Saturday, March 31

Good Morning!!

Well, today I will post my faux postage card. Hope you like it. Not into talking much (if you can believe that lol) hehehe. Enjoy!
Well, I guess I should add a little more hehhe. I made this for VSN last weekend. I printed the template off of SCS, took a piece of acetate and cut out the rectangles. I took a sponge dauber and sponged ballet blue, lovely lilac and lavender lacearound the in the rectangle.Then I used SU both way blossoms and stamped w/black. Colored the leaves in with old olive and the flowers w/ballet blue, lovely lilac and lavender lace markers.
I don't have the postage scissors so I took my 1/8" hole punch and punched around the flowers and then cut 1/2 way down the holes to give it that 'stampy' feel (hehe). Of course I used my mat pack (LOVE IT) hole template to line it all up. Matted it with ballet blue and old olive after swiping the old olive over the ink pad. The polka dot stamp and find joy is from the Polka Dots & Paisley set. I stamped the twill tape with black, daubered the prima flower with old olive and braded it w/a purple brad.

Thursday, March 29

Sorry it's been a while...
Sick kids can do that to you. Then I decided to try my hand a the new artisian awards SU is hosting this year. So I had to make 5 cards, 3 scrapbook layouts and 2 3D items. So I went to bed at 3am this morning and woke up at 5am... not much of a night huh? I am falling asleep as I type! hehehe. Anyways, I got to the post office and overnighted it (due date is 5pm tomorrow! yikes)... nothing like waiting until the last minute! heheh
Last weekend I participated in VSN, Virtual Stamp Night, on splitcoaststampers. I was only able to complete 4 projects what with a sick baby at home. I am happy to say my altered bandaid tin one on of the challenges! woo hoo! I was so excited. So I will be posting what cards (and the tin!) that I did make.
First off I will post the tin. It was supposed to be an altered tin w/pp in a 'survivor' type of getaway kinda thing. So I listed a bunch of stuff I'd have in itl. Hope you like it!! hehehe
p.s. I hand drew those pink lines on the white flower.... they look So professional! hehe The purse is a nugget purse.

Sunday, March 25

An Update...

Goodness, when it rains it pours! Well... what happened first? After 2 nights of waking up w/a 102 fever & vomiting, doc said Gman had a double ear infection. Started him on amox, which after 2.5 doses we found out he's allergic to it. Then after 2 doses of benadryl and the rash getting bigger (pin dots to eraser heads and more raised!!) we think he's allergic to that too. Not to mention the uncontrollable crying and having to be held while I'm standing (I don't get the standing thing) all the time makes for little time to be creative.

But then again, if you couldn't speak the language and you felt like your skin was itching all over I think you'd cry all the time too... and men would be MUCH worse! heheh My poor baby boy! He woke up Sat night with both hands in his hair just scratching away... kinda reminded me of a monkey w/cooties or something. I started trying to scratch for him.

Sigh, so now he's on steriods and is responding better. He still has his bouts of crying, but they are getting fewer and farther between. He's on the expensive antibiotics (only once a day too! WOW!). We will probably get him checked some time too by an allergist just to make sure.

Oh and did I mention we ALSO got hit by lightning? No I didn't did I? Hubby thinks it hit the lines in the ground. Let's see... it blew an outlet in the garage, the garage door opener, the TV on top of the fridge (is someone trying to TELL me something? heheehe), TWO cable splitters and the phone thingy. So all calls go directly to voice mail. It could be worse! Man the crack I heard I would have sworn there's be charred marks in the field next to our house! It jolted me awake! Luckily I don't mind but our great dane, Lucy, was going bonkers and had to come sleep in our room.

And, OF COURSE, it was VSN (virtual stamp night) at Splitcoast. I only finished 4 challenges because I didn't get to work on them until Sat. night and Sun. a couple of hours. We had to go to grandma's and pick up the sister. What a beautiful day.. 80 degrees!

SO, here's a pic of a card I turned in for paper piercing challenge. HOpe you like it! It's simple and I had cut a bunch of cards similar to this (about 30) for a local fundraiser.
Do you guys wan the recipe on how I did it? WEll, I used the kissing technique, first ink up the paisly bg w/cranberry crisp then press the big blossom on top. off center the flower on white enough so the center is on the white. I adhered the white on the apricot appeal and then pierced all the way around the blossom. Stamped (well really inked the stamp on the paisley bg since there was still SO much ink on it) sweet on apricot appeal, punched w/the 1 1/4 punch. SPonged the edges and popped it up w/dimensionals. I inked up the very only and eyeballed it onto there. THen I inked the so up and used a piece of scrap as a mask for the very part and eyeballed that. Adhere to the cranberry crisp and voila! It's finished.
I better go. I've probably talked your ear off. Enjoy!

Friday, March 23

I've been RAKed!!
Can you believe it? Here's my very first blogger's RAK from Pam Popp and I'm so excited! THANKS so much Pam!! I am going to make so RAK cards right now and get them into the mail! woo hoo!

Wednesday, March 21

Okay, so last night my computer wouldn't let me post the kid's pics so I did it today. It is GORGEOUS outside! No rain in sight yet (we are supposed to have it for the next 4 days... on and off!). But alas I cannot enjoy it too much. Gman woke up w/a 102 fever last night at 2am... we got that down with meds but didn't go to sleep until 4am and then was back up at 5:30ish.

You know it's going to be a BAD day when you go to bed when your hubby is getting up! YIkes!

Anyways, here's an easter 'cute' image swap I was in and couldn't for the LIFE OF ME figure out what to do with it. So I procrastinated until Monday evening (I work well under pressure lol) and I had to priority (ouch) it to her as it is due tomorrow. I think it is the hearts on the cheeks that did me in... and I thought I was a cutesy kinda gal... NOT hehehe.

So I hope you like my glittery bunny hehehe.

Thanks for looking!

p.s. I think I plan on altering a few of those tins. They aren't my favorite color so I'm hoping some of my *NEW* basic grey papers (when they come in! ) will match and I will make some nifty teachers gifts for easter for Lgirl's preschool teachers. It could be a dream... but I might be able to get on the ball with that lol.

Oh and I took some GREAT pics of Lgirl on her trike 'wheeing' down the drive way on it hehehe. Will have to post (or maybe even... dare I say it?? SCRAP them and then show you guys! hehehe). We will see!

ETA: I think I have a limit on my daily pics and I think I've hit it! Yikes the EAster card will have to wait.

Alrighty... pics of the kids here. We, being me and the kids, all got haircuts yesterday. I was debating on whether or not to cut Gman's hair as he looks so darn cute with it long and it is curly in the back. Well, if I let it grow then he would turn into Mullet Man, so that decided it for me lol. He got his hair cut off and now he looks like a little man instead of curly boy! Here are his pics a before and an after.

SO... which pic of Gman do you like better? the BEFORE or the AFTER?? Hmmm.... inquiring minds wanna know! hehee

Lainie got her hair cut too... though she looks like she's in pain in the picture. I can assure you no children were hurt or put thru any pain during the takings of these pictures. We are working on the whole smile thing, I even have her in front of a mirror so she can practice NOT looking like she has bad cramping or someone just broke her bike or something. It pains ME looking at that smile when I'm taking a picture lol.
Now tell me that don't look painful! Yikes! hehhee

OMG I think it HAS to be my birthday in another life, realm or SOMETHING!!! Went out for a moms thing, which I didn't know was getting over at 8pm. So I decided to go to Michaels to see if they have the acrylic $1 stamps everyone is talking about but ME!

Low and behold before my eyes should appear??? The STAMPS!! Soo darn cool and cute! They said a shipment had come in today and they were getting calls from other stores!! OMG I could have died and gone been in heaven right there.

SOrry but I'm a SAHM and I don't get out much lol. SO this is a big thing for me. Not to mention I found these FAB tins... can you believe they were clearanced? The round and square ones are 50 cents each and the coffee one was $2.00!! Is that a deal or what?! I am thinking I should go back and buy the rest of them lol. What do you think?? Shall I head over there while grandma's here watching the kiddies tomorrow? hehehe

HOpe you enjoy the pics. I have a few more to post but will do it in another one. I'm so excited hehehe.

Darn if I don't need to get out more!!

Tuesday, March 20

We all LOVE blog candy and here's a fellow mom of TWO (including a toddler or two!!) that's giving away some GREAT stuff. So check out her blog and post a comment to win the candy.

Please spread the word so we can get her comments up to 100 and possibly make her faint... though I hope it is onto a couch or something! hehehe


Sunday, March 18

Hi Everyone! Yes, I am a LOSER.... I haven't posted in forever AND I totally blew off St. Patty's Day! And I'm the kinda person that's all for the smaller holidays (Groundhog's, St. Patty's, etc.). Soo sorry!

I've just been so darn busy! Stamp Club meeting wednesday and then of friday I had a local (or not so local as I drive about 45 min) MOMS of Multiples Sale to participate in. I volunteer to help set up Friday night so I can shop for an hour and not have to come on Sat. It's only open for 4 hrs on Sat. (8a-12p) and it is a MADHOUSE! Yikes!! I was so excited as I get to sell off all my baby stuff! woo hoo! Then I went back Sat (was there from 4p to 10p Fri nite) at 1pm to help sort the stuff into seller #s and pick up my extra stuff that didn't sell.

I also got to buy the clothes for both kids for summer... gotta love that! Anyways, here's a card I did when I was in a challenge group. Which means there were 4 people who sent a 'kit' of their making for their month. We had to make a card using only those items (using at least ONE Of everything sent, i.e. we had to use 1 brad though 3 were sent) and we could add a text image and that was all. So this kit had 3 pieces of ribbon, a brad, 3 pieces of solid CS and one piece of stamped image CS. So this was my contribution. I always end up cutting up part of some paper and using the back for the white part... what does that say about me?? hemmm...

Anyways, I can post the other kits in this challenge over the next few days. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15

Hey lookey here... my card got 'published' online! hehehe i'm soo excited! In the fabric challenge. I am sooo going to get some of that stiffener stuff they just critiqued so I can use that silk chrysanthemum fabric on cards. Can't wait!

Love the site and love the articles. Plus Cindy is a newly anointed reporter and I can't wait to see what she writes about. She is SUCH a well-rounded crafter (the quilt she made is to DIE FOR) check it out here! And she just got some GREAT fabric for another quilt. I wish I could make one, even if I was 3 times slower than her I'd take it! lol

Anyways, sorry I haven't posted much. I have had 2 sick kids for the last week (YUCK!!) But I had my stamp club tonight and we made a very cute gift card holder purse so I will post that tomorrow, I hope! hehehe


Saturday, March 10

Candy, Candy everywhere!!
Here's a list of blog candy up for grabs on the internet...
**Bling candy @ Stephanies! And if you mention I sent you then I get another entry! woo hoo!

** Rebecca is giving away a paisley stamp set.

**Sharon's giving away and ever-so-coveted giga scalloped square punch

** Debbie is giving away a really big circle punch!

I know there's more out there, I just don't remember lol. I will try and post soon and get some card making done tonight!

Monday, March 5

Want some BLOG candy? Well, check out a sillybird's blog and try and win! Just let her know i sent you! Hope you win, it looks quite yummy.
Here's a crisscross card I made way back when. If you want the template then let me know and I'd be happy to send it to you! The stamp set is SU's Island blossom, PP by DCWV, CS is ballet blue and an aqua blue. I painted the big blossom w/some glittery clear stuff, can't remember what it's called right now.
Off to take G for his 1 yr shots just a few months late! and L's coming down with a cold oh what fun!

Thursday, March 1

Howdy! Here's a pic of when I received my Grosgrain ribbon from Jody (LOVE her blog btw). She does some MAJOR shares and I love them all. This last one was a polka dot ribbon share and I was able to wait a bit and it filled... whew! lol.

ANYWAYS, I received my lollipop ribbon yesterday and remembered I let the kids play with the grosgrain when it came in... WHAT was I thinking?!

Needless to say, I didn't let G get a hold of my Primas OR the lollipop ribbon. He just started throwing them everywhere and pulling them out of their neat bundles! (YEs that is a snowman above his head. G loves it (it sings and jumps) but he's manhandled it so much that it is on its last leg so to speak hehee)