Wednesday, February 21

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting to use the sellabration and winter sets... of course it's almost over lol. But I have a party Friday and wanted to get some samples for the gals. I haven't liked the last couple of coffee sets SU has put out... just not my style. But I can honestly say... I LOVE Like it a Latte! OMG! Here's a sample I made last night:
Although I can see I really need to straighten out that pink ribbon... which is VERY elastic BTW. Way more so than I thought it would be! heheh I put CE on the straw and sukura gel pen on the smoke curlies (I know SU doesn't make it but I couldnt' resist-I'm addicted!) so it is much more sparkly and shiny IRL!
Okay, I'm off to make my hostess gift now. Wish me luck! hehe


Scrappin Ashley said...

LOVE the card....I also live in its nice to see a fellow hoosier..can I add your link to my blog??

Scrappin Ashley said...

its me again...thanks for the link I added you as well!!! Do you mean an email subscribe link on my page?? If so I have one its at the bottom of my page..sorry im kinda new at this lol

Julie Brooks said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my bolg! I added the Feed Blitz widget for email updates. I didn't even know about that....thanks for letting me know. I am enjoying your blog as well!

Dana said...

Very fun looking card Bobbie! OH NO, you used something NOT SU??????
hee hee *chuckling to myself*

scrappersister said...

Your card is very pretty. I agree with you. This stamp set is the best coffee stanp that SU has had, :)