Wednesday, September 1

Gotta LOVE Routine!

Yes, I have to say I enjoy being a creature of habit as far as schooling goes. Summer is fun and all, but so darn tiring! Dealing with your kids and then other kids everywhere you go. Mine do great most of the time, but there are those days when they were in 'time out' in their rooms at 9am... seriously at 9am?? Those are the days I didn't like at all!

What have we been up to? Well, my chicken coop is almost finished and I will be able to post pictures of that soon. I keep forgetting to take the pictures lol.

I have 2 new downlines! Woo hoo. Melissa rejoined and a new-to-me previous demonstrator, Shannon, joined up too! I'm so excited.

Here's the first Christmas Card of the season. Hope you like it! I will be posting other ones soon. None of the Christmas Card gals could make the date last month so we decided to do take a Saturday afternoon & do 2 months worth! Should be a lot of fun!

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