Monday, May 12

Busy, Busy, Busy

Have you ever felt like you just have so many things to do... and every time you finish something another 2 things come up?! Well, that's been me lately! Yikes! I had the 8 for $10 last week, then need to make 15 Pirate Birthday Invites. Then I had to figure out Mother's Day, make Lgirl's birthday snack for tomorrow AND figure out what to give the kiddos.

Well, Lgirl's birthday isn't until June 2nd, but since there are a lot of May birthdays...( try 5!!) it seems that the kids will be celebrating birthdays for the next FIVE days of school! Yikes. That's the last 5 days of school. Well, next Wednesday they have graduation practive.

So I tried to 'be Martha' and make the cupcake pops like Bakerella...she's got a GREAt blog so check it out! What a luciscously GREAT site! My goodness I'd be bigger than I am right now hehe.

I also made belly bands for mini popcorn bags. Nothing too spectacular, just something quick to do for Lgirl AND I didn't want to give them useless toys or candy. I figure they will be getting enough of that for this week and next!
Okay, I need to get to bed. I promise to post some cards from last Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the pics

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