Wednesday, March 21

Okay, so last night my computer wouldn't let me post the kid's pics so I did it today. It is GORGEOUS outside! No rain in sight yet (we are supposed to have it for the next 4 days... on and off!). But alas I cannot enjoy it too much. Gman woke up w/a 102 fever last night at 2am... we got that down with meds but didn't go to sleep until 4am and then was back up at 5:30ish.

You know it's going to be a BAD day when you go to bed when your hubby is getting up! YIkes!

Anyways, here's an easter 'cute' image swap I was in and couldn't for the LIFE OF ME figure out what to do with it. So I procrastinated until Monday evening (I work well under pressure lol) and I had to priority (ouch) it to her as it is due tomorrow. I think it is the hearts on the cheeks that did me in... and I thought I was a cutesy kinda gal... NOT hehehe.

So I hope you like my glittery bunny hehehe.

Thanks for looking!

p.s. I think I plan on altering a few of those tins. They aren't my favorite color so I'm hoping some of my *NEW* basic grey papers (when they come in! ) will match and I will make some nifty teachers gifts for easter for Lgirl's preschool teachers. It could be a dream... but I might be able to get on the ball with that lol.

Oh and I took some GREAT pics of Lgirl on her trike 'wheeing' down the drive way on it hehehe. Will have to post (or maybe even... dare I say it?? SCRAP them and then show you guys! hehehe). We will see!

ETA: I think I have a limit on my daily pics and I think I've hit it! Yikes the EAster card will have to wait.

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Dana said...

I think the bunny card is cute. Is it a card? I like the egg shape whatever it is!
Where did you get the stamp?