Sunday, March 25

An Update...

Goodness, when it rains it pours! Well... what happened first? After 2 nights of waking up w/a 102 fever & vomiting, doc said Gman had a double ear infection. Started him on amox, which after 2.5 doses we found out he's allergic to it. Then after 2 doses of benadryl and the rash getting bigger (pin dots to eraser heads and more raised!!) we think he's allergic to that too. Not to mention the uncontrollable crying and having to be held while I'm standing (I don't get the standing thing) all the time makes for little time to be creative.

But then again, if you couldn't speak the language and you felt like your skin was itching all over I think you'd cry all the time too... and men would be MUCH worse! heheh My poor baby boy! He woke up Sat night with both hands in his hair just scratching away... kinda reminded me of a monkey w/cooties or something. I started trying to scratch for him.

Sigh, so now he's on steriods and is responding better. He still has his bouts of crying, but they are getting fewer and farther between. He's on the expensive antibiotics (only once a day too! WOW!). We will probably get him checked some time too by an allergist just to make sure.

Oh and did I mention we ALSO got hit by lightning? No I didn't did I? Hubby thinks it hit the lines in the ground. Let's see... it blew an outlet in the garage, the garage door opener, the TV on top of the fridge (is someone trying to TELL me something? heheehe), TWO cable splitters and the phone thingy. So all calls go directly to voice mail. It could be worse! Man the crack I heard I would have sworn there's be charred marks in the field next to our house! It jolted me awake! Luckily I don't mind but our great dane, Lucy, was going bonkers and had to come sleep in our room.

And, OF COURSE, it was VSN (virtual stamp night) at Splitcoast. I only finished 4 challenges because I didn't get to work on them until Sat. night and Sun. a couple of hours. We had to go to grandma's and pick up the sister. What a beautiful day.. 80 degrees!

SO, here's a pic of a card I turned in for paper piercing challenge. HOpe you like it! It's simple and I had cut a bunch of cards similar to this (about 30) for a local fundraiser.
Do you guys wan the recipe on how I did it? WEll, I used the kissing technique, first ink up the paisly bg w/cranberry crisp then press the big blossom on top. off center the flower on white enough so the center is on the white. I adhered the white on the apricot appeal and then pierced all the way around the blossom. Stamped (well really inked the stamp on the paisley bg since there was still SO much ink on it) sweet on apricot appeal, punched w/the 1 1/4 punch. SPonged the edges and popped it up w/dimensionals. I inked up the very only and eyeballed it onto there. THen I inked the so up and used a piece of scrap as a mask for the very part and eyeballed that. Adhere to the cranberry crisp and voila! It's finished.
I better go. I've probably talked your ear off. Enjoy!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh! What a weekend to have VSN. I'm glad you liked it. I hope you and your house stay safe and that your son recovers quickly!

Dana said...

Oh good grief! Are you ok? You must be a zombie by now? How's the little munchkin doing? Allergic to both meds?! Figures! Poor little guy... I can't imagine how awful it is to be itchy everywhere, with a feaver AND vomiting!
You all are on my healthy vibe list. Keep me updated.