Thursday, May 10

Altered Paint Cans is the topic at Craft Critique.

LOVE this site, Craft Critique as they critique a bunch of different things and talk about a lot of other crafty things. Not just paper crafting either, the WHOLE CRAFTING SHABANG!
I really enjoy making these too. NOt too hard as long as you figure out what adhesive works best for you. Sometimes I use modge podge but some times I get bunches of air bubbles. Other times I've used the redline tape and that works really well.

Last fall I made a 'Wedding Day Emergency Kit' for my DH's cousin and presented it to her at her bridal shower. It was a lot of fun to make and matched her wedding colors to boot! I think I was able to get about 30 things in there (I made a list of everything and attached it to the handle along with the opener) which amazed me that many things could fit in there! Yikes! hehee I also told her that if she wanted me to 're design' it after they were settled into their house and knew where she might like to use it. So darn versatile. THey make GREAT baby cans too... either as the gift holder or you can put a pad of paper in their for recording baby firsts and then add a few more things. Here's a copy of the wedding one I did.



Brynn said...

Looks like so much fun!!! What did you put in the wedding one?

Dana said...

I still love the colors you used on this Bobbie. Yours was the inspiration behind the first one I ever made!