Monday, April 23

Goodness, I can't believe it's been a WEEK since I posted! Yikes!

Well, let's see what i have that I can post.

Okay, here is an Accordian book I made last spring with pics of the kids. I should probably do it again this year. L-girl's growing is not as noticeable. (I think she has grown 5 inches though!!) But goodness is G-man's pics ever so different! Will think about making one for the Grandma's. If I could get on the ball and make it in a day or two! hehehe

Did everyone get to enjoy the FAB weekend we had? WE went down to G-parents yesterday as Gma and I were invited to a lia sophia party. L-girl went with us and was pretty good. It's amazing how worked up a kid can get when they're around a more (I guess the nice word is exciteable) exciteable child. Cousin Vicki did want to take l-girl for a week to help potty train jocelyn since she did go potty right after l-girl did... TWICE!! That just goes to show ya... the influence of an older child around.

HOping today is beautiful again as we've got friends coming over for a playdate and I'd like to get some clothes out on the line to dry! hehehe.

Better go. I'll post the other pics of the AB tomorrow... or even tonight!hehehe


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