Tuesday, September 28

Teacher Cards

Here are the other 4 cards that were in Mrs. Trainor's Birthday Gift. LOVE the embossing folders. Just so stinking pretty, not to mention quick & easy!

I can't believe it's been a week already. Sorry about that! Had Lgirl's field trip yesterday & one last week for Gman. I think I'm apple orcharded out! If there is such a thing lol.

All products are current Stampin' Up! products. Email me with any questions!

Tuesday, September 21

What Was Inside....

the Mrs. Trainor's gift you ask? Well, there were two pockets, one on either side. In one was this cute little memo pad for her to write messages:

On the other side, I crammed 6 cards with envelopes! It's only supposed to hold 4, but I wanted her to have a few more.

I really love the Vintage Embossing folder Stampin' Up! came out with. It is very elegant. She said she liked monogrammed things so I made 6 cards all with the 'T' from Lovely Letters monogrammed on them. I also used the NEW paper stacks that come in each color collection.

All supplies are current Stampin' Up products!

I'll show you the rest of the cards in a later post!


Friday, September 17

Teacher's Gift

This weekend is going to be exceptionally busy for me. Yes, moreso than normal lol. I've got a consignment sale that I am volunteering at tonight for setup so I have been working on that all week.

Tomorrow Lgirl & I go to Beef & Boards (it's Little Mermaid), I'm excited about that! Then we come home & she's got a Bday party in the evening. Meanwhile, the hubster will be heading to New Point for Crackaway Daze to drive a tractor in it & have Gman along throwing candy. Then he's got to go pick up my goods that didn't sell in Columbus at the Columbus Kids Resale.

I will be clearing out my kitchen as I have 15 gals coming over on Sunday in the afternoon to make 250 wedding invitations AND 350 wedding favors. Wow, can you say tiring?! lol Should be a lot of fun though!

Below is what I made Lgirl's teacher for her birthday. Each year, I have the teacher's fill out a small questionnaire listing what their favorite drink is. Also favorite snack, any collectibles, favorite colors and such. Then I can custom make something for their gifts at birthdays & holidays. Mrs. Trainor's favorite colors are black & pink so I used Basic Black and Melon Mambo. I will show you what it held inside and the link to where I got the directions NEXT week!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Monday, September 13

Busy busy!

ETA: I was able to fix the problem! woo hoo! So here's the 2nd card we'll be making for my Christmas Card Club. The reindeer & Santa are embossed. I dont' think you can see the shine to it. I really do love that stamp. It's one of my favorites!

Sorry for missing a Friday post, went over to help a friend make Barnyard Animal Cupcakes & did not expect to be there all day! But boy was it fun! I love decorating cupcakes. We made horses, pigs, cows, chickens & she made baby chicks out of brownie balls.

Did I get any pictures? No I forgot, but I hope she remember to take some before all the well wishers at Cody's birthday party gobbled them up!

Well, it seems my link to add a photo to this post is on the fritz. I honestly don't understand it at all and am extremely frustrated! So please hang in there & I'll see if I can't fix the durn thing!

Check out my girlfriend, Dana's blog - Kismet, Art & Life. She's got more talent in her pinky finger than I do in my whole body & she's on more design teams than I can shake a stick at! *Ü*
I am in awe of her daily!

Have a good week.

Monday, September 6

The Chickens Have Arrived!

Now I'm only talking about a couple of them. Six to be exact. A friend in town got 2 chickens at Easter and now wanted to find them a 'forever' home. Well, welcome Fefe & Marley! So sweet to have domesticated chickens. I just wish they weren't so darn small!

The other 4 come from a friends farm and have not been domesticated at all. I adopted 2 Barred Rocks & 2 Australorps. They are twice as big as Fefe & totally scared of people. Not to mention they pick on the smaller girls. Granted I KNOW about the pecking order thing, but I think since Fefe is the only one laying eggs right now (a small blue one, so cute!) that SHE should be alpha female. Guess it's hard to explain to the big ones.

The hardest part is that the chickens have to be locked up in the coop for about 7 days. That way once they are let out, they will always know where their home is. We'll see how this works for the girls though. I'm thinking I will have to trim the wings of the smaller ones as they've already tried getting out of town (i.e. the coop) twice! Too smart that Marley is.

Enjoy the pictures of the coop. I will have pictures of the girls on another day!

I have been wanting chickens for a while. Yes, chickens. We had them growing up and I have fond memories of them, well except for one incident with a rooster, but that's for a whole other post! So after trying 2 times previously, my hubby has finally finished my chicken coop. Third time's the charm! He saw a coop made with a truck cap in one of the many chicken books I checked out at the library. So he went with that one and here's what it looks like:

See right next to/above the white block of pine shavings? There's a handle with a latch. You undo that one and the one on the opposite side of the coop and just take something & shove it through. That will push all the pine shavings w/chicken poop (under the roosts) out. Pretty easy peasy! He also made it mobile, but the wheels aren't doing too well with the weight of it. They've turned wonky lol.

This is the backside. Undo the latches, pull it open & collect the eggs out of the nesting boxes. Pretty darn easy! LOVE this feature. My next coop (or version 4 if you will) would have nesting boxes protruding out the backside with a little hinged eve (covered w/roofing stuff) that you would just lift open & collect the eggs. Hee hee

This is the front of the coop. The horizontal white thing is where the hatch is. Pull the bolt out & open the hatch. Out comes the girls! The cap is open we made a sturdier cover to go over the opening. It's made out of fencing.

Here's the hatch open. There are peach skins on the plate next to it. I put it in through the hatch so the girls can eat it. Yummm!

Here's one inside picture of the nesting boxes. They are under the roosting area. You can see my Barred Rocks. The Australorp's are too scared right now to come out of one of the nesting boxes. Poor girls.

Here are the roosts. Plenty of light so maybe I'll get eggs year around? I can wish can't I?


Wednesday, September 1

Gotta LOVE Routine!

Yes, I have to say I enjoy being a creature of habit as far as schooling goes. Summer is fun and all, but so darn tiring! Dealing with your kids and then other kids everywhere you go. Mine do great most of the time, but there are those days when they were in 'time out' in their rooms at 9am... seriously at 9am?? Those are the days I didn't like at all!

What have we been up to? Well, my chicken coop is almost finished and I will be able to post pictures of that soon. I keep forgetting to take the pictures lol.

I have 2 new downlines! Woo hoo. Melissa rejoined and a new-to-me previous demonstrator, Shannon, joined up too! I'm so excited.

Here's the first Christmas Card of the season. Hope you like it! I will be posting other ones soon. None of the Christmas Card gals could make the date last month so we decided to do take a Saturday afternoon & do 2 months worth! Should be a lot of fun!