Monday, September 13

Busy busy!

ETA: I was able to fix the problem! woo hoo! So here's the 2nd card we'll be making for my Christmas Card Club. The reindeer & Santa are embossed. I dont' think you can see the shine to it. I really do love that stamp. It's one of my favorites!

Sorry for missing a Friday post, went over to help a friend make Barnyard Animal Cupcakes & did not expect to be there all day! But boy was it fun! I love decorating cupcakes. We made horses, pigs, cows, chickens & she made baby chicks out of brownie balls.

Did I get any pictures? No I forgot, but I hope she remember to take some before all the well wishers at Cody's birthday party gobbled them up!

Well, it seems my link to add a photo to this post is on the fritz. I honestly don't understand it at all and am extremely frustrated! So please hang in there & I'll see if I can't fix the durn thing!

Check out my girlfriend, Dana's blog - Kismet, Art & Life. She's got more talent in her pinky finger than I do in my whole body & she's on more design teams than I can shake a stick at! *Ü*
I am in awe of her daily!

Have a good week.

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