Sunday, February 11

Preschool Valentine's

Okay, these are only 3 days late! Here are pics of the Valentine's I made for L's school mates and teachers. I tried getting her involved, but she could have cared less! :(
The first are the hershey's kiss holders I made.
Very easy and fast! Found this on SCS in the gallery under seasonal I think. SOrry about the watermark... I'm still working on that lol.
These are the lip balm holders I found on SCS (can you tell I spend a LOT of time on there lol). Thanks Renee O! They are soo cute and really easy to make once you get the hang of putting in all those xacto cuts! Very tricky the first time or two!
And these bags are what I put the teachers gifts (hershey's kiss holder, lip balm holder and some homemade peppermint bark 'gone wrong' but I figured the teachers would still eat it lol). I can't remember where I got the directions on SCS, but here's a link to Robin Desko's blog with directions for it too! ON her blog she calls it a Genie bag. I SCS they call it a tee pee bag. Go figure!
Hope you enjoyed my multiple postings! I have the house ALL to myself! Can you believe it?? It's a miracle! hehehe Lainie's at grandmas and I told DH to go to grandma's with Griffin so I could... sweep and mop the floors, do some laundry, pick up ALL the toys and put them in their rightful place AND alter about 5-6 mailboxes!
So I better get started!! Ü

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Dana said...

WOWZERS! You've been creating up a storm! Way to go Bobbie.

I love it when you post stuff. Makes me drool every time! Those chapstick holders are too cute, and so are the bags. I don't really understand the kiss holders though...forgive me, I'm a moron.
Post some more! Post some more!
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