Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a great day! We were all snowed in here, though DH went out errand running w/L for a couple of hours. Here's a pic of a cardinal family we had in the backyard. Yesterday there was a total of 6 cardinals and their mates out there PLUS one woodpecker! woo hoo hehee.

Here's what G's hair looked like today. I've never seen it like this before and he didn't go to bed with a wet head either... can you believe it? lol He kept squinting from the flash. Does this remind you of Pippy Longstockings or what? Boy I'm dating myself arent I?! hehe

Does it make him look chinese or what? I will have to send it to my mum and ask if he looks like Great Grandpa in Taiwan hehehe.

Here are two mailboxes that went into the mail to MI today. At least I hope so! FOr my girlfriend's gals. They are really sweet. Inside I put a shirt, pair of socks, 2 lollipops and a piece of chocolate. Hope they like it!
Can you tell I don't have much red Valentine's paper?! I made 3 other mailboxes last night. One goes to my SASS w/a reveal (which reminds me I forgot that lol) and one I made for a girlfriend in town. It was a white one and of course I forgot to take a pic of it!
I will post a pic of Lainie's tomorrow and a pic of the cupcakes I made. So darn cute!
I better get some shut eye!


Dana said...

I'm lovin the new blog color! Nice.
That pic of Griffin CRACKED ME UP! I don't think he looks Chinese in it though...he looks more chinese when his eyes are open IMO. Adorable though! You are so lucky to get birds. We have 3 feeders out but no birds. *pout*
Hey! Where's my mailbox?! hee hee I made one for Dennis' teacher and will post it tomorrow. It's nowhere near as nice and "done up" as yours though! So pretty.
Oh, and I still have the Valentine's paper in the "box" to send you. That's my goal befor ethe week is out: SEND BOX TO BOBBIE.

Traci said...

your mailboxes are cute. I have to keep filling my bird feeders cause our birds are pigging out. we have lots of birds too. SPRING is around the corner-YEAH. I can't wait. Griffin looks adorable as always. also I need to learn all the letter lingo-sometimes I don't know what folks are talking about like SASS? I went out yesterday and it was hard to get out of the drive-Alexis started piano lessons yesterday. I have cabin fever-will have to get out when we get our heat wave next week-lol.