Sunday, May 20

Still Here!

Hey there!
I am going to post my birthday RAKs that I've received. The very first one I received from Nancy, but I have misplaced it ... It was a really cool one too. :( I found it on her site! woo hoo... TO look at the card just click on card. It's one of those tent topper ones that I REALLY need to try out! I feel so special that someone in CANADA would send me a bday card... **sniff sniff** (yes i am a SAP! lol).

The first card is from Cynthia welcoming me to the RAK club at SCS.

The second cards is from Sandy Galley over at SCS and is a birthday RAK. I love this one too... what's not to love about receiving a card in the mail?! ?!

The third is from Deseree on SCS for my birthday too! THanks to all you gals who sent me a birthday card. SOrry I cut a bit off of the cards while scanning them in. The matte REALLY DOES go all the way around the card!

I also received some photo cards from a great friend of mine, Doug, *Hey Doug!* whom I have known since 8th grade... at least I think it was 8th grade, might have been 9th... needless to say, that was a LONG time ago! lol I am 38 years YOUNG today! So that tells ya right there how long we've known each other. He now lives in Texas w/his beautiful wife and their new baby boy... well Skyler Blu (GREAT name huh?!) is now 7 mon old and growing like a weed. Anyways Doug is a GREAT photographer, I will have to post the notecards w/his permission of course.

Okay i'm off to bed. Need that beauty sleep more than ever now hehehe. I did get a compliment when Lgirl's preschool teacher asst. thought I was around her age (hehehe she's only 31!!) and she was really surprised when I told her I was 7 yrs older than her. It's in these chinese genes ladies and gents! My mom looked soo young (only 3 or 4 gray hairs) when she was 55 before she got breast cancer. All the treatments turned most of her hair white and gray. But I still have the GREAT skin! woo hoo.

Hope the weekend is going good for you guys!


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Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Hi Bobbie....

You didn't leave your email about the cards so I couldn't respond that way. Not too late to do the's year round. email me at for snail mail to send em to. Thank you