Wednesday, March 21

OMG I think it HAS to be my birthday in another life, realm or SOMETHING!!! Went out for a moms thing, which I didn't know was getting over at 8pm. So I decided to go to Michaels to see if they have the acrylic $1 stamps everyone is talking about but ME!

Low and behold before my eyes should appear??? The STAMPS!! Soo darn cool and cute! They said a shipment had come in today and they were getting calls from other stores!! OMG I could have died and gone been in heaven right there.

SOrry but I'm a SAHM and I don't get out much lol. SO this is a big thing for me. Not to mention I found these FAB tins... can you believe they were clearanced? The round and square ones are 50 cents each and the coffee one was $2.00!! Is that a deal or what?! I am thinking I should go back and buy the rest of them lol. What do you think?? Shall I head over there while grandma's here watching the kiddies tomorrow? hehehe

HOpe you enjoy the pics. I have a few more to post but will do it in another one. I'm so excited hehehe.

Darn if I don't need to get out more!!


Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

Dang! Now I wish I hadn't taken so long in TJ Maxx yesterday.....I should have gotten to Michael's! Looks like we're making a couple stops on our way to Rhode Island this weekend. :) It's a good thing my Mike's is a 30 min. drive, or I would be broke!

Dana said...

Those tins ROCK! What a great find! I wouldn't even alter them..they look so cute the way they are! I don't have any Michael's dollar stamps either, haven't even been IN a michael's in years *sigh*, way to go Bobbie.

Scrappin Ashley said...

I was so happy when I walked into a Micahels and there they were. I went back the next day and they were gone!! Cute tins..are you going to leave them be or decorate them???