Monday, May 21

I've been TAGGED!!

Wow, I thought I'd NEVER be tagged, I don't have that many ppl who read my blog (though I LOVE the pple who do and THANKS EVER SO MUCH!!) I just watched as others were tagged. But my favorite girlfriend in the WORLD tagged me ... thanks DANA!! Check out her blog... it's a GREAT blog and the pics she takes are FAB. I love her recipes and how they look. Sooo darn non veggi-tarian hehehe.

Any whooo... I can list 7 things my readers don't know about me... but Dana might know (now that she's put our whole LIFE together onto her blog hehehehee)

1. I have chinese pinkys. Most people's pinky finger grows to the first line on their ring finger (from the top... go ahead and check right now. Fingers straight and tall, palm flat.) Mine only goes to about 1/4 inch above the 2nd line. Which was a pain in typing in high school!!

2. I guess I should have started with... I'm 1/2 chinese. My mom's the true yellow belly (I can say that since I'm chinese and she's MY mom!! heheh). She's 5 foot tall and can yell thru walls ( I kid you not! As my hubby!!).

3. I grew up in Idaho (did my time 1st thru 12th grade) then moved by myself and lived in Florida, California (northern--FAVORITE place!!), Virginia, Michigan and now I'm in Indiana (probably serving a life sentence lol).

4. I would have been left handed if my mom didn't make me eat w/my right hand. Now I just play sports left sided and right w/my right. Confusing I know... sometimes I confuse myself!

5. I am a MORNING person AND a NIGHT OWL. Need I say more?!

6. I act the same whether I drink or not (unless it's the REALLY drunk thang and I've only done that ONCE so my GF could see what I was like --yuck!). I act the same so normally I am designated driver (which is FINE w/me). Most people feel sorry for my hubby when they find out I'm not enibriated.

7. Even though I talk a TON and am my own form of cheap entertainment (and other people's entertainment too!!), I don't like talking in front of people at all! I get nervous and get the whole dry mouth brain freeze kinda thing.

Wow, didn't think I'd have 7 things and whadaya know... I almost did #8! hehehe

I don't know 5 ppl to tag so I think I will just let ppl post 7 things about themselves in the comments... post away!!


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Dana said...

YAY! I'm so glad you played. I LOVED reading your 7 random things!
I had no idea about the Chinese pinky thing--very intriguing.
Plus, I like that you talk a lot (and I DO mean A LOT, folks!), it makes me happy!
You sure have lived in a lot of places too!