Tuesday, July 31

Whatzzzzzz Upppppp????

Hi Everyone!
I am CONVENTION!!! Woo hoo. In a *perfect* world, I would have all my swap pics uploaded and ready to post one a day while I am gone. In the REAL world, I went to bed at 2am Sunday night, Gman woke up at 3am, Lgirl woke up at 3:30am, I went back to bed at 4am and the alarm went off at 5am.... soooo there went that perfect reality! Yikes!

Convention is sooo coool! SO darn motivational tooo. Found the 3 coaster hinged picture frame I made for the artisan award (though didn't win.. boo hoo) w/the kids pics here on display! Woo hoo. SO I am able to see my kids every day! hehheeh

Lots of fun classes and meeting new friends. And yes, I am STILL cheap entertainment here too.

Gotta go... my class is starting!!

Wednesday, July 25

Time DOES Fly....

When you get crummy sleep lol. I have madly been working on my swaps for convention. Which I am going to next week. I will be leaving on Monday and home again on Friday... wow can you believe it?! FOUR WHOLE NIGHTS of uninterrupted sleep! Well, I will be sleeping with my upline so I will get to hear her snore!!

Anyways, I have a customer who wanted some first birthday announcements. She wanted all boy and not very cutesy. I made a tent topper and emailed it to her but I was not very happy with it. So today, while Lgirl was at 'Dance Camp,' Gman was nice enough to fall asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for 45 min which was enough time for me to remake the invite. GOod news! I love and so does SHE!! woo hoo. SO I'm making 15 of them tonight for her. Whew!

Then I need to finish my 10 Thank YOu cards for a 'swap' I'm doing. Really I call it a barter. You should see the stuff Jen makeS!! It is AWESOME... anywho check out her jewelry and you just might be able to buy some of the stuff!!

Then I need to finish my convention swaps... sigh and get some sleep in between there somewhere. I also have a potential pet sitting client coming tonight with her 13 in. beagle and her IRISH WOLFHOUND!! I can't wait to see the wolfhound! My all time favorite dog in the WHOLE, WIDE WORLD! woohoo..

Okay, I've uploaded both invites. I used: SU Wild about you set and the text is from a perfect party (I think). I used kraft paper, brocade blue, so safron and sahara sand. I also used some of the retired DS paper from SU. AND to add the icing to the cake, I was able to use Julee's sketch challenge for today... how good am I??? hehehe That's really, really good for me! HOpe you like them!

Thursday, July 19

Notice Anything???

Not at all LOUD and OBNOXIOUS is it? heheh THe flaming counter just looked soo.... ME NOT! No I just decided to put it in to see how many people actually visit my blog. Though if it counts myself then that could get confusing bc then I'd be my own best counter... bwahhhahaha

ANY WHO... I will leave it up and see how it goes... maybe change it to a less intrusive one? hmmmm... something to think about!

SU Box Uses

Ha! I know, 3 posts in 3 days... somebody CALL ME A DOCTOR! heheh

I just had to post these cute pics. The first is our 'other' cat, Choco. He thinks he is a dog most of the time, eats dog food, chews on plastic and tape, pats you on the arm when he wants your attention and much more lol. He decided he really liked my Fall and Winter Preview box!

The other pic is of Lgirl sitting near him. And just so Gman doesn't feel left out... I included one of him at the bottom. I know, I need to change the pic of them as he has changed so much. Namely his hair color! Lighter and lighter. What a 'golden' boy lol.

Oh and can I tell you guys that Lgirl was needing some attention on Monday so she proceeded to put 2 popcorn kernels up her nose? I know you are laughing at me, but it was NOT funny at the time. Talk about a SERIOUS panic! I was able to get one out no problem w/some coaching. (She's never been a good nose blower at ALL.) but the 2nd one (which was MUCH bigger like it tried to pop but only grew bigger and cracked a bit) was a bit harder.

You can SERIOUSLY bet I am keeping those kernels and scrapping them! hahahha I will have to take a pic and post it soon. hehe

Belated Birthday Picture

See how bad I am? I thought I had posted pics of Lainie's birthday but I didn't. Here's a late pic of the 'spread' she had at her small party. The kids had fun. They played party games: pin the tail on the puppy, a pull pinata and jumped in a moon jumper, but only for a little while as it was stinkin' hot outside! Just mostly humid!
I made cupcakes for her and there was hot dogs, a veggie tray and fruit kabobs for lunch. I also put up crepe paper and had hubby use up some of that hot air and blow up some balloons.
I will also be posting some pics of what I was doing all last week twice a day! hehee

Long Awaited Cards

Hey there,

Okay, I was having SERIOUS problems w/the lag on the computer last night, so here are the long awaited 'sequels' to the name frames. Actually, I'm posting the matching card to the Troxell Name frame and also posting the Seelye Name Frame and Card.

I hope you enjoy them. Since they were going to the same client, I wanted to make them as different as possible. You never know if these people might be at each others home some time in their lifetime lol. I used the SU Baroque Motif Stamp Set, Label one (forgot exact name), Fancy Flexible Phrases (Mr. & Mrs.) and Happy Harmony for the saying on the Troxell Card. All paper is SU too and the paper piercing template, round tab punch and corner rounder (to make scalloped edge) too. THe only Non SU stuff I used were primas, sakura gel pen, chipboard, ribbon, bling, spiral clip and brads. The gold and silver ink was also non SU, the name escapes me at this moment... oh I think ENcore. It was there and then gone in a flash!

Wednesday, July 18

Birthday Double Slider

Yes, I know I need to post my wedding name frames I did. THe only problem is the camera is in the car and I don't want to run out and get it. Call me lazy or maybe I just don't want to let Gman escape or FREAK out if he sees me go. Sigh... it's been a LONG weekend!

Friday evening we had to put my cat, Cleo, to sleep. She was my VERY FIRST pet sitting job (gone bad as the owner didn't want her back) EVER way back when about 7 yrs ago. It was over Memorial Weekend. She was about 3 weeks old. So cute and sweet. She kinda turned out as a weird cat as she thought of me as her mom and didn't like a lot of people. Apparently she has been under the weather (done that once before but recovered) so we thought she was getting better, but come to find out she had eaten some ribbon and it got stuck in her intestines. Sigh... I do miss my crazy cat!

To top that off we were at Grandma's on Sunday. Me, I usually sit inside and soak some cable tv, do the dishes or clean the kitchen. So nice when you don't have kids running around lol. I was working on convention swaps while Grandma took Gman out for a polaris ride. They have a red doberman named Jody. She always runs w/them or rides in the back. Anyways, they were almost home (they have 41 acres and lots of trails thru the woods and a pond to boot!) when Jody fell down. Grandma ran Gman to me in the house and then ran out towards the garage to get papaw & my DH. Well, apparently JOdy fell down due to a heart attack or anyerism. We will never know exactly. Grandma is taking it hard as Jody was her 'baby'. So I might wash up my yorkie and send him down for a week or so to keep her company. SHe's always loved him and thought of him as the 'perfect' dog. ehehe

Sorry for the all this info before the card. I thought I had posted this, but could not find it. Here's a double slider I did for my BIO swap. Oh Dana wanted to know what a BIO swap is. It is a By Invitation Only Swap. I had to send in 3 samples and get approved. Every month we have a theme (last month was swappers choice) and then we vote on our favorite. The host provides a gift for whomever wins. Like last month Jessica won and she gets to pick a roll of taffeta ribbon. In August, the host is sending us chipboard coasters and we have to come up with something. The winner gets to pick a punch out on the punch page of the SU catty... woo hoo!

I started posting the triangle cards from the first month of the BIO swap. I have gotten side tracked and just can't find the time to sit in front of the computer and scan them all in. I should as I can get a FREE month of sudsol for every 10 cards I post from a swap. I need to get my booty in gear! IF only there were more hours of daylight! hehehe

HOpe you like the double slider. I might have posted it as the watermark was already on it! Hmmm... I used the EAT CAKE set w/Doodle That. Colors: tempting turquoise, pretty in pink, so saffron, old olive. I also used the 3 flower punch, round tab punch, paper piercer and the signo white gel pen. Non SU stuff: sakura glitter pen, gold brad, pink grosgrain.

Wednesday, July 11

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hi, sorry I've been incognito. I have been working on name frames for a customer w/matching cards and envies. I plan on posting them soon. I had my stamp club meeting last night and we made a beautiful tunnel card. Those are so hard to explain so I will just have to post it later.

I am also make the same tunnel card for my next BIO swap, which is due on Sunday so will be a tad bit late. I hope to finish them today and get them into the mail tonight or tomorrow at the latest!

I've also got to take Gman to his 18 mon check up today. Not to mention he didn't sleep worth beans last night. Sigh... Lgirl didn't sleep well thru the night either until she was 2 or 2 1/2 yrs old so I am just holding out for that! My throat has been scratchy for the last 2 days so let's hope I'm not coming down with SOMETHING... I don't have TIME to be sick lol.

Thursday, July 5

Ribbon Holder Anyone??/

My goodness, Stephanie is giving away a custom made wooden ribbon holder that her hubby makes for HER birthday... can you believe it?! Click HERE and check it out. What a sweetie she is. She just got this GREAT looking new living room set too.. .I'm sooo jealous. Waiting patiently *tap, tap, tap* until Gman gets old enough to buy a new couch as I am SO over our couch and it is no longer the color it once was but is a brown, dirt hue lol.

Post a message to her blog for a chance to win!

Good luck!

Retired Stamp Set List

Hi! Here's a list of the retired sets I have left that I am trying to sell. If you buy more than 3 sets I will put a discount on the shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to either post a message or email me personally.

Thanks for looking!

Big Blossom $10 SOLD
Harlequin $12 SOLD

A Little Love $12
All the Best $12
Cute as a Bug $10
Delight in Life, UM $10
Fancy Flexible Phrases $30
Flower Filled $20
Fun Filled $12
Love It, UM $10
Oh My Word $10
Paint Prints $10
Shape Ups $8
Shapes & Shadows $20
Small Script $8
Stipple Celebrations $20
Sweet on You $8
Tag Time $20
Too Terrific Tags $10 SOLD
Trees Three $12 SOLD
Trick or Treat $8

ETA: I am sorry, but I don't think I have the time to photograph all the stamp sets, upload the pics, edit the pics, upload them to here and then post. You can find most of the sets at Splitcoaststampers gallery. They have sets listed alphabetically and usually have a 'index' pic of what stamps are in that set. I hope this helps!

Wednesday, July 4

Can You Say... CHOKE???

Nothing like waiting until the last minute (did I mention my nickname for myself is last minute lucy... I haven't even started my convention swaps yet!) for Hubby's bday card. He's 4th of July baby so it is tomorrow! Lucky for me he's patroling right now heheeh.

SO I was trying to make a cool card AND do the beach blogger bingo sketch, but I choked and that went all to heck lol. And I think the card is kinda yucky, but considering he hasn't ever gotten a homemade bday card I guess he should consider himself lucky hehehe... All ingredients are SU unless otherwise noted. I even had the green around the happy bday as a scalloped square, but thought it looked too girly so I cut it off, crooked I might add too lol. I made it from the kids.

I'm SO excited... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his bday present (I'm convinced it is REALLY for me lol)... I'll give you a hint... it starts with 'W,' ends in 'i' and has ONE letter in the middle hehehe. Woo hoo! How bad is it that I'm hoping for rain ALL DAY so we can stay inside? Bad, bad Bobbie...
Okay so on another note, I have to rant about Gman. His ears are golden (meaning clear and free of infection) but he's still crying and screaming regularly. It drives me crazy! We did another glycerin sup. (sorry for the TMI here!!) and he pooped 3 times w/the last time being soft! woo hoo. But I have to lay off the milk (less than 20 oz a day) and the dairy. Which he loves. But last night alone he drank 24 oz. So for today, he had a 4 oz. er (sounds like he's a lush huh?!) for his nap and a bottle before bed, but didn't fall asleep either time. So now I have to turn to putting him in the car and driving around until he falls asleep. Because I don't want to give him any more milk and if I give him water he removes it from his mouth, starts screaming and throws it at me. He's got good aim for an 18 mon old. he's been up twice already and this last time I decided to drug him w/teething meds (holistic hyland teething tablets ... LOVE them!). I feel bad but can you say ARrrgghhh!!?!
On a good note, we had raviolis tonight for dinner (the cheese ones you buy frozen and boil) with a little bit of sauce and he asked for 3 more after eating 2. And I cut these puppies into 4 pieces each. He's definitely using the 2 molars on the right that have come up.
Okay, thanks for letting me rant and getting that off my chest... sometimes I just get so stressed. I guess I should probably go to bed huh?! hehe lol That could be part of the problem too.

Tuesday, July 3

Baby Girl Tent Topper

I'm telling ya... these things are addictive! I didn't take a pic of it bc it's evening and the pics always come out bad so I scanned it in. It is faster and I wanted to get one into blogger bingo. Hope you like it! Sorry for the crookedness!
Everything is SU except the polka dot organdy... oh and the primas and bling bling. I used the retired Oh My Word set and warm words, typeset alpha and I'm Here.
p.s. If I get time tomorrow, I will post some garden vogue Lgirl did a couple of days ago. It is really hilarious how funny she can be sometimes!

Monday, July 2

Check This Out!!

Hi Guys! I'm thinking of having this title on a weekly basis to spotlight either a really, really cool project or a really neat blog or website. Then again with my posting history, it might be too much work hehe lol. That would make me post at least ONCE a week like clockwork huh?! hehe

Anyways, my VERY FIRST 'Check This Out!!' is this not a FAB baby shower gift???? *Psst Dana* My goodness this is a good one. And just in time too as hubby's cousin-in-law has been trying for quite a while and this will probably be her ONLY pregnancy (long story involving, endemitriosis *sorry about the spelling,* cysts and the likes). Maybe even TWINS which means she'd have to have TWO of these puppies! hjehehe. I really like Vicki's blog and she's been added to my list o'bloggers.

Speaking of puppies... I have been feeding (for those of you who don't know I am a pet sitter also but mostly do kenneling at my home) a kennel full of European labs and will have some pics of these little, yellow balls of fur. SUCH cute puppies. I absolutely LOVE the white gold yellow labs (what an oxymoron THAT is!!). You will see as I plan on taking pics tomorrow a.m.

AFter having anywhere from 3 (including my 2) to 5 dogs here on and off since the end of May, it is nice to be down to one visitor (who is staying a total of 35 days!!) and now I can breathe a bit easier and also maybe mop my floor lol.

Okay, I'm off to make some quick (yeah right lol) cards for beach blogger bingo!!

Howdy, Howdy!

My goodness I'm tired! Yes, I know it's been a while but I'm dealing with a double ear infection (almost over that), molar coming up, constipated 18 mon old. I LONG for a solid night's sleep lol. His ears are just about perfect but we had to see the doc about the constipation today. I made daddy do the dirty deed lol.

Oh and I get to buy some prune juice tomorrow... am the only one in th world who LOVES that stuff?! hehehe

Needless to say, I barely have time to function let alone stamp lol. He's just so darn clingy right now. ANYWAYS I finished a wedding name frame (which I was supposed to have done Friday). I really like it and stressed a bit on it, but the next one will be more stressful in terms of getting the colors to go together... they are hunter green, passion pink, gold and white... do you kind of squint at the thought of the glare of the dresses as much as I did when I first thought of it?! hehehe
Hope you guys like it. Hoping to make some cards tonight. I owe a lot of them! hehee