Saturday, February 24

A big SHOUT of THANKS out to Two AWESOME bloggers! I am behind (when am I not?) and should have posted this earlier!

I won blog candy! Soo excited and SO happy! First from a GREAT gal that post fab cards which i find inspiring. I just love some of the work she does. MARY! Thanks so much! Check out her blog, not to mention I get to live VICARIOUSLY thru her shopping trips! Sounds like so much fun. I often daydream while home w/my two 'angels' NOT hehehehe. G just gets into EVERYTHING. I am so not used to that! When L was a babe she would listen and he just doesn't want to!! I'm a little scared when he gets older!

But I digress, here's the other blog, Jen's! I REMEMBER WHEN. Soo cool to watch her at CHA and the old 'shush yourself'. Very nice video and thanks to you too for giving BLOG Candy!

I will post a pic to show you guys when I get them. I can't wait I'm so excited! hehehe

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