Wednesday, June 2

Can You Believe It?

My Baby Girl is SEVEN today!! Wow, how time flies. Unfortunately, after all the fun at Grandma's on Sunday she started complaining (well crying and whining if you want the TRUTH, the whole truth & nothin' but the truth!) on the way home that her ear hurt. She proceeded to wake up at 12:45am, 3:30am, 5:30am and then getting up at 6:30am. All the while crying about her ear. I gave her tylenol, but didn't know what to do for it otherwise.

Needless to say, we headed to the doctor yesterday a.m. & she has TWO ear infections in ONE ear! That's a first for us. She's got a middle and outer ear infection. The outer one is also known as swimmers ear. They are two separate infections sitting next to each other. And apparently the swimmers ear can be VERY painful! My poor baby girl!

She's on the mend though and is looking forward to today! We'll be picking up a friend to spend the day with us & stay the night. Can't wait. It should be a lot of fun and involve a LOT of bouncing. I hope to have pictures for you. hee hee.

Okay, we've got a full day ahead and I still need to get my flower replacements replaced before we leave. Have a GREAT day and

Happy Birthday to my Lgirl! Sunshine of my Heart!

Such a pleaser and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day Lgirl!!!!! Traci and Alexis

Dana said...

OH Happy Belated birthday L! You look so grown up now with your pretty smile.
I hope your ear feels better soon!