Saturday, April 28

Final 2 Pages of Accordian Book

Name Frames seem to be in high demand here lately. And I get to make them! hehehe I should have a picture of one of them shortly. Then I've got to make 2 more. I also have a friend coming by and I have to get her started on 100 baby announcements for her daughter. They are going to be soo cute. I cased a pic from cambria turnbow... just because she's SO great. Check this link out, it's a pic of the announcement for a girl. we're doing boy ones. Wish me luck on how they turn out!!

hugs to ya... we are off to gymnastics then to help a friend move. Hope I'm home in time lol.

Wednesday, April 25

Top O' the Morning!

Here are the next 2 pages in the accordian book. I used the letters in SPRING to determine the # of pages in the book.
So darn cute! I have a workshop tonight, so I 'm trying to get my card kits ready. Yes, I seem to be Last minute Lucy here. What can I say? I work WELL under pressure! lol The kids and are going in for haircuts too! woo hoo!
The weather has been SO nice! DH came home early yesterday and dug (and tilled w/the baby tiller we have) out my strawberry patch for me! I wanted to get them in before the rain so they could get a nice bath! The only problem is my order came with 50 plants and I only had room for 24! Yikes, what do we do now? I thought of putting them into a pot and donating them to L-girl's preschool plant sale fundraiser... but will they last until the 5th? Can I plant them into dixie cups (the bigger ones)? Or do I need something bigger? Questions, questions! I gues I need to call my girlfriend who's a plant girl lol.
Now we just have to get the asparagus in and plant some more seeds into dixie cups! I will take a pic of them so you can see them grow... it's so awesome how a little water and sunlight will actually stimulate a seed to grow. Sorry, I don't get out much ! lol

Tuesday, April 24

Late RAKs

Hi, I'm really late on this and very sorry. Not to mention I've misplaced ANOTHER Bloggers RAK I received. It's sooo cool@! LOVE the RAKS and I will be sending some out this week some time.

Thanks again Wendy! Please check out her blog!! She sent me NOT ONE but TWO

RAKS!! I love them both. Very nice idea's on both and I plan to 'use ' them soon!

Monday, April 23

Goodness, I can't believe it's been a WEEK since I posted! Yikes!

Well, let's see what i have that I can post.

Okay, here is an Accordian book I made last spring with pics of the kids. I should probably do it again this year. L-girl's growing is not as noticeable. (I think she has grown 5 inches though!!) But goodness is G-man's pics ever so different! Will think about making one for the Grandma's. If I could get on the ball and make it in a day or two! hehehe

Did everyone get to enjoy the FAB weekend we had? WE went down to G-parents yesterday as Gma and I were invited to a lia sophia party. L-girl went with us and was pretty good. It's amazing how worked up a kid can get when they're around a more (I guess the nice word is exciteable) exciteable child. Cousin Vicki did want to take l-girl for a week to help potty train jocelyn since she did go potty right after l-girl did... TWICE!! That just goes to show ya... the influence of an older child around.

HOping today is beautiful again as we've got friends coming over for a playdate and I'd like to get some clothes out on the line to dry! hehehe.

Better go. I'll post the other pics of the AB tomorrow... or even tonight!hehehe


Sunday, April 15

Howdy, Howdy...

Okay, here' the pic of the stuff we made thursday night. First is a 2-4-6-8 box that is so cute and is a GREAT small treat holder. I got the tutorial off of Amy R's site. She's got a GREAT site, feel free to check it out!! All supplies are SU.
The second pic is a candle we stamped on. I tried the rock n roll technique which looks cool. But I wasn't too happy with it on this candle. I don't know why I just don't like it much. maybe just because I was rushed and didn't have more time to explore different color combos.
The last pic is of the card we made. I know I probably should have made it easier, as these gals were first time stampers. But I have issues w/large blank spaces! Yikes. The card pic is blurry too... sorry about that. I really like petal prints more and more. I also like the one used on the box (nice and easy notes) WAY better than the greetings galore which is what i have. I borrowed Nice & Easy from my upline (thanks TRACY!!) and might have to make a few cards w/that set! hehehe
Well, I better go.
I will post some cards I received from my Momma bunny the past 5 weeks. I was in a small but VERY FUN Secret Bunny swap that was hosted by Cindy Brockes. I received some beautiful cards that are very inspiring. If you click on her name, her most recent post is of the cards she sent
me. I didn't take pics of the cards I sent to her (durrrhhh).
ANYWAYS, I loved the stuff I got from her. (We were supposed to send/get 6 cards and a $10 reveal pkg). I 've already eaten the candy hehehe. I received some GREAT stuff, stickles pearls, 2 pks black brads, eyelets (2 pks of butterflies and 2 of bears) a package of big polka dotted flowers... those are really cool!! And some other stuff too that I can't remember off the top of my head. I LOVE the stuff and can't wait to use them! hehehe
Well, i better call it a night. Thanks for stopping by!

Evening all...

or should I say morning? heheh I'm off to bed but I wanted to post a pic of the Name Frame one of my stamp club members made Wednesday night. She made 2 but my camera could not for the life of it, get the purple on the frame. It kept coming out blue so I gave up. Needless to say, she didn't get finished until about 1:15am. It was made w/pretty in pink and certainly celery. All stamps and paper from SU. The non SU stuff? Most of the embellies: sheer polka dot ribbon, bling bling, primas, snaps and sakura glitter pen (LOVE IT!!).
It was worth it though as the frames are soooo cute! Hope you like it. I will post more tomorrow... PROMISE!!

Monday, April 9

I'm Behind...
but then again, aren't I always behind? hehehe I made some carrot shaped goodie boxes full of jelly beans and a shrunken wash cloth for lainie's preschool classmates (and the teachers too!!) but do you think I remembered them?!

I also finished the 50 tea party invitations on saturday (which I started on wednesday mind you) but do you think I REMEMBERED to photo them?? NOOO where the heck has my memory gone??? The party isn't until the 28th and I didn't get the info until last Saturday. I had talked earlier w/my friend Storm (her mom is the hostess of the tea party) and we had discussed something holding a teabag. Well, the stuff I received in the mail didn't match that and I didn't get to talk to storm until Monday evening. ANYWAYS, she came over Wednesday, we designed an invite and then I set about making them... can you say WHEW?! lol. I used the corner rounder to make a scalloped edge so I punched that 500 times! Yikes heheh.

I also altered a starbucks frappachino (sp is wrong i'm SURE) for my DH but misplaced the TWO EAster stamps I just received. How bad is that??? SUre wish I could 'buy' some memory just like you can for your computer lol. So I wouldn't let him eat any of it until I found them... well I found them this a.m!!! SO I need to make the tags for those and get a pic so at least I'd have a pic to post! hehehe

I also need to make 10 triange trifold cards for a BIO swap I am in. I'll be getting that done tonight but won't be able to post it at all. Sorry guys.. .don't want anyone to see it before they get it!

Okay, I'm off to switch the laundry out and create.

HUgs to all and I hope everyone had a FAB EAster... of course we got candy, candy and more candy from grandma! Yikes1

Wednesday, April 4

When it rains it pours...
Sorry to leave you hanging but I'm so durn busy. Here's an invite I made for my MIL's Spring Fling Party next Thursday. Quick and easy. We'll be decorating candles, making a card and a 2-4-6-8 box. Woo hoo. I'm low (or even out **gasp** can you believe it?!) on some colors so I will have to choose my cs wisely! hehhee
Let's see: cs-certainly celery, regal rose, apricot appeal and white. I stamped the rose w/the flower, distressed the edges and then adhered to celery. On white I did 2 step stamping for the flower in celery and regal rose. I also added the dot of apricot in the middle. Then matted w/rose and then apricot. I pierced the apricot on top and bottom, tied it with celery grosgrain and dimensioned it onto the base. I then stamped the saying in rose red. Simple and easy!
Thanks for looking!