puppy doing his best puppy face. Though that's the face he now does for all pictures! He wouldn't wear the head all night though. People thought he was cute enough w/o the head and gave him extra candy! lol

And here is a VERY RARE picture of both of them smiling AND looking at the camera at the same time. I just might have to frame this one. I usually give up trying to get them both looking and smiling together. Lgirl usually smiles and says whatever I tell her too but her eyes are looking elsewhere!


Monday, November 5

Halloween Goodies

Okay, I was in a Halloween swap last month... here are pictures of what I made and sent. I made goodies bags for her children and I also made a birthday pack, but forgot to take a picture of it. I altered a lemonade container, the kids drink about one a week! The other bottle is from an organic dairy in zionsville. Trader's Point has the BEST chocolate milk! It's a dark chocolate milk...yummmm....
Here are the goodie bags for the kids. They range in age from 1 1/2 yrs to 14 (I think. ) I have since forgotten. My memory is so fleeting these days!
Here's Kim's goodie package. Check out her blog, she's got an awesome one!
Here's the stuff she sent me. Loved it all!!! I guess I need to change my 'blog look' since it's no longer October! lol. Hmmmmm.... what color to 'be'??? Maybe certainly celery or maybe old olive? hehehe

I've got a workshop on Wednesday so I need to get ready for that. Hugs to everyone!

Saturday, November 3

A Frog...

in my froat! Yes, I'm still alive, but barely! It seems that a week of staying up 'til all hours makes your immune system get low therefore allowing germies to get in and infiltrate the body. NOT GOOD!

So, I had my first craft show today. I will be posting pictures, I promise! Lots of them! And I did really good today! Woo hoo. I then lost my voice. I sound quite masculine. I am hoping it's a cold and will be going to bed momentarily to see if some R&R will help. I don't want strep! YIkes!

I'll be back soon!

Bobbie :)