Thursday, May 29

Blog Candy Alert!!

No, not from me... though my counter is getting up there. I am impressed, I thought it was just me making my counter go up lol.

Check out Diane's Blog Candy... looks quite yummy!!

Wednesday, May 28

Birthday Wishes and RAKS

Hey there,

I thought I'd do this all in one post. I received a couple of RAKs (random act of kindness) that I have been meaning to post AND some BRAKs (birthday random act of kindness) that need posting too.

The black & gray card is from Simone, aka Spazzgirl, who's blog I stalk REGULARLY!! I love her awesome sense of humor and her uber smart son... I can only hope mine grows up to be that stinkin' smart!!

The apricot appeal card is from Mamma Kim, I will have to find her blog and thank her... love the card and I just might have to case it!!

This card (along w/some basic grey paper, a paper origami kimono and a pp sweater) came from Judy (aka pianolady 1026 from the SCS Blogger RAK club). Thanks so much for the goodies! LOVE them!

This birthday card is from Heather... I love it too. So pretty and made w/2 of my favorite SU colors!!

I was going to write last but not least, but I realize I forgot to post another birthday RAK so I will be posting that later. As soon as I can get a picture anyways. This card is from Tammy, very pretty and springlike. I really like it.

Thanks to all who sent me a card and/or thought of me on my birthday. I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 27

Here's a Waterfall Card...

we made for Stamp Club this month. Once you cut all the pieces, it comes together fairly quickly. I really liked making it and hope to make some for convention swaps or something.

I don't use this set often enough and will have to start using it again before the retired list comes out lol. Stampin' Up! Demonstrators will get a sneak peak at the list on June 15th! I can't wait for the new catalog, it should be really cool.

Saturday, May 24

I'll be Posting All...

the Birthday Wishes I received for my Special Day!!

This past week was super busy. Aside from my special day, Lgirl graduated from Preschool too! Swim lessons ended also! woo hoo. I had PMS night again on Friday (big hit!) AND I had to make 2 Name Frame's for a customer. Everything is done!

Oh did I forget to mention I had to pick up 50 lbs of grass finished ground beef and deliver it to the participants of my Grass Finished Ground Beef Bulk Buy? AND the kids and I got our hairs cut Friday afternoon.... WHEW!!

Now to spend quality time with the family with this GREAT weather!! I've got some pictures for you so hang in there!

Tuesday, May 20

Can You BELIEVE....

I was born on this day (well, between 8:30am-9:30am I think) 39 years ago??? WOW... it is hard to believe I'm 39. I certainly don't feel like I'm 39! hehe

Most people get birthday cake on their Special Day, but I like to be a little different... I'm getting an MRI?! How great is that? Are you jealous? hehehe No worries, just checking on my stomach.

Anywho... I got to go to Kohls and shop for some clothes for Convention! woo hoo. I got a GREAT pair of sandals. They have got a bit of a heel and that's so new to me! heheh

The only sad note is I didn't get the call for the Artisan Award...sigh oh well. My upline said I get her Artisan Award and I thought that was SO sweet! I will be showing you guys pictures of what I made for the contest.

Oh and I'll be posting the wonderful RAKS I received for my birthday. I really appreciate it and think the gals are SO thoughtful! Woo hoo. Who doesn't enjoy getting FUN mail?! I did save the card from my Mum until today for my birthday. I'll be opening it later, if I can find it! hehe

Monday, May 19

Yo Melissa...

here's the Graduation Card I made with your Star punches and wheel!

Sorry it's a bit blurry! Everything is SU except the glitter pen I used on the cards.
Melissa is a GREAT local demo that let me borrow her stuff. I made all the 'extra's' I had in the kit. I need 4 graduation cards... can you believe it?! Well, now I've got to cut more for some gals coming to my 8 for $10 on Friday! hehhee I don't mind at all.

I have a couple of other cards to show you that were from the 8 for $10 in New Castle. I love getting together with my New Castle gals! They are a GREAT group of gals and I enjoy their company a lot. I REALLY love my girlfriend Christina who set it all up. She's a 'retired' demo!

Sunday, May 18

Pirate Invites I mentioned...

are right here. Sorry it's taken me a bit to upload. Life just seems so busy right now. I wish I could become more organzied or something. Lol

These are the invites. All ingredients are Stampin' Up! except for the sqare black brads. Those are from Making Memories. I had done the main part (folded part) in kraft paper and then did all the pirates in creamy caramel. Well, for all you SU gals out there that are a bit anal like me. That didn't fly! I remade the bases in Creamy Caramel. I can always use the other bases to make some boy birthday cards.
We'll be off to Grandma's tomorrow to swap the kiddo's out. Then I'm going to make hubby go shopping with me at Kohls! I got 30% off in the mail and I need some new pants for Convention that won't rub against my scar.
Oh did I mention I am going to convention?!

Monday, May 12

8 for $10 Cards

Hi there,

HEre are 2 cards from the 8 for $10 we did last Tuesday. HOpe you like them. All ingredients are SU unless otherwise stated. The flower I casted from someone, I forget the name. The other I cased from myself! hehehe

Any of these cards can be ordered for $2.00 a piece. Let me know what you'd like and we can go from there. Email me

Busy, Busy, Busy

Have you ever felt like you just have so many things to do... and every time you finish something another 2 things come up?! Well, that's been me lately! Yikes! I had the 8 for $10 last week, then need to make 15 Pirate Birthday Invites. Then I had to figure out Mother's Day, make Lgirl's birthday snack for tomorrow AND figure out what to give the kiddos.

Well, Lgirl's birthday isn't until June 2nd, but since there are a lot of May birthdays...( try 5!!) it seems that the kids will be celebrating birthdays for the next FIVE days of school! Yikes. That's the last 5 days of school. Well, next Wednesday they have graduation practive.

So I tried to 'be Martha' and make the cupcake pops like Bakerella...she's got a GREAt blog so check it out! What a luciscously GREAT site! My goodness I'd be bigger than I am right now hehe.

I also made belly bands for mini popcorn bags. Nothing too spectacular, just something quick to do for Lgirl AND I didn't want to give them useless toys or candy. I figure they will be getting enough of that for this week and next!
Okay, I need to get to bed. I promise to post some cards from last Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the pics

Monday, May 5

Hostess Gift

Hi there,

Jami, one of my customers, had a Stampin' Party last Monday. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting her friends and family and helping them make some great cards!!

There was a glitter accident so everyone (especially me!) went home with a bit of sparkle on them hehehe.

Here's what I made Jami for her Hostess gift as a Thank You! for hosting a party. It's an origami box that holds 3x3 cards. I made 6 3x3 cards, 2 of each design. All ingredients are Stampin' Up!

Thursday, May 1

What a DEAL!!

It's a GREAT time to sign up as a demonstrator!! Can you believe this deal? I sure wish I would have had it available when I signed up. Sigh... AWESOME DEAL!!

Between May 1st -31st, Stampin’ Up! is offering 20% off of their Demonstrator Starter Kit PLUS a FREE hodgepodge hardware kit from the Spring-Summer Collection 2008!. When you buy this kit you’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to start your own home based rubber stamping and scrapbooking business - that’s over $400 of stamping and business supplies for only $208!
You can NOW sign up online, how cool is that?? You can join MY TEAM by clicking HERE. What's the super duper secret password you need??? "inspiredbyink" is all you need! I would love for you to email me ( so I can call you and we can go thru the process together!