Sunday, May 18

Pirate Invites I mentioned...

are right here. Sorry it's taken me a bit to upload. Life just seems so busy right now. I wish I could become more organzied or something. Lol

These are the invites. All ingredients are Stampin' Up! except for the sqare black brads. Those are from Making Memories. I had done the main part (folded part) in kraft paper and then did all the pirates in creamy caramel. Well, for all you SU gals out there that are a bit anal like me. That didn't fly! I remade the bases in Creamy Caramel. I can always use the other bases to make some boy birthday cards.
We'll be off to Grandma's tomorrow to swap the kiddo's out. Then I'm going to make hubby go shopping with me at Kohls! I got 30% off in the mail and I need some new pants for Convention that won't rub against my scar.
Oh did I mention I am going to convention?!

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