Saturday, April 28

Final 2 Pages of Accordian Book

Name Frames seem to be in high demand here lately. And I get to make them! hehehe I should have a picture of one of them shortly. Then I've got to make 2 more. I also have a friend coming by and I have to get her started on 100 baby announcements for her daughter. They are going to be soo cute. I cased a pic from cambria turnbow... just because she's SO great. Check this link out, it's a pic of the announcement for a girl. we're doing boy ones. Wish me luck on how they turn out!!

hugs to ya... we are off to gymnastics then to help a friend move. Hope I'm home in time lol.

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Dana said...

Who could resist those incredible bunny earred children?!

I know I've told you before, but you do have some gorgeous kids!