Wednesday, March 31

Tag Teaming...

yes, the kids have been tag teaming each other during this glorious spring break. What are they tag teaming each other with you ask? Well the STOMACH FLU of course! I always thought that the incubation time was pretty short since the LAST time there was a flu bug in the household, Gman got it first, gave it to me within 12 hrs and then I have it to Lgirl within 8 hrs and then she passed it onto the hubster. It was quick and painful lol.

This time around it incubated for 2 days! I couldn't believe it. Lgirl barfed on Friday night & once Saturday morning. She didn't eat anything the rest of the day and was good as gold on Sunday. Both kids went to Grandma's on Monday and stayed the night. Hubby picked them up Tuesday evening & then Gman barfed.

You KNOW Grandma feeds them a bunch of sugar if we attributed it to eating too much sugar that day (and pretty much nothing else). But lo & behold it wasn't the sugar. He barfed that night in our bed woo hoo what fun that was NOT! Luckily it was only water. (SO glad I didn't give him that chocolate milk I was thinking of giving him!).

I have talked, threatened, cajoled & bribed him today to NOT eat so that he would be good to go in the a.m. Woo hoo. We have TOO many plans starting tomorrow to get a wrench thrown into them! We'll be picking up Lgirl's friend who will be staying the night after getting weighed in at WW and before heading to the zoo. Woo hoo, can't wait to see the animals!

Here's a picture of some cupcakes I made for my MIL's birthday at the beginning of March. I made the Martha Stewart's Yellow Buttermilk Cupcakes & Buttercream Frosting. I also made the butterfly wings myself with melted chocolate & white wafers. They would have been SO much cooler with white balls on the wings but I couldn't find any... bummer!

Wednesday, March 24

Bridal Invitations...

Last Wednesday, a friend at Eastern Hancock asked it I could make 25 Bridal invitations by Monday. Of course I can! I seem to be one of those people that work well under pressure. Possibly even faster (or maybe more efficiently) when there's a tight deadline.

I took in a few samples on Thursday to show her. I also volunteered for Kindergarten Roundup. So nice to see all the new little kids that are excited about going to school next year AND riding a bus! lol

Anyways, here's what I came up with. It's my 'go to' card for Bridal Showers. So cute and right for the event! I had another picture, but once again, when I loaded it, it is turned on it's side. And it isn't when I'm working on it in Corel. Anyone know why it does that? I've tried turning it in Corel (didn't work) and resampling but that didn't work either.

Sigh... majorly bummed about that! Here's a close up of my favorite one! All ingredients are Stampin' Up! I used the Scallop Circle Die to cut the dress out (free handed the sides w/a dress template I made). Then I ran it threw the Elegant Bouquet Textured Embossing Folder (#115964) to get the flowers onto the dress.

I used the Scallop Border Punch that is available for FREE right now thru Sale-a-Bration with a $50 order. The 'You're Invited' is from the stamp set, Introducing (#114443) which was also a FREE choice during Sale-a-Bration! I really like that there are so many choices for the FREEBIES this year. I've gotten quite a few I've had my eye on this year! woo hoo.

The dresses are textured differently. I used the Texturz Plates for some and also the Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder (#117335) out of t he Occasions Mini Catalog. I also used the Eyelet Border Punch on dome of the cards. I made sure to stamp the inside of the cards, as well as the envelopes too!

Monday, March 22

St. Patricks Day

stamped goodies. My friend, Penny, called to ask if I could make some quick little gifts for her bowling buddies that had a St. Patricks Day theme. I said SURE! And off I went.

I don't have many stamps for that holiday. I stamp on a budget so I try not to buy too many things that I can't use year around. I did purchase the Teeny Tiny Wishes for the simple fact that it had a stamp for EVERY holiday and/or event in a year. I LOVE that set!

I bought the Small Heart Punch (#117193, Occasions Mini) with the thought that I could use it for St. Paddy's Day if I needed to. And the need arose! I made the stems by punching each side of the heart off a bit. These boxes were quick & easy & I loved making them.

You can't see it, but I used the Scallop Border Punch on the top edge. Love that punch a lot. I'll show you another project with that punch later this week.

Lucky AND Charming...

is what my son's shirt said that he wore on St. Patricks Day. Well, he better be both to pull of the hat he wore! Grandparent's Day just happened to fall on St. Patricks Day so the prevalent color of the day was... GREEN!! Big surprise there.

Yes, I know he's cute. He HAS to be to pull off the diva hat he's got on. Not only does it have a glittery tiara glued to the front, but the edges have green fur on them. Yes, a girl hat to say the least... get this it LIGHTS UP too! You flip a switch & there are 4 or 5 lights strategically place in the design of the tiara to blink green.

My MIL overheard some of the ladies at the event saying that 'His mom must have bought that for him.' and 'His mom would wear that no problem.' I'd like to clear up any misconceptions first with NO, I WOULD NOT WEAR THAT. EVER. You couldn't pay me enough!

Now for the 1st misconception. I didn't pick it out for him. He chose it himself. And if any of you know G, once he's made up his mind there's NO turning it around. No matter if you say it's a girls hat (which I DID) or offer something else for him to wear instead of the hat (which I DID), both to no avail.

He could not be swayed. Seriously, this is a boy who wore his sister's Rudolph the Reindeer shirt to his Holiday Party (aka Jesus's Birthday Party). I told him it was a girls shirt & he said, 'No it's not.' I told him to go ask his father. The hubster told him, 'Dude, you're wearing sissy's shirt.' To which he repeated, 'No it's not.'

I couldn't him to change. But it was even MORE apparent when we were at the party. Tapered at the bottom & skinny seams vs. the bigger ones on boys. Sadly to say... you could DEFINITELY tell it was a girls shirt at the party. My conclusion?

If he's smart enough to defend himself verbally & physically, then he can wear WHATEVER he wants! Hence the above hat on his head.

No worries fellow crafters, I will be posting more crafty stuff later today!

Friday, March 19

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Here's what we had for St. Patricks Day Dinner.

I made corned beef (hubster & I LOVE it!), green mashed potatoes and we tried turnip greens. They weren't too bad, but the hubster didn't like them too much. Kids wouldn't touch it. How can they be so cute, yet so close minded about food? So sad!

Thursday, March 11

Quick Thank You Gift

Here's a quick Thank You gift I made for a class that I ended up not getting to go to! But no worries, I am rescheduled for the Royal Couponing Class in Franklin in April. It can't come fast enough! I can't wait.

Hope you like it! It's filled with Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares. Mostly Dark Chocolate since that's the Queen's Favorite! :)

All Supplies are SU. Stamp sets: Vintage Vogue, Thank You Kindly, Polka Dot. Paper: Old Olive, Dusty Durango, Whisper White. Ink: Crushed Curry, Old Olive, Dusty Durango. Acc: Large Oval Punch, 5/8" Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon.

Tuesday, March 9

Is It....

ONLY Tuesday? My Monday (and the weekend) was SO busy... that yesterday felt like Wednesday, seriously, it did!

Here's a card & gift I made for L's friend when she went to her house for a sleepover. It was L's first that wasn't at Grandma's house. My island was cleaned off (very rare) and I was so proud of the thought that it looks like such a professional picture! L's friend's favorite color is? Can you guess? YELLOW! The pillow box is from a Big Shot Die, quick & easy for party favors. It holds one of my glass tile necklaces.

We made this card in my 8 for $10 classes in February and it was a BIG hit! All the girls really loved it.

Wednesday, March 3

Finding Smiles...

in the NEATEST places! For those of you that don't know, I am half chinese. I try to pass on certain things about the culture to my kids. I don't think they look chinese at all.

The only 'chinese' think about them is the fact that the BOTH like to eat their noodles & rice PLAIN. Nothing on them at all, no sauce nothing. I call it jail food. Because, quite honestly, it is! And who wants to pay $3-$4 for a kid's meal that is just plain noodles? I just think of how many boxes of noodles that would pay for at the store lol. So, being the mom that I am, usually order spaghetti with the sauce on the side so I can share with G. L's getting better about trying stuff on noodles, but her favorite is still plain noodles.

Anyways, here's a chinese dessert I like that phonetically spelled is called Taun-ren. They are little balls of dough with a filling. L's favorite are the peanut ones and mine are the red bean ones. I also like the black sesame ones too.

I made L some and that's what she found in her bowl... now some might not see it without a little help from me... as shown here:

Or this one, which, oddly enough, reminds me of Gloria from Madagascar! lol

Have a GREAT day and I hope you find a smile or two!