Wednesday, February 28

Here's a card from a while ago. Did I mention that I LOVE poppys? My girlfriend, we won't mention her name (HI Dana!!), thought I didn't use any stamps but SU. Not true, not true.

In fact, I got this stamp at the rubbah show that came to the Indy convention center last year! Since it will be here this weekend and I will have to miss it this is in 'commemeration of it!'

I also met a good friend there, laurel, who I first met on a MB and then got to meet in person since she was in Kokomo so that's right down the road! woo hoo!

I LOVE this card and it's probably time for me to make some more as I am low. I was trying the 'shattered glass' technique, but didn't want to have to do the UTEE thing 4 TIMES IN A ROW on 12 CARDS!!! Yikes! Not to mention I am a bit heat gun handicapped.


Dana said...

That poppy stamp is soo cool, and the card you made is very pretty. I guess you proved me wrong, huh?!
So glad to see you expanding your rubber collection--because this one is awesome!

Make some more!

And how do you do that technique?

Scrappin Ashley said...

I have to miss the show at the fairground this march 3 and 4th also...its a shame!!!! Cute card though..I love that stamp!