Friday, September 17

Teacher's Gift

This weekend is going to be exceptionally busy for me. Yes, moreso than normal lol. I've got a consignment sale that I am volunteering at tonight for setup so I have been working on that all week.

Tomorrow Lgirl & I go to Beef & Boards (it's Little Mermaid), I'm excited about that! Then we come home & she's got a Bday party in the evening. Meanwhile, the hubster will be heading to New Point for Crackaway Daze to drive a tractor in it & have Gman along throwing candy. Then he's got to go pick up my goods that didn't sell in Columbus at the Columbus Kids Resale.

I will be clearing out my kitchen as I have 15 gals coming over on Sunday in the afternoon to make 250 wedding invitations AND 350 wedding favors. Wow, can you say tiring?! lol Should be a lot of fun though!

Below is what I made Lgirl's teacher for her birthday. Each year, I have the teacher's fill out a small questionnaire listing what their favorite drink is. Also favorite snack, any collectibles, favorite colors and such. Then I can custom make something for their gifts at birthdays & holidays. Mrs. Trainor's favorite colors are black & pink so I used Basic Black and Melon Mambo. I will show you what it held inside and the link to where I got the directions NEXT week!

Have a GREAT weekend!


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