Sunday, March 20

Happy Spring!

Yes, I know my 'comeback' has failed miserably! I think I put too much pressure on myself. I think I have to post cards & crafty stuff & when I don't have time to get them all ready, then I feel like I shouldn't post at all. Sigh...

Not to mention the whole FAMILY has been sick off & on since Feb. 5th. Yes, I know the date lol. Gman got pink eye & it was downhill from there. I know they are only excuses, but still true.

Right now, Lgirl has a head cold & Gman has gotten the sniffles again. Sigh... I think his is only his allergies, at least I'm hoping it is!

What have YOU been working on? (Not you Dana as I have stalked your blog AND commented!) I am currently working on some Bridal Shower Invitations. I will try to post them when I have the finished item.

Any suggestions on how to take good pictures of my cards? I left a voice mail for a friend but got no answer (HINT HINT Dana!!). I will try to come up with something. I can make no promises though as Spring Break is around the corner & I have 7 dogs that will be 'vacationing' here while their parents are away. It will certainly be a bit crowded here, especially with my 4!

Hugs to my loyal followers! Thanks so much!


Thursday, January 6

Monday, January 3

Happy New Year!!
Yes, I am going to TRY and make a comeback. We'll see how long it takes before I get totally stressed out & frustrated with my computer not letting load or upload. I do have internet explorer as a backup, but even that gave out on me last year.

But it's a new year which gives me a new perspective on things. How were your holidays? I hope very good. Mine were great. I really love the kids at their ages right now. Hearing Lgirl scream, "Santa is GREAT!!" every so often during Christmas morning was awesome.

We don't have cable TV so my kids don't see the commercials other kids see on tv. Therefore, they are a little behind in the times & their Wish Lists weren't that long and didn't have crazy things on them. Lgirl wanted games and workbooks lol. Sad but true. Gman only put 5 things on his list, one of which I told him he would be getting (it was a sleigh like Santa). Crazy boy!

Well, I'm off to do some stamping so have a great day! Thanks to those of you who have stuck around. I appreciate it.