Sunday, February 4

That's ALL I can get out of my chattering teeth on a morning when it's 2 degrees... what's the temp with the wind chill you ask? WELL, IT'S ONLY -19 DEGREES .... brrrrrrrr

ANYWAYS, today's the big day. It's SUPERBOWL time people! I used to be a BIG football fan when John Elway was QBing for Denver, but since his retirement I've just stopped watching. Yes, I was the kinda gal who picked my teams by how cute their QBs are hehehe. Marino and Elway were my favs. But that era is over (Yes, i'm also stuck in the past heheheh 80's music ROCKS!!). ANd come on, you have to admit that Manning isn't that cute, oddly shaped to say the least! hehee But I'm rooting for them as I live and breathe in Indiana and here, they take ALL their sports SERIOUSLY (sometimes to a fault!). GOO COLTS. SO here's a pick I borrowed from a fellow HOOSIER's blog (Thanks Kathy!! )

Is he not the cutest?! hehehe GOOO COLTS!!!

Gotta love a squirrel who sacrificing his hibernation to support the Colts! Way to take one for the Team! hehee. One more note... can you believe the last time the bears went to the bowl was when the 'refrigerator Perry' was on the team waaayy back in '85? That's when my SISTER graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! Peyton DOES deserve the win if those cob heads can protect him! Not like the last game poor guy. I would have panicked more than a couple of times! hehe

Okay, on another note, here's an altered mailbox I made for a hostess who had a party last Thursday. Hope you guys like it!

I think blogger is having some uploading issues, so I will stop there. I will add the 'card candy' hostess gifts I made tomorrow maybe. If it is working a bit better.
I'm off to wake up DH and get breakfast a cookin'! Cereal... it's the breakfast of champions!hehehe


Lisa said...

I agree with you about the 80's music ! Love it! But I have to say



Traci said...

I have to say I am so ready for it be over-I am tired of all you hear on the tv is Colts. I am NOT from here and really hate IN. when it is like this-TOOOOOOOOOO COLD-I hibernate. Now if it were the Atlanta Falcons or the Kansas City Chiefs I might not mind the game so much but I will not be watching it. Also another thing I dislike about IN. is that I can not watch or even hear all of my favorite college football teams games. Auburn University in Alabama. Ok call me a sour apple if ya want to-lol.

Dana said...

I'll just ignore the beginning of your post *thubbbth*
"wait till next year" has been my motto since 1986, and it looks like it will continue to be!
Love the altered mailbox--it's quite cute! Show us the candy too!