Thursday, March 15

Hey lookey here... my card got 'published' online! hehehe i'm soo excited! In the fabric challenge. I am sooo going to get some of that stiffener stuff they just critiqued so I can use that silk chrysanthemum fabric on cards. Can't wait!

Love the site and love the articles. Plus Cindy is a newly anointed reporter and I can't wait to see what she writes about. She is SUCH a well-rounded crafter (the quilt she made is to DIE FOR) check it out here! And she just got some GREAT fabric for another quilt. I wish I could make one, even if I was 3 times slower than her I'd take it! lol

Anyways, sorry I haven't posted much. I have had 2 sick kids for the last week (YUCK!!) But I had my stamp club tonight and we made a very cute gift card holder purse so I will post that tomorrow, I hope! hehehe



Cindy Keery said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog!! One thing that really helped me get over my fear of quilting was to take a class... it gave me the confidence to just do it! Plus it was lots of fun. :-)


Dana said...

woohoo for you! Have I told you that i love that card before? I do.