Wednesday, May 28

Birthday Wishes and RAKS

Hey there,

I thought I'd do this all in one post. I received a couple of RAKs (random act of kindness) that I have been meaning to post AND some BRAKs (birthday random act of kindness) that need posting too.

The black & gray card is from Simone, aka Spazzgirl, who's blog I stalk REGULARLY!! I love her awesome sense of humor and her uber smart son... I can only hope mine grows up to be that stinkin' smart!!

The apricot appeal card is from Mamma Kim, I will have to find her blog and thank her... love the card and I just might have to case it!!

This card (along w/some basic grey paper, a paper origami kimono and a pp sweater) came from Judy (aka pianolady 1026 from the SCS Blogger RAK club). Thanks so much for the goodies! LOVE them!

This birthday card is from Heather... I love it too. So pretty and made w/2 of my favorite SU colors!!

I was going to write last but not least, but I realize I forgot to post another birthday RAK so I will be posting that later. As soon as I can get a picture anyways. This card is from Tammy, very pretty and springlike. I really like it.

Thanks to all who sent me a card and/or thought of me on my birthday. I really appreciate it!

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SpAzzGiRL said...

to think I suck at getting cards to people on time and did this by sheer accident...genius! lol
Hope your birthday was awesome and you can stalk me anytime woman! lol