Sunday, February 28


has hit me... that would be why I've been MIA this past week. Oh and I have been CRAZY busy! I know when am I NOT busy, but I had things to do 4 nights in a row last week. That's a record for me!

Last Sunday, I was asked to make some 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons for the Science Fair at L's school. Me with my 'Special' math thought I only had to make 3 (one of each) so I was going to go all out & do a ribbon w/gathered ribbon around the rim and make it really snazzy. Luckily I reread the email and realized that I needed to make 3 for EACH grade, making the total 18!

I decided to make them simpler and used the Circles #2 Sizzix Die with my Big Shot. Then I cut white circles out to fit onto the large scallop circle with my Stampin' Up! Circle Scissors Plus. LOVE that thing. I don't use it enough. I don't have a big alphabet yet for my Big Shot, so I traced the numbers & letters onto SU's Gold and Silver Card Stock and cut them out by hand. Glued them on, added ribbon tails, a back circle (to make it look cleaner) and a piece of velcro so it could be easily added to or removed from a project.

Voila! Here are two pictures of them. I personally LOVED how they turned out. Hopefully it will give you an idea if you should ever need to make some.

Tuesday, February 16

Stamped Valentine Goodies

Yesterday I showed you the edible goodies that went to the kiddo's parties. Here's what the stamped ones looked like.

L's were matchbook covers over Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears, but I forgot to take pictures before sending them off to school. She stamped them and glued them all herself! Love delegating.

G's I made because, being a boy, he could care less & would have kept all lollipops (yes, I say lollipop, I can't handle the word sucker in this instance) for himself lol. Something simple, preschoolers tend not to care what the candy is in vs. just wanted to get it out at all costs! This was one for a teacher, the kids' ones didn't have ribbon on it. Quite simple! Inside were Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops. LOVE the flavors like Pomegranate Pucker, Strawberry, Wet Faced Watermelon, Mango Tango and many more!

Here are the cute little baskets I made for both kid's teachers. Rather quick & easy. Just a 6x6 square of cardstock, score it at 2 on all sides. In the corner boxes, score diagonally. Fold all the lines and punch a whole in the middle and string ribbon. I filled them with caramel & almond kisses. Yummy!
If it's hard to see check out this close up.

And then we made a quick treat for the bus drivers. Yes, we have two. L had to ride Bus 31 for a year, then switched back to Bus 2 mid season. Well, when momma needs some time, we take L around the corner to Ryan's house where she can catch Bus 31 again about 30 minutes early. It's amazing what you can do with 30 extra minutes in the a.m.!

Really simple gift holder I used the Two Tags Big Shot Diez for this one. I saw both projects on someone else's blog, but can't remember which one was the first. I will definitely be using this design again to make small gifties!

Here's another close up in case you have bad eyes like ME! I am LOVIN' Stampin' Up's Sending Love Specialty Designer Series Paper! It's so cool that one side of EVERY piece has glitter on it. And I love how this closeup capture's the sparkle in the paper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Monday, February 15

Valentine's Gifts

What a mad rush it was last week... Two Valentine Parties in one day can wipe a mom out! Not to mention having to pick up over 250 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies AND being in charge of one of the parties & picking up stuff for the party from homes where the child had gotten Strep! Oy Vey!

Anyways, where to start? The baked goods before the stamped ones? Well, Family Fun had an AWESOME Groundhog Cupcake on their site. He was SO stinkin' cute and adorable I knew I wanted to make some. But I didn't have time around Groundhogs Day, so I decided to make a couple for L's teachers (because the kiddos wouldn't appreciate them NEARLY as much!) and extras for my kids & Grandma.

Here's what G's cupcakes looked like. He requested strawberry ones. Some had tiny candy lips on them, others had sprinkles and the rest had tiny pink cupids candies on them.

I made them real quick on Thursday a.m. when I zipped home to bake'm. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out why my house smelled like strawberries when we came home. NOT AT ALL. That's how BAD my memory has gotten!

Here's what the Groundhog Cupcakes looked like. If you didn't think the one on the left could get ANY cuter... the wall-eyed one decided to pop his head up! And we have CUTER!!

And here are the Groundhogs invading the other cupcakes.... taking over the spot light and grabbing all the attention. The regular cupcakes were relegated to being put into plastic bags & taken home by the preschoolers. Then the Groundhogs got to ride in style to the 'Big Kid's' party in the afternoon. They went HOG WILD! hee hee

Thursday, February 11

I Have Given Up!

I have tried & tried to fix this card, but to no avail. This picture is landscape, like it should be in the folder AND whenever you look at it. But it loads like this. Then I try to rotate it a quarter turn so you would THINK that when I load it, it would look right but NO it moves 1/2 a turn!

I give up!!Stamp Set: Birthday Bliss
Paper: Bermuda Bay, Whisper White, Apricot Appeal
Ink: Bemuda Bay
Acc: Scallop Square Punch, 1 1/4" Square Punch, 5/8" Apricot Appeal Grosgrain, Finial Press Embossing Folder, Stampin' Dimensionals

Monday, February 8

Something Bright...

for this wintery day. I don't want to say DREARY because I DO like the snow! I wanted to show you a Birthday card that I had extras of and finished them up to put in my stash, but Blogger will only upload it sideways.

So I don't know if I should upload it sideways or try another card... does everyone (all SEVEN of you!) want to get a crick in their neck?? Hmmm...
Well, here's a card I made for hubby's cousin. They were invites for her Daughter's 2nd Birthday. Sorry for the yellowness. There's bling on the card too. Oh and the large pink background is embossed w/dots. Love this layout. It's a favorite of mine. Quick & simple!

Wednesday, February 3

Fleece Colts Flower Pins

I have to make this short! Here's what I have FOR SALE:

I just wanted to let you know I have Fleece Indianapolis Colts Pins that I've made with the Flower Fold Die for sale. There are 3 sizes, small, medium & large. Here are pictures of them:

Small - $6.00, one layer of small flower. 2 1/2" diameter.

Medium - $10.00, two layers, medium & small flowers. 3" diameter.

Large - $15.00, two layers with large and either medium or small flowers. 4" diameter.

Please let me know if you would like to order any. Thanks so much!

Monday, February 1

Head Colds are...

the WORST things ever! Well, I guess the only thing worse is if your hubby has one too! Man are men babies! Let me tell you. First they don't take a thing and complain about feeling miserable. Second, you get them to try drugs which don't work but they don't tell you nor do they want to try something else. What's up with that?

If I feel miserable, then I either take what I KNOW will work or try something new to see if it will work. I understand if you don't want to take anything, that's not a problem... just DON'T complain about it! Your choice.

Life is about choices... so many people don't realize they had a choice in the first place and wonder how they got in a specific situation. Makes you think. I'm trying to explain that to my 4 yr old & 6 yr old. You have a CHOICE!

Anyways, let's see what I have to share with you today!

Here's a card my Upline, Tracy Geisz, sent me. I LOVE it. She's awesome. She's such a good friend that I'm very thankful to have. I wish she were closer than Illnois, but I realize she could be a LOT farther!!