Wednesday, March 21

Alrighty... pics of the kids here. We, being me and the kids, all got haircuts yesterday. I was debating on whether or not to cut Gman's hair as he looks so darn cute with it long and it is curly in the back. Well, if I let it grow then he would turn into Mullet Man, so that decided it for me lol. He got his hair cut off and now he looks like a little man instead of curly boy! Here are his pics a before and an after.

SO... which pic of Gman do you like better? the BEFORE or the AFTER?? Hmmm.... inquiring minds wanna know! hehee

Lainie got her hair cut too... though she looks like she's in pain in the picture. I can assure you no children were hurt or put thru any pain during the takings of these pictures. We are working on the whole smile thing, I even have her in front of a mirror so she can practice NOT looking like she has bad cramping or someone just broke her bike or something. It pains ME looking at that smile when I'm taking a picture lol.
Now tell me that don't look painful! Yikes! hehhee


Dana said...

Awwwwww. I think their haircuts look great! Griffin looks so grown up now, not baby-like anymore though (pout).
Lainie is just Lainie! I LIKE that she doesn't give the requsite smile! said...

lol to much pressure makes teh kids give teh silly grins buttruth be told your kids are adorable and so aren't BOTH oftheir smiles. i like Gmans hair after beter mind you my first born is 16 now and I waited till he was almost 2 cuz his whisper yellow hair looked so pretty.... then his dad was angry when asked if he was a girl. So off to the buthcher, I mean barbers he went. :}