Wednesday, February 28

BLOG CANDY ALERT!! My bestest bud Dana is giving away some FAB blog candy! Go check it out, Just click on her name. Sign up, leave a comment w/one WEIRD thing (or more if you'd like! heheh) about yourself and you are IN likeFLYNN. You can also get MORE chances by referring people... so check it out!

Gotta love the guilt free candy! wooh oo!

bobbie Ü

Here's a card from a while ago. Did I mention that I LOVE poppys? My girlfriend, we won't mention her name (HI Dana!!), thought I didn't use any stamps but SU. Not true, not true.

In fact, I got this stamp at the rubbah show that came to the Indy convention center last year! Since it will be here this weekend and I will have to miss it this is in 'commemeration of it!'

I also met a good friend there, laurel, who I first met on a MB and then got to meet in person since she was in Kokomo so that's right down the road! woo hoo!

I LOVE this card and it's probably time for me to make some more as I am low. I was trying the 'shattered glass' technique, but didn't want to have to do the UTEE thing 4 TIMES IN A ROW on 12 CARDS!!! Yikes! Not to mention I am a bit heat gun handicapped.

Saturday, February 24

A big SHOUT of THANKS out to Two AWESOME bloggers! I am behind (when am I not?) and should have posted this earlier!

I won blog candy! Soo excited and SO happy! First from a GREAT gal that post fab cards which i find inspiring. I just love some of the work she does. MARY! Thanks so much! Check out her blog, not to mention I get to live VICARIOUSLY thru her shopping trips! Sounds like so much fun. I often daydream while home w/my two 'angels' NOT hehehehe. G just gets into EVERYTHING. I am so not used to that! When L was a babe she would listen and he just doesn't want to!! I'm a little scared when he gets older!

But I digress, here's the other blog, Jen's! I REMEMBER WHEN. Soo cool to watch her at CHA and the old 'shush yourself'. Very nice video and thanks to you too for giving BLOG Candy!

I will post a pic to show you guys when I get them. I can't wait I'm so excited! hehehe

Okay, I thought I'd post a Double Slider I thought the Stamp Club I'm IN and the Stamp Club I'm in charge of. I really think it's beautiful and was a lot of fun to make. A little time consuming, but worth it. I found the directions in the SU magazine they send to Demo's ( the name escapes me at the moment.) I hope to be making more of these puppies!

I really wish I could figure this picture in the blog thing out! Sometimes it's so frustrating!

Oh and did I mention we are having sleeting rain and ice everywhere? We are under a freezing rain advisory and my DH went out to help w/all the accidents (He's a reserve deputy for the county). I told him to be extra careful. He called me and said the gets to sit in the middle of an intersection (no lights just country roads) to close the road because there's pole down. Oh and we have 35 mph wind too! Can it GET any better!

This 2nd pic is of the Double Slider opened.

I'm off to bed EARLY for a change! Can you believe it?! hehehe

Bobbie Ü

Wednesday, February 21

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting to use the sellabration and winter sets... of course it's almost over lol. But I have a party Friday and wanted to get some samples for the gals. I haven't liked the last couple of coffee sets SU has put out... just not my style. But I can honestly say... I LOVE Like it a Latte! OMG! Here's a sample I made last night:
Although I can see I really need to straighten out that pink ribbon... which is VERY elastic BTW. Way more so than I thought it would be! heheh I put CE on the straw and sukura gel pen on the smoke curlies (I know SU doesn't make it but I couldnt' resist-I'm addicted!) so it is much more sparkly and shiny IRL!
Okay, I'm off to make my hostess gift now. Wish me luck! hehe

Saturday, February 17

Snowing again...and cabin fever here already! It's been snowing since about 3am (don't ask how I know this lol). It's the really fine stuff that makes it look foggy outside. But boy can it pile up when it does it all day! I think it might be good for snowmen but don't know 'til I get out there. Lainie's chomping at the bit to be outside and I will probably take her out there shortly since it finally stopped.

The 2nd pic is our plastic table outside. Now some of the snow was there already, but I think at least 2-4 is new stuff. I'll be creating tonight! woo hoo.

Friday, February 16

Here's L's mailbox... I LOVE the cupcake stamp. Just so darn cute! One side view and one front view. I also took a pic of the cupcakes I made. Which tasted great and were a recipe I got from someone's blog... can't for the life of me remember... does that mean I read too many blogs hehehe.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Take care everyone and we are getting MORE SNOW Tonighthehhee.


Thursday, February 15

What is up with that?! I cried and cried and they leave a cliff hanger like that w/Meredith still gray colored... and putting 'tune in for the disasterous (Or something like that I forgot now... how bad is that??) conclusion... which can't mean she's dead... maybe in a coma or something.

the ONLY GOOD THING about this is that we got to see HOT BOMB guy (that died) and GORGEOUS DENNY (that DIED too!). Denny's got that voice like sam elliot. The kinda voice that would sate your thirst if you were in a hot dry desert for days (for those non TV ppl... DANA hehehe). He just makes me melt lol.

Sigh... better get back to cleaning the kitchen and watching men in trees.


Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a great day! We were all snowed in here, though DH went out errand running w/L for a couple of hours. Here's a pic of a cardinal family we had in the backyard. Yesterday there was a total of 6 cardinals and their mates out there PLUS one woodpecker! woo hoo hehee.

Here's what G's hair looked like today. I've never seen it like this before and he didn't go to bed with a wet head either... can you believe it? lol He kept squinting from the flash. Does this remind you of Pippy Longstockings or what? Boy I'm dating myself arent I?! hehe

Does it make him look chinese or what? I will have to send it to my mum and ask if he looks like Great Grandpa in Taiwan hehehe.

Here are two mailboxes that went into the mail to MI today. At least I hope so! FOr my girlfriend's gals. They are really sweet. Inside I put a shirt, pair of socks, 2 lollipops and a piece of chocolate. Hope they like it!
Can you tell I don't have much red Valentine's paper?! I made 3 other mailboxes last night. One goes to my SASS w/a reveal (which reminds me I forgot that lol) and one I made for a girlfriend in town. It was a white one and of course I forgot to take a pic of it!
I will post a pic of Lainie's tomorrow and a pic of the cupcakes I made. So darn cute!
I better get some shut eye!

Sunday, February 11

Preschool Valentine's

Okay, these are only 3 days late! Here are pics of the Valentine's I made for L's school mates and teachers. I tried getting her involved, but she could have cared less! :(
The first are the hershey's kiss holders I made.
Very easy and fast! Found this on SCS in the gallery under seasonal I think. SOrry about the watermark... I'm still working on that lol.
These are the lip balm holders I found on SCS (can you tell I spend a LOT of time on there lol). Thanks Renee O! They are soo cute and really easy to make once you get the hang of putting in all those xacto cuts! Very tricky the first time or two!
And these bags are what I put the teachers gifts (hershey's kiss holder, lip balm holder and some homemade peppermint bark 'gone wrong' but I figured the teachers would still eat it lol). I can't remember where I got the directions on SCS, but here's a link to Robin Desko's blog with directions for it too! ON her blog she calls it a Genie bag. I SCS they call it a tee pee bag. Go figure!
Hope you enjoyed my multiple postings! I have the house ALL to myself! Can you believe it?? It's a miracle! hehehe Lainie's at grandmas and I told DH to go to grandma's with Griffin so I could... sweep and mop the floors, do some laundry, pick up ALL the toys and put them in their rightful place AND alter about 5-6 mailboxes!
So I better get started!! Ü

Yes, in the backyard pic those ARE tomato rings in the buckets! hehehe Haven't you heard of winter tomatoes? lol

No, DH didn't get them in and we had to grow them on the deck this past year because we waited too long to get a garden in. They were Yummy! and will be ready in the spring hehehe.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Sorry, these pics are almost a week old! Yikes! Here are some pics from our backyard, one of me and Lainie and the table that shows just HOW much snow we got. 4 inches my booty! hehehe

I don't know if you can click on them to make them bigger... I am not that blogger technical lol. What a white winter wonderland we had! Anyways, L and I played out there, or I should say SHE played while I shoveled off the deck, shoveled some 'trails' (for the dogs to be able to go pee and such), shoveled the front baby stoop we have and shoveled a trail to my husband's truck and around it in case he needed to get to the other side. I LOVE shoveling snow and there was no wind so it was gorgeous!

We are expected to get more of the white stuff tomorrow and into Tuesday. I'm so glad Lainie has preschool on Thursdays and Fridays...all the other schools in town do Tu and Th.

Okay, I'm off to post Valentines!

Monday, February 5

Looks like the squirrel's mojo worked! woo hoo

Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts! They deserved the win, though I would have liked to have seen WAY more mud! ehhehe

Gotta love da GAME!


Sunday, February 4

That's ALL I can get out of my chattering teeth on a morning when it's 2 degrees... what's the temp with the wind chill you ask? WELL, IT'S ONLY -19 DEGREES .... brrrrrrrr

ANYWAYS, today's the big day. It's SUPERBOWL time people! I used to be a BIG football fan when John Elway was QBing for Denver, but since his retirement I've just stopped watching. Yes, I was the kinda gal who picked my teams by how cute their QBs are hehehe. Marino and Elway were my favs. But that era is over (Yes, i'm also stuck in the past heheheh 80's music ROCKS!!). ANd come on, you have to admit that Manning isn't that cute, oddly shaped to say the least! hehee But I'm rooting for them as I live and breathe in Indiana and here, they take ALL their sports SERIOUSLY (sometimes to a fault!). GOO COLTS. SO here's a pick I borrowed from a fellow HOOSIER's blog (Thanks Kathy!! )

Is he not the cutest?! hehehe GOOO COLTS!!!

Gotta love a squirrel who sacrificing his hibernation to support the Colts! Way to take one for the Team! hehee. One more note... can you believe the last time the bears went to the bowl was when the 'refrigerator Perry' was on the team waaayy back in '85? That's when my SISTER graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! Peyton DOES deserve the win if those cob heads can protect him! Not like the last game poor guy. I would have panicked more than a couple of times! hehe

Okay, on another note, here's an altered mailbox I made for a hostess who had a party last Thursday. Hope you guys like it!

I think blogger is having some uploading issues, so I will stop there. I will add the 'card candy' hostess gifts I made tomorrow maybe. If it is working a bit better.
I'm off to wake up DH and get breakfast a cookin'! Cereal... it's the breakfast of champions!hehehe

Friday, February 2

I forgot to mention that! I think they are the cutest little buggers. I love Puxy (can't spell the whole thing so I'm shorting it!) Phil! I'm just going to ASSUME there will be 6 more weeks of winter... since we had such a late start! hehehe OFF TO ERRANDS!

Christmas in FEBRUARY!!!
My goodness! I got a quadruple WHAMMY on February 1st! Two SU orders came in (3 boxes) that I have sort and deliver/send, paper order came in, RIBBON ORDER CAME IN!!! (thanks Jody!, and MY BELLA'S are HEEERRREEEE!!! Waaaa hooo (a notch louder than woo hoo!)

Can't wait to play... but alas, I have to get my DD off to preschool and then pick up some groceries... me thinks we need them since it's going to be ZERO here this weekend and I AM NOT going to leave the house! Yikes!

So I had a workshop last night of valentine's treats! So I will be posting the two we made and then the hostess gift which was an altered mailbox! woo hoo. So darn cute! Can't wait to show you guys!!

Now... if only my PRIMA SHAre would come in.... **hint hint Jody!** hehehe Take your time, I'm sure your fingers are still recouperating from the ribbon share hehehe. TTYL