Thursday, February 15

What is up with that?! I cried and cried and they leave a cliff hanger like that w/Meredith still gray colored... and putting 'tune in for the disasterous (Or something like that I forgot now... how bad is that??) conclusion... which can't mean she's dead... maybe in a coma or something.

the ONLY GOOD THING about this is that we got to see HOT BOMB guy (that died) and GORGEOUS DENNY (that DIED too!). Denny's got that voice like sam elliot. The kinda voice that would sate your thirst if you were in a hot dry desert for days (for those non TV ppl... DANA hehehe). He just makes me melt lol.

Sigh... better get back to cleaning the kitchen and watching men in trees.



Dana said...

Hee hee, I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. TV I presume, but when you mentioned Sam Elliot, I was ALL ABOUT THAT, baby! *shiver* His eyes and voice could keep me warm in the Artic.

scrappersister said...

I'm a fan of Greys Anatomy too. What a clofhanger. I like your blog very much. Your children are beautiful.


lisa said...

Girl, I thought I was the pregnant one! I watch Grey's too but I know that they can't get rid of Meredith, they wouldn't dare, her name is the show title!! Guess I'm just a cynic!