Wednesday, August 27

2008 Convention Sightings Part Deux

Hey there,

I have been getting ready for my open house this weekend. I didn't realize it was this weekend until Sunday... VERY SCARY!! Last year I was really excited and I think no one came, so I assumed it would be the same this year... well I've got around 8 ladies coming. Yikes!!

I made a Flip Book (REALLY AWESOME) to display as a Workshop you can sign up for. It's sooo darn cool. THough I only had a Simply Scrappin' kit from years ago so there's no double sided paper. So it would be even COOLER with a current Simply scrappin' kit! I can't wait to make another one! woo hoo.

Any how, here are the other sightings at convention:
Here's Corinne, though I always think of her as Roxy as her Blog is Stamping with Roxy! hhehehe She is so DARN SWEET!! And I love reading about her kids too. Her girls both just won both their soccer finals this past weekend. What a GREAT way to finish off the season woo hoo. She's so nice in person and a sweetheart to boot. I really wish I was closer so I could come to some of her classes lol.
This is me and Shelli Gardner, yes, the co-owner of Stampin' Up! My upline, Tracy G, and I waited 2 hours and 15 min to take a picture with her and it was worth every minute! She is very sweet and oohh so kind to sit thru pictures with hundreds of gals. Even the ones that won't leave, I think even had a couple of those ahead of us in the line. I told her hubby, Sterling, that he needed to have the Jeopardy music playing in the background so people knew when their time was up. heheh
This is Roseanne, part of Tracy's downline. She's really cool and I've even met her mum who is also a Demonstrator. We all drove up to the Milwaukee Regionals together in March. And she still wanted to take a picture with me at Convention! How sweet!
Last, but certainly not least... is my upline. I love her to death and I wish she lived closer so we could stamp together. I miss her bunches and we had a GREAT time at Convention. We were roomies and she's (now) 8 mon preggers with a boy! woo hoo. She's very inspiring to me in more ways than one.
I did see and meet Patty Bennett of Patty's Stamping Spot and Carrie Gaskin of Artistic Avenger. I didn't get a picture with Patty because I didn't want to interupt her lunch and I met Carrie at the airport while checking in to get home. I didn't want to bother her at all either. Maybe next time I WILL bother them and get a picture.
The only other demo that I would have LOVED To meet is Angie Juda (Chic n' Scratch)... I am hoping the next time I go to Convention (in 4 years when I will get to walk across the stage for my 5 yr anniversary) I will hopefully have a 'date' to meet her and get a picture with her! One can dream! hehehe

Thursday, August 21

Convention '08 Sightings!!

Hey there,

I was finally able to go thru my pictures from Convention and post my 'Celebrity Sightings'!!

My VERY FIRST SIGHTING was at the SLC airport... can you believe I was so lucky?! I spotted DAWN GRIFFITH, she's got a GREAT blog and loves purple and bling just like me! She was soo sweet too. I told her I loved her blog, her daughter, her dog and the pictures of her hubby. And that he DID look like Jesus! heheh

Pardon how I look... kind of scary when I fly. I like to fly in comfort so no makeup and my glasses. Nothing worse than flying with super dry eyes! Yikes!!

I spotted DANNIE GRAVES during General Session... I honestly didn't recognizer her until she smiled. I'd recognize that smile anywhere! I told her she needed to update her blog picture as she's much THINNER (wish I was lol) in person. Her blog picture was taken while she was preggers. VERY sweet!

My next sighting is probably my favorite **sigh** KRISTINA WERNER **squeeeeling**. I actually saw her the first day after picking up my Convention Bag but on my way to Momento Mall. I sent her an email saying that she might hear dolphin-like screaming and not to worry because it would just be little ole ME! I did scream her name and I think I scared a few gals. I barged right in and took a picture. I totally forgot I was in my yucky 'travel attire'.

I 'spotted' her multiple times as the prize patrol had to run out prizes to the winners. On the 3rd day of Convention, my upline, Tracy, and I spotter her again and took a picture with her. So here it is in all its' glory! LOVE the pick and I LOVE that girl... she's got so much creativity. Not to mention GREAT tips on makeup and such. Shoes too! Kristina, you should definitely check out those Jessica Simpson shoes, they are AWESOME! And I can't even wear high heels but Tracy's were remarkably comfortable! heheh

All these gals are GREAT and a huge source of inspiration for me... check back tomorrow when I post more Celebrity Sightings!

Wednesday, August 20

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

It seems that all of my friends are either preggers or just had a baby... it certainly comes in waves!

Here's a card I made for welcome baby cards. I have a surprise (to me anyways) baby shower to go to this Saturday and boy am I glad I thought this one up last weekend! It uses the new pirouette pink paper, but I used retired DSP and the retired 'I'm Here' set. I really like this baby set. More so than what is in the catalog at the moment.
I will be making 2 boy ones as well. Though I have decided that footprints would look better on a boy card vs. a girl and handprints on girl ones. How crazy is that? I also think the handprints would look better lighter, more like a watermark. Plus I am going to make it a bit more feminine. Betcha can't wait to get a look at my prototypes huh? I hope to have them by this weekend!

One of my stamp club gals will be using this as a template for 30 baby announcements. I'll be making a vertical one and a horizontal one so we can see which will look best for the baby picture!

SOrry I've been a slacker about posting. It's so hard to get into the whole school groove. I am having to set an alarm clock to get Lgirl up and ready for school. This is surprisingly HARD to get adjusted to! Wow. So I've had to cut my stamping short and start going to bed earlier... **gasp** the nerve of HER! hehhe

Sunday, August 17

Lgirl's First Day of Kindergarten

Hey there, sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has just been so darn busy! Had Christmas CArd Club Monday evening and PMS night on Friday night. A new customer came, Teresa and it was GREAT meeting her! Hope she can become a regular stamper with me and my girls.

We have been gone all weekend to Grandma's for Power of the Past. Papaw had 5 tractor's in it so they were there all day and evening on Saturday and Sunday. We went down there Saturday evening and then stayed all day today.

Can you say, 'Whew!' Hot and tired are the right words! Apparently Lgirl go sunburned on her shoulders and her face. Sigh... didn't think about the sunscreen as most of us were under the big tent.

Anywho... Lgirl started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Here are a couple of pics of her. I did really well and didn't cry hardly at all. Just a bit after she was gone, but I was holding Gman so I didn't want him to notice too much! A card IS coming tomorrow!
It's a little nippy in the a.m. so here she is w/her sweater on. She ended up taking it off before the bus came. She takes the bus in the a.m. as she's the last one on and I pick her up in the afternoon because if I didn't, she would have to wait an hour to get home! That's a LONG time for a 5 yr old to wait. Goodness. On the first day, I sent a snack for the bus driver AND her teacher. It was Banana Cake and boy was it good! mmmmm.....
And here she is getting on the bus... sniff sniff. Though Thursday she wouldn't get on and I had to drive her in. I also had to explain that it wasn't fair to her brother as he pitches a fit every time she get out of the van and wants to go with her. Not to mention sometimes he doesn't even get up until after she's on the bus!
She rode on Friday, but I did tell her if she didn't ride the bus she wouldn't get to go to Power of the Past, and more importantly, she would be seeing Grandma or Papaw. That seemed to do the trick! hehehe

Thursday, August 14

Reunion Last Saturday...

Well, we had the 'G' reunion last saturday. It's Grandma's maiden name which is how we found Gman's name. Anywho... most all the family live in the same town, but we only see 1/2 of them twice a year. At the summer reunion and the Christmas one. Isn't that odd? I find it odd, do they not know how lucky they are to be so close?

Maybe they're just tired of it! I made a fresh blackberry pie... can you mmmmm? Yes, I picked those berries myself, I have the skeeter bites to prove it! heheh I LOVE most all berries and it seems that Gman is going to be the same way... woo hoo! That boy can wolf down fresh berries like NOBODY's business! Enjoy!

Here's the first picture.... I didn't think it did the pie justice so I took another one.
And here's the 2nd one. MUCH better don't you think?
I promise I will be posting a card picture soon!

Tuesday, August 12

Never Before Seen Savings

Never Before Seen Stamps!

Check out these 10 stamp sets that are BRAND NEW in the NEW Fall/Winter Idea Book. They are 15% off from now until September 30th. I like a lot of them! Especially Under the Stars and Upsy Daisy.
Don't have a catalog yet? Shoot me an email and I will hook you up!! *Ü*

Tuesday, August 5

Retired Accessories List

Here's the list of what is retiring in the Accessories department. Let me know if you'd like anything as I'll be placing an order this week. *Ü*

109200 Accents & Elements Build A Flower - SOLD OUT
110718 Accents & Elements Lucky Star
110719 Accents & Elements Messenger

103158 Acrylic Graph & Grid

108638 Card Stock 12 X 12 In Color
108642 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Blue Bayou
108643 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Groovy Guava
108637 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 In Color
108640 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 River Rock
108639 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Soft Sky
108641 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Wild Wasabi - SOLD OUT
108644 Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Purely Pomegranate - SOLD OUT

103975 Card Stock Brushed Copper - SOLD OUT
108694 Card Stock Textured 12 X 12 In Color

107312 Cards & Envelopes Gift Whisper White
107292 Cards & Envelopes Greeting Whisper White
109116 Notes & Envelopes Long Notes
109118 Notes & Envelopes Love Notes
109117 Notes & Envelopes Pocket Notes* - SOLD OUT
110729 Notes & Envelopes Scallop Notes
109119 Notes & Envelopes Gift Notes

109018 Classic Stampin' Ink Blue Bayou - SOLD OUT
109019 Classic Stampin' Ink Groovy Guava
109017 Classic Stampin' Ink Purely Pomegranate - SOLD OUT
109016 Classic Stampin' Ink River Rock
109015 Classic Stampin' Ink Soft Sky
109020 Classic Stampin' Ink Wild Wasabi - SOLD OUT

109013 Classic Stampin' Pad Blue Bayou
109012 Classic Stampin' Pad Groovy Guava
109011 Classic Stampin' Pad Purely Pomegranate
109010 Classic Stampin' Pad River Rock
109009 Classic Stampin' Pad Soft Sky
109014 Classic Stampin' Pad Wild Wasabi

110751 Designer Series Paper Azure*
110749 Designer Series Paper Berry Bliss
109154 Designer Series Paper Cutie Pie
110699 Designer Series Paper East Coast Prep* - SOLD OUT
109160 Designer Series Paper Fall Flowers - SOLD OUT

109159 Designer Series Paper Flowers For You*
110697 Designer Series Paper Ginger Blossom
110479 Designer Series Paper Jersey Shore*
109151 Designer Series Paper Le Jardin
110748 Designer Series Paper Notebook*
110750 Designer Series Paper Olive Press
109153 Designer Series Paper Porcelain Prints* - SOLD OUT

109175 Designer Series Paper Prints Almost Amethyst* - SOLD OUT
109177 Designer Series Paper Prints Always Artichoke
110696 Designer Series Paper Prints Bali Breeze
109173 Designer Series Paper Prints Blue Bayou - SOLD OUT
109174 Designer Series Paper Prints Brilliant Blue
109178 Designer Series Paper Prints Certainly Celery
109169 Designer Series Paper Prints Close to Cocoa* - SOLD OUT
109168 Designer Series Paper Prints Groovy Guava* - SOLD OUT
109171 Designer Series Paper Prints Lovely Lilac
109172 Designer Series Paper Prints More Mustard - SOLD OUT
109176 Designer Series Paper Prints Old Olive
109170 Designer Series Paper Prints Pumpkin Pie - SOLD OUT
109164 Designer Series Paper Prints River Rock*
109167 Designer Series Paper Prints Rose Red
109166 Designer Series Paper Prints So Saffron
109165 Designer Series Paper Prints Soft Sky - SOLD OUT
109163 Designer Series Paper Prints Tempting Turquoise - SOLD OUT

110698 Designer Series Paper Prints Spring Break
110273 Designer Series Paper Prints Spring Fling* - SOLD OUT
110271 Designer Series Paper Prints Spring Silhouettes
110272 Designer Series Paper Prints Western Sky

107299 Envelope Confetti Cream Medium

105320 Eyelets Basic - SOLD OUT
100375 Eyelets Bold Brights - SOLD OUT
100381 Eyelets Earth Elements - SOLD OUT
107233 Eyelets Fresh Favorites I
107234 Eyelets Fresh Favorites II
105316 Eyelets Rich Regals
100378 Eyelets Soft Subtles - SOLD OUT

105515 Hodgepodge Hardware Pewter - SOLD OUT
105531 Hodgepodge Hardware Antique Brass - SOLD OUT
105532 Hodgepodge Hardware Aged Copper

101120 Metallic Art Pencils

107307 On Board Accents
109181 On Board Blossoms & Basic
109179 On Board Ginormous Pieces
107306 On Board Simon Lower

102678 Paper Mulberry White - SOLD OUT
109227 Punch Box Three For You - SOLD OUT
102686 Punch Handheld Rectangle
100271 Pure Color Pencils

109060 Ribbon Double-Stitched Blue Bayou - SOLD OUT
109063 Ribbon Double-Stitched Groovy Guava - SOLD OUT
109061 Ribbon Double-Stitched Purely Pomegranate - SOLD OUT
109062 Ribbon Double-Stitched River Rock*
109059 Ribbon Double-Stitched Soft Sky - SOLD OUT
109058 Ribbon Double-Stitched Wild Wasabi - SOLD OUT

109189 Ribbon Originals Beachfront*
109187 Ribbon Originals District*
109188 Ribbon Originals Fairy Tale
109185 Ribbon Originals Jersey*
109184 Ribbon Originals Sherbert
109186 Ribbon Originals Theater
110716 Ribbon Striped Grosgrain Wild Wasabi*

110281 Rub-Ons Cherished Memories* - SOLD OUT
110284 Rub-Ons Eastern Elegance*
110285 Rub-Ons Urban West*

110557 Simply Scrappin' Boho Blend
109610 Simply Scrappin' Confetti - SOLD OUT
110572 Simply Scrappin' Crew Kids Boy
110567 Simply Scrappin' Crew Kids Girl
109597 Simply Scrappin' Home Again
10562 Simply Scrappin' Rose Cottage
109648 Simply Scrappin' Special Delivery Boy
109627 Simply Scrappin' Special Delivery Girl - SOLD OUT
110587 Simply Scrappin' Summer Days
110577 Simply Scrappin' Tie The Knot

111184 Simply Sent Friendly Notes
109228 Simply Sent Simple Delights - SOLD OUT
109229 Simply Sent Three Thoughts - SOLD OUT

106662 Stampin'Around Wheel Daisy Field
107561 Stampin'Around Wheel Garden Annuals
109681 Stampin'Around Wheel Good Dog
109678 Stampin'Around Wheel Kisses
107482 Stampin'Around Wheel Lily Pad - SOLD OUT
109680 Stampin'Around Wheel Meow
109677 Stampin'Around Wheel Mistletoe - SOLD OUT

106610 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Basics Outline
107467 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Birthday
109571 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Baby
109570 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Friends
109569 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Party
108423 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Leaves A La Carte - SOLD OUT
107468 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Nature Hike
108980 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Petals
107464 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Rough Texture - SOLD OUT
111261 Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Spunky Spots

109554 Stampin' Color Index Labels - SOLD OUT
109553 Stampin' Color Index Labels (French)

106694 Stampin' Kids Markers
101399 Stipple Brushes - SOLD OUT
102673 Zig Painty

Monday, August 4

Home At Last!

WHew! What a week, or 4 days... it was a LOAD of fun and I was able to 'spot' and 'meet' a bunch of my favorite bloggers!! I will have to upload pics some time today.

Also, SU will now be selling the Big SHot by Sizzix and exclusive diecuts. The diecuts are awesome and will match some of our stamp sets and/or chipboard. NEW vinyl clings in different colors.

Now I have to get ready for my 8 for $10 in New Castle which is tomorrow. It is Christmas card time! I will email later!

Friday, August 1

Inspirational Swap Card

This card was inspired by my NEW pair of Birkis. Last year at convention, my FAVORITE pair of Betula sandals gave their last step... I was deeply saddened as they were my absolute favorite sandals. They weren't your typical sandals either so I couldn't get them repaired.

Here's a picture of the NEW Birkis. Funny how I like the right shoe better than the left... I think it's because there's WAY more pink on the top... though if I turn my shoe on it's side, I can see a lot of pink lol.

And here's the card... I guess I should have taken a picture of the Garden Green one too. I did them w/3 backgrounds.