Wednesday, May 16

Belated Mother's Day Wishes

Hi... can you say TIRED?? lol Sorry I didn't post sooner, but as you can see by the time (12:38am) it's a bit late. I didn't want to go another day w/o posting.

Happy BELATED Mom's Day to all you mommy's out there! Hugs to ya too. We ended up going down to Grandma's after gymnastics and staying the night. WHich, of course, Gman didn't take too well so no one got very good sleep lol. Lgirl woke up crying w/a fever. A bit of a panic attack trying to find the correct medicine (I had to explain to grandma why Lgirl couldn't take INFANT tylenol lol). Almost had to make a run into town at midnight for meds... WHEW!

I got up on MOms day and made french toast for grandma... then did all the dishes while she played w/the kids. I think I got the better deal outta that lol. So soothing to be doing dishes by hand w/o any interruptions...watching the birds on their feeders and such... sigh...

Then I got to go fishing! woo hoo! The in laws have a pond and 41 acres of mostly wooded land w/trails for horseback riding and 4 wheeling/polaris riding... but I digress... I had check the poles a couple of weekends ago (needed new ones!!). I LOVE To fish and hate catching and releasing. SO it was decided the day before that I would fish early and clean and filllet them too. That's the whole reason in a nutshell, no one wants to clean the durn things. Well, my mum showed me 2 yrs ago so I was going from memory (and a quick call for a recap). Needless to say, I did a pretty bad chop job on the first couple fish... or maybe MOSt of them lol. I caught 7 crappie and 1 bass. I threw back 2 blue gill and a bunch of crappie. Oh and one laughable little bass... so darn cute.

HAve you ever had FRESH fish??? I mean SERIOUSLY... the stuff melts in your mouth it's so fresh. LOVED IT!! DH made the mistake of saying... I guess you get to do this every MOthers Day and I said YES I DOOOO! woo hoo! But, I must get a better pole, not a bad pole for $10 but w/o a drag adjuster it's bad w/the heavier (bass ) lures. I was playing w/one and didn't even realize a bass had just about swallowed my lure all the way down! Yikes!

Sigh... what a day. Can't wait to take the boat out and row my little heart out fishing away... seriously I did feel bad that grandma had to watch the kids lol. But what a nice day!

Okay, back to creating. I will be posting what I made for Grandma for mother's day and I will be posting some triangle trifold cards I received in a swap I was in. GREAT stuff. I'm off to bed. Thanks so much for staying tuned!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Can't wait to see whatcha made for your mil. Traci

Dana said...

WOW. Brings back memories of my childhood fishing days, only I refused to eat them, LOL! I was known as the bass champ when I was about 8, and could catch incredible amounts of them using corn as the bait. Tee hee!
Glad you had a nice day. You deserve it.