Monday, March 22

Lucky AND Charming...

is what my son's shirt said that he wore on St. Patricks Day. Well, he better be both to pull of the hat he wore! Grandparent's Day just happened to fall on St. Patricks Day so the prevalent color of the day was... GREEN!! Big surprise there.

Yes, I know he's cute. He HAS to be to pull off the diva hat he's got on. Not only does it have a glittery tiara glued to the front, but the edges have green fur on them. Yes, a girl hat to say the least... get this it LIGHTS UP too! You flip a switch & there are 4 or 5 lights strategically place in the design of the tiara to blink green.

My MIL overheard some of the ladies at the event saying that 'His mom must have bought that for him.' and 'His mom would wear that no problem.' I'd like to clear up any misconceptions first with NO, I WOULD NOT WEAR THAT. EVER. You couldn't pay me enough!

Now for the 1st misconception. I didn't pick it out for him. He chose it himself. And if any of you know G, once he's made up his mind there's NO turning it around. No matter if you say it's a girls hat (which I DID) or offer something else for him to wear instead of the hat (which I DID), both to no avail.

He could not be swayed. Seriously, this is a boy who wore his sister's Rudolph the Reindeer shirt to his Holiday Party (aka Jesus's Birthday Party). I told him it was a girls shirt & he said, 'No it's not.' I told him to go ask his father. The hubster told him, 'Dude, you're wearing sissy's shirt.' To which he repeated, 'No it's not.'

I couldn't him to change. But it was even MORE apparent when we were at the party. Tapered at the bottom & skinny seams vs. the bigger ones on boys. Sadly to say... you could DEFINITELY tell it was a girls shirt at the party. My conclusion?

If he's smart enough to defend himself verbally & physically, then he can wear WHATEVER he wants! Hence the above hat on his head.

No worries fellow crafters, I will be posting more crafty stuff later today!

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