Monday, April 9

I'm Behind...
but then again, aren't I always behind? hehehe I made some carrot shaped goodie boxes full of jelly beans and a shrunken wash cloth for lainie's preschool classmates (and the teachers too!!) but do you think I remembered them?!

I also finished the 50 tea party invitations on saturday (which I started on wednesday mind you) but do you think I REMEMBERED to photo them?? NOOO where the heck has my memory gone??? The party isn't until the 28th and I didn't get the info until last Saturday. I had talked earlier w/my friend Storm (her mom is the hostess of the tea party) and we had discussed something holding a teabag. Well, the stuff I received in the mail didn't match that and I didn't get to talk to storm until Monday evening. ANYWAYS, she came over Wednesday, we designed an invite and then I set about making them... can you say WHEW?! lol. I used the corner rounder to make a scalloped edge so I punched that 500 times! Yikes heheh.

I also altered a starbucks frappachino (sp is wrong i'm SURE) for my DH but misplaced the TWO EAster stamps I just received. How bad is that??? SUre wish I could 'buy' some memory just like you can for your computer lol. So I wouldn't let him eat any of it until I found them... well I found them this a.m!!! SO I need to make the tags for those and get a pic so at least I'd have a pic to post! hehehe

I also need to make 10 triange trifold cards for a BIO swap I am in. I'll be getting that done tonight but won't be able to post it at all. Sorry guys.. .don't want anyone to see it before they get it!

Okay, I'm off to switch the laundry out and create.

HUgs to all and I hope everyone had a FAB EAster... of course we got candy, candy and more candy from grandma! Yikes1

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Dana said...

Goodness! Sounds like you need a break! 500 corner rounded punches???? Your hand must be ready to fall off! Too bad you forgot to photograph them, I'll bet they were awesome.