Thursday, August 14

Reunion Last Saturday...

Well, we had the 'G' reunion last saturday. It's Grandma's maiden name which is how we found Gman's name. Anywho... most all the family live in the same town, but we only see 1/2 of them twice a year. At the summer reunion and the Christmas one. Isn't that odd? I find it odd, do they not know how lucky they are to be so close?

Maybe they're just tired of it! I made a fresh blackberry pie... can you mmmmm? Yes, I picked those berries myself, I have the skeeter bites to prove it! heheh I LOVE most all berries and it seems that Gman is going to be the same way... woo hoo! That boy can wolf down fresh berries like NOBODY's business! Enjoy!

Here's the first picture.... I didn't think it did the pie justice so I took another one.
And here's the 2nd one. MUCH better don't you think?
I promise I will be posting a card picture soon!

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Anonymous said...

Looks soooooo YUMMY! I hope y'all had a great time at your reunion. Hope ya had a great time at convention too. Traci