Wednesday, April 25

Top O' the Morning!

Here are the next 2 pages in the accordian book. I used the letters in SPRING to determine the # of pages in the book.
So darn cute! I have a workshop tonight, so I 'm trying to get my card kits ready. Yes, I seem to be Last minute Lucy here. What can I say? I work WELL under pressure! lol The kids and are going in for haircuts too! woo hoo!
The weather has been SO nice! DH came home early yesterday and dug (and tilled w/the baby tiller we have) out my strawberry patch for me! I wanted to get them in before the rain so they could get a nice bath! The only problem is my order came with 50 plants and I only had room for 24! Yikes, what do we do now? I thought of putting them into a pot and donating them to L-girl's preschool plant sale fundraiser... but will they last until the 5th? Can I plant them into dixie cups (the bigger ones)? Or do I need something bigger? Questions, questions! I gues I need to call my girlfriend who's a plant girl lol.
Now we just have to get the asparagus in and plant some more seeds into dixie cups! I will take a pic of them so you can see them grow... it's so awesome how a little water and sunlight will actually stimulate a seed to grow. Sorry, I don't get out much ! lol


Dana said...

Have fun tonight stamping!

I don't know if I'm the plant girlfriend, but I wouldn't leave them in Dixie cups for longer than a few days. Make yourself a quick, cheap planter out of whatever you have lying around; Old sneakers, plastic sand pails, anything that can hold soil and water really, (we've used kids toys, old rubber boots, and broken bowls) and fill it with potting soil. Put a plant into each slit. Done.

Anonymous said...

I rarely post comments but you have the CUTEST kids!! So adorable!