Wednesday, June 16

Babies, Babies Everywhere!!

Seems like there's another round of babies being birthed! My cousin in California, Marcelo, called me last fall (I SWEAR it feels like a week ago!!) to say that he and his wife are expecting TWINS!!! I honestly had to laugh and laugh. Poor guy, doesn't know what's going to hit him!

I got an update last week and she's at 32 weeks and both babies are doing GREAT and weighing in at 5 lbs each. Can I feel any more sorry for her? I don't think so! One of my pet sitting clients also has a daughter that is expecting TWINS! Wow, what is in the water?! I'm excited for both couples and I sure wish I lived closer to my cousin so I could help out.

Here are some things I made for a baby shower. One main Diaper Cake and 2 smaller ones that were table decorations.

I love making these things and I'm getting pretty quick too. Which makes it REALLY nice!

Here are a couple of gifts I donated as door prizes. SO sorry for the picture being sideways, but it's not like that in the folder I imported it from. I don't know how to get it turned. So if you injure your neck, I am apologize in advance. The first time is a checkbook cover, the second is a pad of paper and the third is a post it note holder. So stinking cute!



Anonymous said...

They all look great as always. Traci

Dana said...

Can you please, PLEASE show me how to make these cakes? I need one by July 3rd!!!!!!!