Wednesday, May 23

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Okay, so being NEW at this... I did not know that teacher appreciation was the week of May 10th. That said, I made their gifts last night and will post them now. I was going to post the snack Lgirl took to school, but since these *technically* were supposed to be done at the beginning of May, I decided to post them now.

For both, I made the a frame and a matching card. The paper is SU and so is some of the ribbon. I used primas, and MM gem brads as well as regular metal brads. I like this paper, but realize it will *more than likely* be retired as they will be retiring the red in this paper (cranberry crisp). They look MUCH better IRL because you can't see where I took my Sakura Gel Pen *LOVE IT!!!* and dotted followed a bunch of the minute lines in the flower paper. Sigh... such is the life of an amateur photographer... though I did take a class in High School but retain NO KNOWLEDGE of the class (SYSTEM for all those B rated movie fans from one of my FAVS... Party Girl!!).

On another note, I did donate to 2 causes... (do you think I can remember now???) one was a breast cancer awareness walk I remember that. I found these causes on various blogs and clicked a couple of times... did I mention I get easily lost in blog land? hehehe

Okay, I've gotta go... I'm sorry to leave ya HANGING... but the internet is not working so I can't show you the uber cool site for the whoopie pies I won... I'll try again tonight!

Monday, May 21

I've been TAGGED!!

Wow, I thought I'd NEVER be tagged, I don't have that many ppl who read my blog (though I LOVE the pple who do and THANKS EVER SO MUCH!!) I just watched as others were tagged. But my favorite girlfriend in the WORLD tagged me ... thanks DANA!! Check out her blog... it's a GREAT blog and the pics she takes are FAB. I love her recipes and how they look. Sooo darn non veggi-tarian hehehe.

Any whooo... I can list 7 things my readers don't know about me... but Dana might know (now that she's put our whole LIFE together onto her blog hehehehee)

1. I have chinese pinkys. Most people's pinky finger grows to the first line on their ring finger (from the top... go ahead and check right now. Fingers straight and tall, palm flat.) Mine only goes to about 1/4 inch above the 2nd line. Which was a pain in typing in high school!!

2. I guess I should have started with... I'm 1/2 chinese. My mom's the true yellow belly (I can say that since I'm chinese and she's MY mom!! heheh). She's 5 foot tall and can yell thru walls ( I kid you not! As my hubby!!).

3. I grew up in Idaho (did my time 1st thru 12th grade) then moved by myself and lived in Florida, California (northern--FAVORITE place!!), Virginia, Michigan and now I'm in Indiana (probably serving a life sentence lol).

4. I would have been left handed if my mom didn't make me eat w/my right hand. Now I just play sports left sided and right w/my right. Confusing I know... sometimes I confuse myself!

5. I am a MORNING person AND a NIGHT OWL. Need I say more?!

6. I act the same whether I drink or not (unless it's the REALLY drunk thang and I've only done that ONCE so my GF could see what I was like --yuck!). I act the same so normally I am designated driver (which is FINE w/me). Most people feel sorry for my hubby when they find out I'm not enibriated.

7. Even though I talk a TON and am my own form of cheap entertainment (and other people's entertainment too!!), I don't like talking in front of people at all! I get nervous and get the whole dry mouth brain freeze kinda thing.

Wow, didn't think I'd have 7 things and whadaya know... I almost did #8! hehehe

I don't know 5 ppl to tag so I think I will just let ppl post 7 things about themselves in the comments... post away!!


Sunday, May 20

Still Here!

Hey there!
I am going to post my birthday RAKs that I've received. The very first one I received from Nancy, but I have misplaced it ... It was a really cool one too. :( I found it on her site! woo hoo... TO look at the card just click on card. It's one of those tent topper ones that I REALLY need to try out! I feel so special that someone in CANADA would send me a bday card... **sniff sniff** (yes i am a SAP! lol).

The first card is from Cynthia welcoming me to the RAK club at SCS.

The second cards is from Sandy Galley over at SCS and is a birthday RAK. I love this one too... what's not to love about receiving a card in the mail?! ?!

The third is from Deseree on SCS for my birthday too! THanks to all you gals who sent me a birthday card. SOrry I cut a bit off of the cards while scanning them in. The matte REALLY DOES go all the way around the card!

I also received some photo cards from a great friend of mine, Doug, *Hey Doug!* whom I have known since 8th grade... at least I think it was 8th grade, might have been 9th... needless to say, that was a LONG time ago! lol I am 38 years YOUNG today! So that tells ya right there how long we've known each other. He now lives in Texas w/his beautiful wife and their new baby boy... well Skyler Blu (GREAT name huh?!) is now 7 mon old and growing like a weed. Anyways Doug is a GREAT photographer, I will have to post the notecards w/his permission of course.

Okay i'm off to bed. Need that beauty sleep more than ever now hehehe. I did get a compliment when Lgirl's preschool teacher asst. thought I was around her age (hehehe she's only 31!!) and she was really surprised when I told her I was 7 yrs older than her. It's in these chinese genes ladies and gents! My mom looked soo young (only 3 or 4 gray hairs) when she was 55 before she got breast cancer. All the treatments turned most of her hair white and gray. But I still have the GREAT skin! woo hoo.

Hope the weekend is going good for you guys!


Wednesday, May 16

Belated Mother's Day Wishes

Hi... can you say TIRED?? lol Sorry I didn't post sooner, but as you can see by the time (12:38am) it's a bit late. I didn't want to go another day w/o posting.

Happy BELATED Mom's Day to all you mommy's out there! Hugs to ya too. We ended up going down to Grandma's after gymnastics and staying the night. WHich, of course, Gman didn't take too well so no one got very good sleep lol. Lgirl woke up crying w/a fever. A bit of a panic attack trying to find the correct medicine (I had to explain to grandma why Lgirl couldn't take INFANT tylenol lol). Almost had to make a run into town at midnight for meds... WHEW!

I got up on MOms day and made french toast for grandma... then did all the dishes while she played w/the kids. I think I got the better deal outta that lol. So soothing to be doing dishes by hand w/o any interruptions...watching the birds on their feeders and such... sigh...

Then I got to go fishing! woo hoo! The in laws have a pond and 41 acres of mostly wooded land w/trails for horseback riding and 4 wheeling/polaris riding... but I digress... I had check the poles a couple of weekends ago (needed new ones!!). I LOVE To fish and hate catching and releasing. SO it was decided the day before that I would fish early and clean and filllet them too. That's the whole reason in a nutshell, no one wants to clean the durn things. Well, my mum showed me 2 yrs ago so I was going from memory (and a quick call for a recap). Needless to say, I did a pretty bad chop job on the first couple fish... or maybe MOSt of them lol. I caught 7 crappie and 1 bass. I threw back 2 blue gill and a bunch of crappie. Oh and one laughable little bass... so darn cute.

HAve you ever had FRESH fish??? I mean SERIOUSLY... the stuff melts in your mouth it's so fresh. LOVED IT!! DH made the mistake of saying... I guess you get to do this every MOthers Day and I said YES I DOOOO! woo hoo! But, I must get a better pole, not a bad pole for $10 but w/o a drag adjuster it's bad w/the heavier (bass ) lures. I was playing w/one and didn't even realize a bass had just about swallowed my lure all the way down! Yikes!

Sigh... what a day. Can't wait to take the boat out and row my little heart out fishing away... seriously I did feel bad that grandma had to watch the kids lol. But what a nice day!

Okay, back to creating. I will be posting what I made for Grandma for mother's day and I will be posting some triangle trifold cards I received in a swap I was in. GREAT stuff. I'm off to bed. Thanks so much for staying tuned!


Thursday, May 10

Altered Paint Cans is the topic at Craft Critique.

LOVE this site, Craft Critique as they critique a bunch of different things and talk about a lot of other crafty things. Not just paper crafting either, the WHOLE CRAFTING SHABANG!
I really enjoy making these too. NOt too hard as long as you figure out what adhesive works best for you. Sometimes I use modge podge but some times I get bunches of air bubbles. Other times I've used the redline tape and that works really well.

Last fall I made a 'Wedding Day Emergency Kit' for my DH's cousin and presented it to her at her bridal shower. It was a lot of fun to make and matched her wedding colors to boot! I think I was able to get about 30 things in there (I made a list of everything and attached it to the handle along with the opener) which amazed me that many things could fit in there! Yikes! hehee I also told her that if she wanted me to 're design' it after they were settled into their house and knew where she might like to use it. So darn versatile. THey make GREAT baby cans too... either as the gift holder or you can put a pad of paper in their for recording baby firsts and then add a few more things. Here's a copy of the wedding one I did.


Tuesday, May 8

Name Frame Baby Gift

Hey there,
Sorry, I was going to post a card and a whole long speel about it but I need to watermark the card. SO instead I will post a name frame I did for a customer and friend. I did a boo boo and put the MIDDLE name first... so I 'got' to redo it... woo hoo! hehehe I can always use the practice.

Anyways, I used I'm Here and headline alphabet (SO glad the baby set I bought was the ONLY one not retired... woo hoo!!). I also used the sarah designer paper, white twill, linen thread, and bluebird grosgrain ribbon. THe colors are bashful blue, barely banana and white. I used clear detailed embossing powder on the hands in the background as the barely banana didn't show up very clear on itself and so saffron looked BAD lol. The metal oval is NOT SU, nor is the font on the middle name or the safety pin. Snaps are not SU either. What techniques did I use you asked? Let's see... distressing, paper piercing, sponging and I think that's about it. TTFN

Tuesday, May 1

SU Retired List!

Stampin' Up!'s Retired List is out! Here's the link:

There's also a Dormant List too:

Dormant is defined as: stamp sets that, while they have not been retired, will not be listed in the Fall/Winter Collection 2007. These sets are available for purchase from July 1 through January 1, 2007 and may or may not be listed again in future catalogs.

Which is a bummer as I LOVE the bodacious bouquet set. I was thinking of buying it, but now that it is on the list I will wait.

I am interested in seeing what will be on the retired list for accessories too. Does anyone think that SU is going acrylic? SO many stamp sets, there's hardly anything left!