Sunday, March 18

Hi Everyone! Yes, I am a LOSER.... I haven't posted in forever AND I totally blew off St. Patty's Day! And I'm the kinda person that's all for the smaller holidays (Groundhog's, St. Patty's, etc.). Soo sorry!

I've just been so darn busy! Stamp Club meeting wednesday and then of friday I had a local (or not so local as I drive about 45 min) MOMS of Multiples Sale to participate in. I volunteer to help set up Friday night so I can shop for an hour and not have to come on Sat. It's only open for 4 hrs on Sat. (8a-12p) and it is a MADHOUSE! Yikes!! I was so excited as I get to sell off all my baby stuff! woo hoo! Then I went back Sat (was there from 4p to 10p Fri nite) at 1pm to help sort the stuff into seller #s and pick up my extra stuff that didn't sell.

I also got to buy the clothes for both kids for summer... gotta love that! Anyways, here's a card I did when I was in a challenge group. Which means there were 4 people who sent a 'kit' of their making for their month. We had to make a card using only those items (using at least ONE Of everything sent, i.e. we had to use 1 brad though 3 were sent) and we could add a text image and that was all. So this kit had 3 pieces of ribbon, a brad, 3 pieces of solid CS and one piece of stamped image CS. So this was my contribution. I always end up cutting up part of some paper and using the back for the white part... what does that say about me?? hemmm...

Anyways, I can post the other kits in this challenge over the next few days. Enjoy!

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